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Success Mindset


Let’s cut straight to the core of this one today, and let’s do it hard and fast and NOW – !

It’s NEVER gonna be fulfilling when you’re trying to package up a part of you … or something you KNOW … or something you can DO … and THAT is why all those things, when you try and turn them into content, a package, an offer, a sale, or even just something to post on the internet, feel kind of –


All of that, but also –

Like … do I REALLY have to do this, and why why WHY do I still not feel LIT UP AS FUCK the way I want to!

What you have to sell.
Plainly and fully and simply and wholly.
Is you being you.
Period, The End, Good Night, Good Luck, Happy Christmas and AMEN!

You being you?

Is you being you, and THAT’S ALL.

This means not DOING and it also means not packaging up a lil piece of you, no matter how cute it is, no matter how much you think they want it or would buy it, and no matter how much it makes sense as an OFFER!



Let’s just take a moment here and remind ourselves of who we fucking are, of who YOU are, and who you are is this –

You ain’t no basic box bitch, you’re not straight up and down, you don’t HAVE a clear start or finish, and YOU CANNOT BE PACKAGED.


And you need to be let free
To roam
And gallop
And canter
And roar

Yes, of COURSE stallions roar, don’t ask silly questions!

Let’s think about when you are MOST happy, MOST lit up, MOST awake and excited and you feel passion-filled and crazy with energy, and FREE!

It is NOT –
(I don’t think I gotta tell you)
– when you are carefully and politely and properly packaging up little pieces of your soul – or even your knowledge and wisdom – into nice neat PDFs and trainings, or into well thought out blogs or videos or livestreams.

“Oh, let me right a post about 10 Ways to XXXX so that people buy my-


And certainly not YOU.

And if anybody DID care, than they would 100% be the people who DON’T FUCKING MATTER, so why in the name of ALL things good and coffee would you be trying to sell to them?!

You’ve painted yourself RIGHT into a corner and now you’re building a box around yourself and you’re wondering why you feel so TRAPPED, so CLOYED with the vibe of it all?! Really?! O-kayyyyyy …

So what do you what do you WHAT do you sell then, or even say, how do you do your CONTENT, even the free shit, never mind the paid, if what I’m saying is true AND OF COURSE IT IS, ’cause I am ALWAYS right – !

Hmmmm …

If you can’t carve out a piece of yourself and put a bow around it and call it an offer …

If it’s only going to continue to DRAIN and frustrate you to try and teach or sell what you ‘know’ or can DO …

If you really can’t even bare the sight of yourself anymore so BOUND do you feel by what you’ve made yourself into …

Then who the hell are you supposed to be and how do you gets to be PAID for it?!

Well –

I’m glad you asked!

And I’m going to TELL you.

I’m super nice like that.

Get ready –
Sit up straight –
Edge of your seat, PLEASE!

The answer is, you do nothing.






And then?

MORE nothing!

More nothing?

More nothing, yes.

Look, it’s gonna scare or confuse 99.99% of you and you’ll NEVER DARE, which is kinda the point, so go on with you then, mush!

But for the ones who are leaning in …

Who don’t really quite get WHAT the heck I’m on about but yet ABSOLUTELY FUCKING GET IT, OF COURSE, IT COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ANYTHING ELSE AND MY SOUL SAW YOUR SOUL AND SAID YES – ! There you ARE. For you –

Here is what you do with the nothing, and why this works and why it is the ONLY way, for US, if we are truly willing to ALLOW ourselves to be paid, followed, seen, FAMOUS, for being who we ARE.

It works because in the nothing you find something.

In the nothing you dance.

In the nothing you wander.

In the nothing there is WONDER.

In the nothing come the musings –

The downloads –

The creativity –

The flow.

And suddenly suddenly suddenly, WHAT the fuck just happened but there you ARE –

And you’re creating, you’re unleashing, you’re going INTO the art, you’ve BECOME the art, you ARE the art, and we see –

Your heart.
Your soul.
Your crazy.
Your raw.
Your WILD.


Oh, and what’s that now, you want some money, or a like, or a love, or a love heart shower, of course, of course, whatever you want, have it, have it all, have all of me because I AM you and you ARE me, and we were MADE for the moment, together, right now.

And then they follow you and pay you and buy, on repeat, and you dance, together, on repeat, into the pressing play of LIFE.

And if you don’t UNDERSTAND that?

If what I just wrote doesn’t thrum through every cell in your body and FILL you with soul energy and power the likes of which most people will never even know EXISTS?

Then our time together is up.

Thank you for playing.

Good night.

Good luck.


But if you get it. If on a soul level you GET it. If you KNOW that THIS is why my soulmate clients come out of NOWHERE, and pay me upfront, and / or with ease, with ZERO sales conversation, on repeat, and then refer all their friends –

If you KNOW that this is why they will follow you | pay you | go to the ends of the earth with you –

Then, well, don’t you see?

There’s nothing else to say.

Nothing you have to do.


You’re already DONE and WHOLE and COMPLETE and FREE, and you HAVE everything and ARE everything, and there is NOTHING, NICHTS, NADA, to worry about.

And that’s the whole story.

So I guess now the only QUESTION is –

What’we gonna see you do now?

See you DO?

Nah …

Not that.

Never that 

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


I’m excited to announce my Flow-Led Millionaire Private Client Mastermind Days are back, happening this August (PM me for full deets!) 

Warning! This Mastermind will require you to get TF over your hang-ups around:

* Automated income

* Being seen more, and more boldly

* Adding layers upon layers upon layers of more SELLING

* Ruthless repurposing and re-selling

* Structure, systems, process

* Building a cash machine which pays you on repeat regardless of whether YOU are grinding your fingers to the bone to get it working!


You have an existing business which makes money, delivers a fabulous product or service (or multiple of!) which helps people, you know who you are and who you’re here to serve (while always welcoming deeper clarity!), and you have a proven track record for getting results to those people … even if it’s on a scale, so far, which, frankly, you consider outrageous. Since you know you’re here to do insanely big work in the world!

Oh, speaking of which – you know you’re here to do insanely big work in the world! And you’re ready to put the wheels on that NOW, and see your revenue – your growth of soulmate audience – your soul-led result-gettin’ systems – and all in all your own badassery – explode, stat!

You’re not afraid of doing the damn work (duh),

but you also know that there’s a simpler way, a more flow way, a more YOU way.

And you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of that now, and then roll it out like the take no prisoners mofo you are.

All with me – secret counsel to the worlds most elite game-changers, leaders, and revolutionaries – supporting you to know exactly what to do,

and exactly how to do it,

so you make MORE money,

reach MORE (of the right people),

the YOU way,

having more fun and flow than you ever dreamed possible,

and finally knowing you’re all in on you,


What you get out of this time together is simple:

* Identified opportunities for money-makin’ – minimum 3, up to 10+ (this is normal in these conversations with me)

* Specific to you simple soulmate audience growth strategy, which you can roll out right away, and will often involve only ‘tweaks’ rather than having to DO anything dramatically extra

* Confidence and inner tools as well as practical steps for improving / adding to / setting up (depending where you’re at) your automated income / funnels 

* Personalised (to your personality / style / lifestyle / skillset) action plan for implementing

* Tweaks you can add in right away to increase sales on existing processes

* Daily / weekly ‘hustle flow plan’ individualised to you

All in all here’s what it comes down to:

>>> You will walk out with a complete action plan tailored to your business, very detailed and also very SIMPLE, with also a complete understanding of what you need to do and HOW to do it, to take you to the next major income level, and beyond.

This will include your next three offers (MINIMUM), up-sells, or funnel ad-ins, FULLY CREATED IN THE TIME TOGETHER!


1:1 follow on support to help you implement and follow through.

I love doing this INTENSIVE deep dive work where we pull everything apart all at once, and then nail down the EXACT action steps for each person to take to get more paying customers and clients, who are soul-aligned, coming in NOW, who are also buying more things, because you’ve got all your damn shit in place!

This immersive day together is limited to 5-7 people per event. 

If this is speaking to you PM me here to apply / for more info!