Discipline & Flow, Success/Success Mindset


I’ve started doing a lot of bigger deals lately, deals bigger than anything I’ve ever done in my life and certainly bigger than what I kinda thought I was in line for this year.

The sort of stuff that I would have assumed is still several years down the track for me is happening left, right, everywhere, nearly every day!

As to why I assumed it’s still down the track, that’s worth thinking about as well – and perhaps something you should consider in how you’re approaching your own expectations and therefore success – but it’s not what I want to write about today.

I want to write about how MIND-BLOWINGLY straightforward it is to 10x your income, your ‘fame’, your circle of connections, your success.

I don’t know about you, but at each stage of the game I’ve been at I’ve always assumed that there is some sort of KNOWLEDGE outside of me that I don’t yet have and that I need, in order to level up.

This is true in business, in fitness, in every area of life. The entrepreneur making 10k a year wonders how the frick they can get to 100, and what the system or strategy they need; what they need to KNOW that they’ve not yet learned.

The new fitness fanatic wonders what on earth it must be like to be DAILY motivated / automated around working out and eating great, to not have to battle emotionally with whether or not they FEEL like it, and to have a ‘body like that’, and typically asks questions around exactly what they should eat, how to workout, what the secret supplements of the fitness elite might be.

But here’s what not enough people are asking, or realising, and what I’ve found it’s REALLY about no matter what your goal:

What is the MINDSET of being at that next level?

How does the person to whom making 10 mil a year is NORMAL and EXPECTED think, that’s what I want to know!

Before I hit the 7-figure mark it seemed like this really ‘big deal’ number and I anxiously tried to learn and implement EVERYTHING I thought might be the secret sauce.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a big deal to hit any milestone in your business, but when you make it into a BIG MYSTICAL DEAL then you kinda put it up on this unreachable pedestal and essentially label it as ‘not for me’.

In other words: part of the MINDSET of getting to whatever your next milestone is, is starting to see it as nothing more than normal and ‘everyday’.

The thing is, after I did finally hit that 7-figure mark and looked back over what did it, it was very hard to pinpoint anything that was the key or the secret.

There was no particular strategy –
Nothing special I DID –
It wasn’t even about a freaking funnel!

In fact the truth is, the ACTIONS I took that got me from 6 figures to 7, and then allowed me to grow still from 7 and beyond, really weren’t that different from everything I did in earlier years when I was dead broke!!

My business day has for 15+ years consisted of some sort of mesh of journaling, writing, speaking, coaching / kicking people’s ass, working out, and whatever scurrying around doing in retrospect largely unimportant ‘must do’ tasks I happen to be distracted by.

Pretty much EVERY ‘must do’ big thing I’ve spent time or money on over the years was a WASTE of time and money; unless you want to look at it as a powerful lesson or reminder of what you DO need to be doing.

And all you need to be doing, REALLY, are the basics.

On a practical level, as far as what I DID to elevate, 10x, or greater my results, was more around consistency and productivity as opposed to any different or magical activities.

But here is what DID have to change, and what’s changing again right now as I start to move into all these HIGHER LEVEL deals, connections, avenues of growth:

I asked for more, decided it was REALLY what I wanted, and started to go about my day and life with the knowledge that I was now actually COMMITTED to that next step and therefore it was GOING to happen.

In other words?

I stopped maybe’ing and one daying, and just started seeing those higher level things as how it would be, and eventually how it WAS.

It’s fascinating to me that some of the stuff I have in the works right now, stuff that is terrifyingly awesome and slightly surreal, when you break it down is LOGISTICALLY no different from being back in the gym as a PT … or selling my first little info products online … or running little events in the back of the local church hall.

It’s fascinating to me that CONNECTING with high players, while there might be a few more hurdles to jump to get in the door, is really NO different than connecting with anyone else.

It’s FASCINATING to me that 10xing my income – again! – is LOGISTICALLY no different to keeping it where it is or allowing it to stagnate; just takes a little more organisation and focus maybe.

The only DIFFERENCE between the ‘big awesome deals’ and the everyday stuff?

I decided to make the big awesome stuff my everyday.

Think about this:

The way you live right now, what you have, how much you earn, who you are and how people see you?

For SOMEBODY out there that would be a big fucking awesome up on a pedestal too good to be true life.

As long as they see it that way?

It probably ain’t gonna happen.

So – flip it around.

Realise that YOUR everyday normal is out of reach for many but yet YOU take it for granted. Taking it for granted doesn’t mean you don’t do the work, that’s not what I mean.

But here’s the thing:

If you want to 10x, or more, of COURSE you can.

And when you do, I guarantee you this:

You won’t look back and say it’s because you learned some awesome secret sauce strategy.

You’ll look back and say it’s because you got your head in the game.
DECIDED it would happen.
Saw it as a DONE DEAL.
Acted accordingly.
ASKED for what you really wanted and followed through.

And eventually?

It became your everyday normal.

Journaling idea: what next level thing can you today start acting on, putting emotion aside and just going after it like it’s a done deal?