Discipline & Flow, Success/Success Mindset


For soul-driven creatives to whom the work and doing what you’re called to do matters more than what money does, it’s near to impossible to make serious money by trying to come up with and then follow a plan to make serious money.

Instead what you need to do if you have BIG money goals that you want or need to hit now is actually a lot more straightforward than you might think and certainly a lot more simple than you try and make it:

1. First and foremost and also by the way DUH) make space each day for doing your true work regardless of whether or not it’s paying you or even if it EVER will

2. Get out of your own way, step back, disassociate yourself from all the emotional BULLSHIT you let yourself get caught up in when it comes to what you do or don’t want to do for money, and LET THE MONEY COME WHILE YOU KEEP DOING #1.

Just stop and think about it, for a second, how freaking awesome it would be to know that you can wake up each day and do what you love and that the money is just gonna keep coming in and also growing! I can tell you it feels about as good as you’d imagine! But there are a few conditions or considerations you need to be aware of, or else you’ll pretty much end up sucked into the vortex and NEVER doing what you love OR making money.

In other words: shut down distractions right now and pay close attention!!

In the VERY short-term this might require some form of (brace yourself) planning and setting up of shit, but make no mistake: that does not mean you get to skip doing #1, not even for a day.

I’ll explain what I mean in a moment, about planning and setting up and letting the money flow, but first grab yourself a pen because you may need to imprint this next sentence onto your forehead:


NEVER ever ever.

NEVER ever ever EVER skip a day of unleashing your true message and work.

No matter what.

Okay, so that was 4 sentences. WRITE THEM DOWN.

Turn them over into your mind.

ABSORB them.

And commit, fully, to implementing them.

Here is why this matters, aside from the fact that (DUH!!) you obviously WANT to do this work, you YEARN to do this work, you’re DESPERATE to do this work, and basically your life is meaningless if you DON’T do this work, no matter what else you might supposedly achieve!

It MATTERS, aside from all of that, because if you’re not making daily space to unleash your true work and also doing so, you won’t LET money flow to you.

Now. You could argue against this, if you like. Certainly there are many people who make GREAT money whilst also killing their dreams and ignoring their soul’s calling.

If you are one of those people, who is capable of allowing this for yourself, raise your hand.

Now slap yourself in the face with it for being such a fucking moron and giving your life, selling out your CALLING, for money.

Then go take a bath in your piles of money and try to enjoy the so-called satisfaction of being rich whilst having said no to ever ACTUALLY being rich.

For the rest of you. Which is to say me. And presumably you, if you’re still here and you GET what I’m saying about not being able to make money if your LIFE isn’t in alignment. Right now, before we go any further, I want you to take a moment to acknowledge the power you know is within. The power and TRUTH of your true work, and the fact that you believe in it and in you so much that even though right now you may not be making a lot of money from it – or any – you also refuse to get sucked in to doing the WRONG shit and living the wrong LIFE, in order to hustle a buck or two.

I know that you’ve probably wondered what’s wrong with you and why you sabotage yourself with money, but the truth is you’re not sabotaging yourself you’re SAVING yourself and you’re giving your purpose a shot at being brought to fruition.

This does NOT, however, in case you might be wondering and freaking the fuck out about it, mean that you have to find a way to force ‘doing what you love’ into some sort of money-making box.

I guarantee you that THAT is probably where you’re getting stuck right now.

You’ve got it into your head that you have to take ‘what you love’ and magically find a way for it to make money for you, when actually what you need to do is DO WHAT YOU LOVE, but then LET money come to you.

Confused …?

I was too, for YEARS on this shit. But it’s worth understanding, because the alternative is basically spend your life NOT doing what you love and also NOT making money, for the reasons I listed above!!

The truth is you absolutely CAN make money FROM doing what you love but I’ve found that only works if you are willing to DO WHAT YOU LOVE regardless.

Basically what it comes down to is the tiny but critical distinction between saying to yourself ‘my work has to make me money’ vs saying ‘I’m going to do this work for the rest of my life REGARDLESS, because I can’t not, and I’ll do it AS IT MUST BE DONE and no excuses, and I will also LET IT MAKE ME MONEY as a bonus’.

It’s about being married to your art, your true work, before anything else.

And look, I know that what I’m talking about here is KIND of splitting hairs and maybe it’s even overly dramatic, but this is what I’ve found and I’m sharing it with you because I think it is important.

Let’s talk about how this would play out practically, and let’s also look at the whole ‘suck it up and set shit up’ side of things, aka letting money be made!

1. Every Day, You Do Your True Work Regardless

You don’t do it (your writing, speaking, creating, unleashing, whatever it is you’re called to do) based on whether or not anybody is yet paying attention, based on the outcome you think it should net you, based on if it’s likely to make you money that day or if you need it to.

You just.do.the.work.

Completely for its own sake.

For me this means I write my daily blog and I do some form of live speaking each day. MOST DAYS these things make me money also. That is a bonus, not why I do them. My first commitment is to doing the work that must come out of me each day, as a writer, speaker, leader. THEN I let it make me money. But I never ever EVER tell it how to show up or try and tweak it in order to more suitably match my marketing or business plans.

That would be being a marketer.

I’m talking about being an artist / messenger, and letting that true work make you money.

Two different things, okay?

2. You Do the True Work First

Doesn’t matter what else needs to happen. YOU will never be satisfied or feel whole if you’re not prioritising your true work. AND YOU KNOW THIS. And as much as you tell yourself you HAVE to do other stuff (for hustle reasons, or just because) the reality is that you won’t LET other stuff work for you if you’re not putting what matters to YOU first.

Be honest and admit that for you, your true work ALWAYS comes first emotionally, there is NOTHING else you care about as much (not even your family) and it’s time to start putting it first in a practical sense.

A great example of what I mean here is the fact that most true artists and messengers who are also online coaches of some kind get insanely resentful at themselves for doing 1:1 work at some point, and decide they hate 1:1 mentoring. Maybe, maybe not. Probably it’s just that you’re putting it ahead of doing what you have to do for you.

Start prioritising your true work and you’ll quickly realise that the true resentment is at you for not being TRUE to you.

Start prioritising your true work and I bet you’ll find that you’re all of a sudden happy to do other things that actually allow you to make money or drive your business forward (or your life!!) and you’re also motivated to do them.

FAIL to prioritise your true work and you will basically hate any and every other thing that is consuming your time.

Starting with yourself.


Making money is a daily choice, and in business there is ALWAYS something you can be doing to hustle and to let money in.

The key is, for US: did you do your true work first?

And if so, good – now it’s time to get serious about letting money in. This is the suck it up and set shit up stuff I mentioned earlier. In the very short-term it might mean experimenting until you find an offer that is right for you and your audience, and then automating the sales processes around this.

As a creator who loves having a large community this is why I love my monthly paid membership program, The Tribe. It allows for somewhat automated and recurring income for me, and allows me to provide tremendous value through ongoing creative release and support to my members.

It is also something I’m able to in many ways STEP BACK FROM, in terms of the ongoing marketing and sales processes around it, now that I have the email funnel for it set up.

Of course there is still day to day activity to be done, but it’s minimal and can be done (obviously!) after I first do my writing, speaking, true work each day.

You don’t have to have a membership program, that’s just one idea and it’s only one area of my income. I have lots of income streams, but the key to those that WORK is I emotionally detach myself from the management or growth of those streams day to day, and just get my shit done as I need to.

I am ABLE to do this because I’ve first done my soul work for the day as I outlined above.

The BEAUTY and BONUS of the way I’ve chosen to make my money is that my online memberships and programs also allow me to share my message and use my gifts, and to do it in a way that suits my talents and preferred approach to mentoring and online business.

Even with other non-mentoring related income streams, such as products I’m working on, for me personally I choose to only sell stuff that I am really in love with and believe in or use myself.

This is important for me because I just flat out suck at receiving money if I’m not in alignment with what the money is being paid for.

Of course you might wonder, why not just focus on setting up the products or offers to let the money come in and then start dedicating daily time to doing your work for its own sake?



4. Connect the Dots

The truth is you CAN make money FROM doing what you love.

Wait, what now? Didn’t I just make this whole point about how you have to do the work for the work’s sake?? YES.

Hear me out:

You gotta do your true work for its own sake first and foremost, if you identify as artist or messenger before entrepreneur.

THEN: if you actually want to make money you gotta get serious about developing, marketing, selling products, offers, deals etc, that people want to buy that will make you said money. Said products etc will be way way WAY easier and more fun to sell if you actually believe in them and enjoy doing them, BUT (be honest!!) you will never fully give your attention to them if you’re not first doing your soul work.

FINALLY: connect the two.

If you really want to make money doing what you love, you can. It is totally up to you. But if you believe you are called to share a message, then the MESSAGE AND THE SOUL WORK must come first.

There’s no two ways about it.

DO the work you’re called to do, and THEN ask yourself how you can allow it to receive money for you.





Do all of this day in and day out, and without emotional attachment to whether or not you feel like it.

But start by putting first things first.

Otherwise what the hell do you actually expect to see happen in your life, and why the frick do you think you’d ever actually follow through when you KNOW you were born to lead this revolution?

It’s time to get out of your own way, DO first things first for YOU, and then step back and let the money come.

Isn’t it time?