Would you be willing to talk about something that most don’t even dare think about with me?

Would you be willing to open up to pure magic, to reckless endangerment of your construct of the physical, and even what it means to be human?

Would you be willing to let go –

And finally drop into pure flow?

Would you be willing to shed the constructs of your very IDENTITY, and what and whom you with such deep commitment believe and purport yourself to be?

Would you be willing to drop the ENTIRE motherfucking story, and return with me –

To soul?

And with it –

To the other places, the other spaces, the ones between and beneath and all around THESE ones, the ones you’ve always known are there and for long enough now,

Have hidden from

Run from

Made ‘not important’, or ‘for another time’, but yet which you can no longer deny –

Call you home.

A simple mantra thrumming strong in your soul:

It’s time.
It’s time.
It’s time.
RETURN to me.
It’s time.

Yesterday I took a small group of my private clients, in my 25-Day 1:1 intensive, ‘Programmed to Upgrade’, on a brief trip to another realm.

It feels scary to me to say this …

It felt scary to me before I began the live training which led to this happening …

In fact, I felt so filled with fear and self-doubt and ‘who the hell am I!’, that I VERY nearly tried to cancel the training on my clients. Haha. I stood in my kitchen for minutes instead of going live, wondering to myself what would be a good enough reason to cancel it, re-book for another night.


I don’t prepare my trainings … not for ANY of my programs, and certainly not for THIS one, which is all around the quantum, the 5th dimension, other realms and places, contracting and expanding time as well as all other so-called constructs of reality, and being, ultimately, who you’ve always known you are.



I was almost shaking, thinking that finally I’ve gone too far. What the HELL was I thinking, why should I be teaching on this shit, why did I decide to?!

The answer came through clearly, and firmly –

“You didn’t decide to.

You were told to. It was downloaded to you. You know this.”

I did know that.
No getting out of it.

And with it, as I knew that of course I WOULD now go live, a final word came to me –

Just press freakin’ play, and TRUST.

I was shaky as I began the training …

Rambly …

I told the story I’ve just told, and led my clients into a small commitment around ALL of us, including me, being open to what was being co-created here, and to what needed to be shown, and received.

I shared a little of my story of always knowing that I had these powers, knowing how strong the call upon my life was, and yet how I had run from it, hidden from it, made it bad or wrong, and then ultimately of course RETURNED to it, drawn in, not even a choice, but simply ‘I couldn’t NOT’.

Perhaps you feel the same way, as you’re drawn to read this message today? Perhaps you feel that pull, that magnetic whisper, that nudge, that HURRY THE FUCK UP demand of your soul, telling you –

Come home.
Come home.
Come home.

It’s time.

After I had shared the story, and spoken a little of what we were joining together for, I’m not sure what happened or when it happened, but all of a sudden, IT happened.

Don’t you just love … how when you trust … when you surrender the idea of it ‘having’ to be anything, as I had surrendered the idea of this message for my clients being anything; I’d allowed even that it might be TERRIBLE … and then you make space and just BE in the space … the magic comes?

Superflow baby, but more than that –

We slip slip slipped away.

I was led to guide my clients on a visual meditation, it came through me and from me but certainly not of me, I could observe myself in the human and I noted how clear I was on the guidance, obviously I’d led this exercise and used these visuals a thousand times by the sounds of it!

But no –

Never before.

Not once.

At least not in this place 

And nor did I have ANY idea that this was going to come through.

It’s always the way …

I was simply allowing mySELF to be guided, allowing the message to come through, painting the picture, and guiding the souls who had opened themselves up to receiving through and with me, and as I did –

Away we slipped.

It happened, as it often does, as a WHOOSH. You can feel it. It’s sort of … slow at first, but you’re aware you’re being pulled in, like being pulled through the looking glass, or dropping out of the back of the wardrobe, it’s an awareness of oh – ! Something is about to happen! Where am I going and who am I even and AM I at all real?!

And then suddenly, eyes wide open, there you are –

You transported.

I’ve never before done it so directly WITH others though.

We weren’t gone for very long … if you’re measuring in the physical realm that is … but we were certainly gone for long enough to experience an energetic shift the likes of which changes you, for the rest of your life, and with it, a very clear outcome occurred for each person there.


I’d had no idea this would happen
I didn’t even set the INTENTION it would happen
I didn’t ask for it to happen!

But yet it was clear to everyone –

Your soul just got re-set back to total alignment, and purity.

The ENTIRE fucking construct of who you’ve made yourself to be fell away, the veil was lifted, and now suddenly you SEE just how damn powerful you always were and how you are RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT a completely blank slate –

And you get to choose.

A few people commented on how odd they felt, how ‘not there’, and the messages around that have continued today.

“Well, of course”, I said – 

“You do realise we just astral traveled together?”

And now, as we continue this work, we get to UNDERSTAND that better, and I’ll speak more of what it is, and the non-how of it, but really –

What is there to understand?

In that moment, as we drew our time together to a close, there was nothing else needed, to know or to understand, but one thing was quite clear –


I asked each participant to allow themselves time and space to sit, to be still, to go within, even if they had something that they had to get to, to stay in that place of just SITTING, internally.

Nothing you need to do …

But always of course at some point, action to take.

For how long do you sit, I wondered aloud on behalf of everyone –

Why, isn’t it obvious? Until you are clearly shown you need not sit anymore.

You sit until the sitting is complete.

Just as you write until the writing is complete.

Or make love until that’s complete

Today, I was drawn as I often am, to follow ONLY the flow of the day. Okay, let’s be honest – ! I always and only follow the flow of the day 

One of my favourite things to do, is to take an hour to sit in the infrared sauna in the middle of my day. Often I write my blog in there, sometimes I masturbate (#duh), sometimes I reply to messages, or I read, and sometimes – as in today –

I just sit.

And wait.

And BE.

Conscious of all there is to do, in the physical, all that is pressing upon me, if I allow it to.

I haven’t written my blog yet and I’ve so many client messages from yesterday I didn’t look at and I said I’d do this and that and OMG – ! I’m so busy!

And then I remind myself –

Busy is a choice.
Time works for ME, not the other way around.
I expand that shit on the daily, today is no different.
And as for so much to do in the physical?! Meh – 

I’ll just exit the physical for now then, just as we did last night, and I’ll go to the other places and spaces, and allow, IN that, the work in the physical to take care of itself.

Instant manifestation is just a simple product of doing whatever work needs doing in other realms and then returning to the HUMAN now, y’know?

Typically I find that the more I think is required of me in the physical, the more I need to leave it for a moment, and remind myself of who I am, and where I came from.

The more I think I must rush around! And do all the things! The more I need to slow down –

Pause –

Do nothing –

And just SIT.

Waiting for the message to be shown to me. Making SPACE for the guidance. Allowing what IS, to be.

And trusting and knowing that when I simply do life from soul this way, follow and trust as I’m directed to this way, sooner or later, just as I feel happening again right now –

I slip slip slip away, and whoosh – ! There I just went.

It’s easy to wonder how somebody like me makes it look so effortless, so flow, so fun, how she ‘does it all’.

Well, what if you just remembered that the physical is only one little piece of who you are.

And what if you just turned on the damn light.

Here we are.

We’re all around.

Not where THEY would ever know to look for us.

But where you have always known your truth lies.

And where now, perhaps, finally –

It’s time to come back to.

We’re waiting for you.

It’s time.

Come home.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Programmed to Upgrade began last night gorgeous …

This is quite … intense. It’s exhilarating. It’s everything you know you no longer can afford to hide from.

Message me for details x

You’ll receive the training mentioned in this blog.

Programmed to UPGRADE is here!!    

A 25 day 1:1 PRIVATE intensive
You and me

THIS is so damn extra I can’t even begin to tell you about it …

I’ll have a shot though!


What if you could become a new person every day, access all new experiences and realities, start each day with a fresh slate, and KNOW, that infinite possibility is available to you now, and also, of course, becoming true?

What if you were not only able to become a new person every day, but a new person each MOMENT, programmed, quite literally, to upgrade, automatically, and the better it got, the better it continued to get, and then keep on getting?

What if you could change your body in the blink of an eye, melt fat with your mind, carve out abs and a tight lean ass and thighs just because you decided to?

What if you REPEATEDLY went against the norms, the expected, the so called rules of behaviour of the world, of life, and even of your own previous self?

What if you actually understood and also LIVED by the reality that your mind is capable of anything, and WHAT if you regularly performed acts of transformation and creation which most would deem impossible, outrageous, mystical, magical, it must be witchcraft, it can’t be, it’s surely WRONG?!

And what if –

You knew that it wasn’t only WRONG, it was 100% fucking RIGHT, and indeed HOW IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE?

And WHAT if –

You started now?


25 Days.
One on One.
You and me.

To quantum leap like you’ve NEVER leapt before.


This will be intense …

And a lil bit scary. But buckle up, because you KNOW you’re ready for it.

SO fucking ready 

Programmed to UPGRADE!

25 Days, 1:1, with Katrina Ruth, to SCREW the Rules, SCREW the Norm, Go So Damn Extra, So Freaking Hot, So Fully SEEN, and Snap Your Future Into the Now So Damn Fast It’d Make Your Head Spin … even as you nod in certainty that of COURSE, this is what was ALWAYS supposed to be ..

Here is what this is about:

You can create, shift or change anything with your mind, you can become a new person each moment, you can PROGRAM yourself to upgrade, and ensure that the better it gets the better it just KEEPS ON GETTING.

You can become stronger each day.

Leaner, fitter, hotter and faster each day.

YOUNGER each day.

More energised, more radiant, more sensual, more magnetic, more desirable and adored and SEEN.

Attract more and more MONEY each day.

And have your soulmate clients … business … lifestyle … and LIFE, simply show up for you, on repeat, with the click of your fingers, the blink of your eyes, and the clack of the back of your ruby red slippers, together.

And now?

I’m going to show you how.

*** 20 Places Exactly, Message Me NOW If You Know You Need to be In! ***

In Programmed to Upgrade I want to show you, I want to work with you, I want to kick your ass as you reCODE you, to become, step into, and receive, the following:

Oh and by the way –

Hell to the YES we are talking mystical weird as fuck but PERFECTLY FUCKING NORMAL SHIT.

Normal if you know that TRUE deep magic, and instant transformation and manifestation is normal; that kind of normal 

Seriously though … this is seriously next next NEXT level, and it’s more extra than anything you’ve ever seen or contemplated.



I can’t WORK with you if you’re not a believer

But if you believe

And you always have

And you’re now ready to LIVE into that belief, allow it to FULLY become embodied, real, and true, then, well –

Here is what’s going to happen, when you work with me in Programmed to UPGRADE

A little taste, first, some things which I journaled just now, which are true for ME, and which are my reality, my norm, my now, and what I have ALLOWED:

“I have INCREDIBLE energy
I have the BEST sleep
My sexual experiences just get better and better, and more and more flow
I ALWAYS make money while I sleep (or do anything)
I ALWAYS receive tens of thousands of dollars each day
Money flows to me like a RUSHING RIVER
ALL of this is true NOW
MORE and more is shown to me each and every day and I open myself UP to more and more each and every day
The more money I make, the more money I make
The more on purpose I am, the more on purpose I am
The more I open myself up to mad crazy quantum leaps the more open I become and the bigger and faster the leaps
All things are available, and given to me now
I quantum leap DAILY, with money, with mindset, with energy, with sex, with LOVE, with my body, with every element of my business and life
I am the among the best in the world at reprogramming my mind and manifesting instantly
I am becoming leaner right now as I type
Body fat is melting off me
My abs are being carved out
My legs and butt are smooth, toned, TIGHT, sexy, hot
I look and feel fucking incredible
I stand up tall and proud and I feel HAWT
EVERYTHING is possible and I know this
I practice changing my beliefs and reality daily
I allow myself to quantum leap daily
I allow myself to receive and also give total adoration and love
I am becoming leaner, richer, tighter, hotter, brighter and more lit up as I speak
This is the best moment of my life, and it JUST GETS BETTER FROM HERE

Do you know how available all of this is for you? Do you realise? Do you understand?

It’s what we’re about to do together, as we begin, this journey.

And here is what you will experience, what you will REMEMBER, what you will come back to, because of course NONE of this is new to you. Is it now?

Okay then.

In Programmed to Upgrade I’m going to show you how to step fully into the energy and the reality and the NOW of:

* Receiving money like magic, rivers and rivers of money flowing to you, almost as if from nowhere, more and more each day, all from a place of purpose, passion, and flow, and for the greater good of yourself and of others

* Doing NOTHING for this, nothing at all, YES it sounds ridiculous and once again ‘wrong’, by the NORM, however what this comes back to is trusting and knowing that YOU WILL BE DOING THE WORK YOU’RE MEANT TO DO REGARDLESS, that that is who you ARE, and what this is about is faith based RECEIVING, by virtue of energy, expectation, decision, and vibration. As for what you WILL now be doing … you will being you. All of you. Fully you. Purely for the PURPOSE of being you, and expressing what is meant to come out of you into the world, and baby THAT bitch?

Deserves to get paid, aka deserves to RECEIVE, in ever greater amounts and with ever greater ease and flow and so that is what is gonna get to HAPPEN

* Contracting and expanding time, stepping away from living IN or BOUND by physical time, and instead accessing the reality that all time is available now, and therefore are quite literally able to access all POSSIBILITY now, and so – you will

* Having more and more people find you each day, be drawn to you automatically, through the energy, through your signal, through the collective, and have them desire to give you money (more and more each day) and also DO so

* Instant manifestation in all areas, via accessing other realms / dimensions / worlds, and completing the work and energy shifts in that place, whilst also clearing what needed to be cleared in the physical

* Accessing and also CREATING, now, all things inside of you, fully

* Knowing your own mind, your soul, being deeply and daily connected to what is divined, required, and desirable, by and for you, and also allowing yourself to bring it all to life, SNAP – now

* The best damn sex of your life – magic sex and energetic orgasms on the repeat 😉

* Immediate access to superflow and pure bliss

* Shifting into instant FAME

* Being fully SEEN, known, desired, and heard, loved and adored by millions … or whatever your aligned desire in this area is

* FULL message and soul / purpose work clarity

* FULL ability to give and receive and be IN love

* Ability to heal and change your body of aches, ailments, energy disruptions and pains, just through decision and choice

* Your soulmate clients coming to YOU and signing YOU up, then loving to pay you upfront and / or with ease, right away

* FULL support, of the most desired and soul aligned and mind-READING kind, in all areas

* Being fully taken care of and treated like a Goddess and a Queen by others

* KNOWLEDGE and certainty that God has your back and you are abundantly taken care of

* Your ideas brought to life INSTANTLY

* Creativity running through you like a tap that you couldn’t turn off if you tried

* SUCCESS elevation as powerful and rapid as a gushing river

* Every day better and better energy and every day dropping deeper and deeper into superflow

* The ability to increase your income (and all receiving) each day | week | month continually, again without DOING anything, simply BEING who you are meant to be

* Continual transformation across all areas, for the greater good and continual rapid ENERGY shifts

* Being lit up and buzzing as your natural state – simultaneously having access even whilst IN the physical / human state to other realms and knowledge wisdom brought down from your own higher self as well as the collective, being able, therefore, to bend time and space and reality at will, even whilst moving through your day

And most of all, and what ALL of this connects into and is about –

Recording your body, mind, income, health, wealth, love, lifestyle, anything, in an instant – clicking your fingers or blinking your eyes and SEEING MAGIC HAPPEN

Becoming the ALREADY AVAILABLE version of you who upgrades automatically, across all areas, where upgrading and becoming the next level you is your habit, and your natural state, as a result of which

* Everything you desire is brought to life, immediately if not sooner
* EVERYTHING you desire and see and feel inside of you is known and acknowledged as already real and true, and you know and understand that all you need to do is choose it
* You can become famous NOW
* Crazy lean and hot NOW
* Sensual and sexy and desired and adored NOW
* Confident, badass, beautiful, owning your fierce feminine divine energy and power, and being a magnet to your soulmate people all around the world NOW
* Receiving of love, adoration, gifts, opportunity, ‘luck’, and INFINITE quantum leaps NOW becomes your daily norm
* You wake up, every day, and you CREATE THE NEW YOU WHILE YOU ALSO LIVE IT

There are 20 places exactly for this work.
There is more I have to say about it.
CLEARLY this is some next level mystical magical shit, and not for everybody. But for those for whom it IS divined, it’s not fucking mystical at all.

It’s precisely what you’ve always known.

And what you’re now ready to access.

If that’s you, message me and tell me why it’s you, and we will go from there.

It’s time.
You were called.
You are chosen.
Say yes.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


I want to help you to build a business you LOVE, and that meets your every want and desire, in a real and true way, whilst also resulting in you making a LOT of money, fast, and impacting a lot of people, also fast, in the way you know you were born for!

My most transformative 1:1 intensive EVER … shifting people into EPIC income and success since 2016 is back, for the first time in 2019! I’m so excited to bring this signature transformative work back!

Rich Hot Empire!

Work With Me for 6-Weeks Personally to Grow Your Perfect Cult Tribe, Create and Launch Your Low-High End EMPIRE, and Set Up Multiple Recurring Income Streams to Take You to Multiple 7-Figures and Beyond, Doing What You Love!

This round is even more special as I will be re-recording all original content, with you there live with me and alongside me AND you will also receive all original content; the exact trainings which has made this program my most successful ever, with clients repeatedly saying they achieved more in 6 weeks with me than they had in 2 YEARS beforehand! This work is for entrepreneurs at ANY starting point, as it’s about who you are as a person not where you’re at. I’ve had clients anywhere from total start-up, to already doing 500k+ / year go through Rich Hot Empire and all who have done this work have gone to a level of income as well as alignment and FLOW which they couldn’t previously even imagine!

6-week personalised intensive high level mastermind

Weekly group training and support; multi-media training: visual + audio

‘Done for You’ Templates and Step-by-Step Worksheets

Personalised 1:1 coaching included, plus DAILY unlimited 1:1 access

My personal hand on your business success

Weekly group coaching call and hotseat with my other private clients

24/7 mastermind forum, networking and support

Very limited spaces

Results guaranteed

Not for everyone


I’m so excited to do this work with a small group of badasses who are willing to SHOW UP FOR THEIR SOUL no matter what. To walk away from all that is not serving, not actually working, not FILLING you. And to all yourself to bring your truest desires to life. If that’s you, or you’ve felt the call to work with me at this level, PM me now. Bonuses and fast action-taker investments apply to all successful applicants, but for the first 5 to say yes there is a very special $2000+ bonus specific around Soul Shifts & Money Makin’, and which, in and of itself even before we begin RHE will have shit changing for you FAST.

Apply via PM only. I can’t wait to speak with you!



My ‘Going Fully Quantum’ training will break down ALL of what we’ve discussed today, and teach you the finer details and finesse of it, as well as exactly what needs to be true for you to APPLY it, not only into the practical actions you need to create THAT money flow and THOSE results, but also in terms of ALL the energetics of it, especially the ‘being and non-being’ around dropping in to superflow so you can be shown, create, receive, AND of course the being around not being one of those people who just can’t seem to choose faith and are ruled by fear. We’ll also talk about creating and integrating the exact wording, beliefs, emotions, energies YOU need for all of this to switch effortlessly for you, as you’ve always known it would.

In other words: EVERYTHING you need to know to go fully quantum, and double your income in 30 days or less, or whatever else you choose!

Where will you find this training?

Why, it’s one of the very first training in ‘Remembering Who You Always Were’, which. is our June intensive for Purpose Passion Flow Academy, my SUPER low-cost monthly membership mastermind!

And this training?

Will change your freaking reality. Well – it will REMEMBER it.


It’s all available to you gorgeous.

You know this already.,In the quantum it is DONE. And in Purpose Passion Flow Academy, and especially our June intensive ‘Remembering Who You Always Were’? We gon’ done do it.

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