I love the feel of discontent and disconnect in the morning, don’t you?

That annoying and frustrating vibe of, hmmm … something is wrong. Or at least not RIGHT. Something is OFF. I feel … grumpy. Some piece of me is aching and complaining when it has no good reason to be. There’s a slight sense of … my hands feel tied right now, and not in a fun late-night-ish sort of way.

It’s irritating, it’s infuriating, I don’t like it, I just want to get back to flow, and it’s particularly annoying when there’s no immediately obvious reason why alignment just ain’t showin’ up.

of course,
it’s absolutely fucking perfect to feel this way, not to mention INCREDIBLY useful.

So, yes, as odd as it sounds, what I’ve learned, what I’ve trained myself to know and to feel is to LOVE the feel of discontent and disconnect in the morning.

What a powerful opportunity to drop deeper into soul, deeper into certainty, deeper into the little nooks and crannies of my higher self I’ve perhaps been avoiding, deeper, as a result of all of this, of course, into FLOW.

You know how a lot of people who have, let’s say, a grade school understanding of manifestation, believe that they shouldn’t focus on the things they don’t want, in case they accidentally manifest them?

Well, this is some straight up hogwash that, if you’ve been buying into it, you definitely wanna shift past TODAY, because here is what I believe and know for sure –

The monsters under the bed are NOT real, and it’s by peering at them that you take their power away, and you go to the next level like WOAH.

People want to know all the time how it is I have the level of mindset that I do, there’s a way my mind works now, for years now, in which it is very clear I am PROGRAMMED TO UPGRADE, programmed for success, the better I get the better I get and KEEP ON GETTING … how it is I just always KNOW, what to say, how to shift it, how to flip into gratitude and with it, always, flow.


Because I truly believe that every situation, every uncomfortable feeling, every thing which scares or ‘throws’ us, comes along for our growth and good, and I have TRAINED myself, rather than to react distressed, or grumpy, or freaked the fuck out, to verrrrry quickly come into curiosity, and wonder, and simply, to ask –

Why has this come along today?

And –

What is it you’re here to show me?

Of course I am not always right on the ball with this, of course there’s shit that gets to me at times, of course I also lash out and act as the NOT conscious version of me at times. The little ‘human as fuck’ moments are still there

But mostly … mostly, and certainly QUICKLY … I find it useful to assume that everything really IS happening for my growth and my good, and so the sooner I put my own emotion or ‘woe-is-me’ shit aside and go LOOKING for that, the sooner I inevitably find it.

And I might write, as I did just now this morning, for example, something like this, in order to explore –

‘What do I actually need right now?’

‘What am I feeling angry or resentful about?’ (jaw was aching – jaw / throat stuff is communication, anger, resentment, frustration)

‘What do I feel not aligned with right now?’

Nothing was forthcoming, and so I just continued to observe –

‘Something is annoying me … hmm … I feel a little as though … my hands are tied … WHAT is it I’m avoiding or not allowing myself to do?’

These feel like funny questions to ask myself, because, quite frankly, I do what I want all day and only what I want, and I am EXPERT status and then some at following soul desire!

Unlike the me of 10 years ago, or even 5, and unlike a lot of entrepreneurs who are caught up in DOING, and wouldn’t know it’s okay to honour soul all day err day if God himself came down and told them, ALL I do is follow soul desire.

My days are filled with unleashing my purpose work, doing my inner work, a LOT of body work, lots of rest, plenty of fun and play, lots of love and connection with the people I most adore, working with soulmate clients or creating content FROM the soul for my programs, being supported by my soulmate team, etc, etc! And the way I DO all of that is ALSO simply responsive to flow, and what shows itself to be ‘right’ in the moment.


In fact, the more and the faster you learn to SAY YES TO SOUL and fuck the ‘rules’ or ‘shoulds’ about how you think you need to be showing up, the more you will be REWARDED with a flow of abundance and receiving and bliss the likes of which you can probably not even really imagine right now!

But coming back to where all this started – what in the actual FUCK do I have to not feel in flow about, or aligned with, why could I possibly have reason to feel discontent or disconnected this morning, when I’m here in Bali with one of my favourite people in the world, doing my favourite shit I like to be doing, and literally zero things ahead of me that I feel any sense of not WANTING to do?

Some would say … people who don’t get what continual GROWTH is about would say … get over it, and get on with it. Or, perhaps, that ‘that’s just life’, some days you just don’t feel it.

Cool cool, I get that. I may even say that sort of shit from time to time, if it feels like the aligned answer from within!

But mostly what I’ve found is … when a whisper or a nudge or a frowny-face comes up from within, LISTEN.

No, you don’t have to make it into a big deal.

And no, there doesn’t have to be any idea that you MUST shift it, in order to enjoy your day / week / life!

In fact, one of the simplest ways to shift it is just to SURRENDER, and to decide that, while you will tune in and see whatever there is to be seen, and then of course take action accordingly, you will also allow what IS to BE.

If today is a less-than-flow day, and no answers present themselves to me, so be it.

It is what it is and that’s all it is, and also, of course, as with all things – THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

But what if … what if … WHAT if … this feeling, this ‘meh’, this ‘I’m not in the zone’ shit, if we simply remove emotion and get curious about it, could show us even an 0.001% shift we could get to make, or new space to turn towards, or new place to investigate inside our soul?

What if there was just one teeny tiny thing that came up, from asking and looking, that it turns out I’d NOT been addressing, or being truthful with myself about?

And what if that little shift – 

Those little shifts – 

Those eensy-weency 0.001% adjustments – 

Made daily – 

Without attachment – 

Without expectation – 

Whilst also expecting and KNOWING, of course, that THIS IS THE WORK WHICH WORKS – 

Well, what if those little moves made, which most would deem not relevant, not worth it, or they’d label you as being obsessive, relentless, unable to accept reality, etc, what if those little moves – 

Daily over time – 

Added up to a life of full-colour soul fucking alignment?

Here is the thing about alignment – 

You are never on course.

You’re never just ‘locked in’ so you can set and forget.

For a plane to stay on course it must continually be adjusting, by the smallest little little bit, from where it has shifted OFF course.

Ever off course.

Ever returning to course.

Is how you end up at the destination you’ve been focusing your sights on.

People often ask me … ‘how do you do all of that, create all of that, live like that, and how do you just KNOW all this stuff?’

Well, because I recognised a long while ago that without continually adjusting back on course I always ended up off.

And I decided that my daily focus, first and foremost, would be returning to course rather than wandering further off.

You either accept the gradual decline, and the gradual furthered disconnect from your true path –

Or you refuse to allow any such thing.

Don’t kid yourself that there’s an in between option. If you’re not choosing alignment you ARE choosing to shift off course.