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True high-performing leaders are an even more rare sub-species than what most people, even those in that sub-species, will ever understand.

If you are one of these rare few, YES you are an entrepreneur, a leader, typically a writer and / or speaker with a message the world absolutely needs to hear, and obviously you have an impressive portfolio of work you’ve personally created, helmed, or been a key visionary behind.

But what really sets you apart is not just that you HAVE done or achieved a lot, but that you don’t have it in you to NOT do so.

See there’s two types of entrepreneur leaders out there:

1) Those who work to BE that, and these days more than ever often do a really great job of that because hey … you almost couldn’t NOT if you just decided to, and additionally had the basic qualities to grow on.

2) Those who just ARE

For those who just ARE, unfortunately one of the biggest reasons they do NOT fully be who they were born to be is because rather than going all in on EVERYTHING they dream of / long for / see as for them, they continually try to in some way tame or downplay just how freakin’ extra they actually are.

Simultaneously being the person who automatically does more, creates more, holds themselves to the fire more, whilst also being the person who KNOWS they are only halfway showing up for what’s inside of them and sometimes not even that.

Why this happens, largely, if you are this person?


– Permission to do the thing the way YOU wish and know it should be

– Permission to actually be THAT level of so-called crazy

– Permission to repeatedly break all the rules because actually … you can see 10 steps ahead of everybody else ALWAYS, and it’s really not just necessary

– Permission to go straight to the top of ALL you know you’re here for, be THAT person now, and skip every made up step you supposedly have to do in order to get there

And most of all –

– Permission to be, think, know and expect THAT much, but now

The thing with the whole permission thing is that what we’re really talking about, simply, is permission to be you. But all of you. Nothing edited, filtered, removed. And to know that actually? You DO move faster than everybody. You DO have greater capabilities. You ARE the person who just plays that big of a game that fast. And you are not MEANT to have to follow the rules, oh, and while we’re at it? Going all in and harder | faster | deeper | more relentlessly into being who YOU are as a high-level leader is not a ‘work more and never stop’ thing, it’s a ‘go straight to the highest point of what you see inside of you’ thing and just be HER.

Or he, as the case may be.

This is about the fact that some people …

really just are born to operate beyond the possible as a way of BEING.

In fact it is exhausting to not do so.

Wanna know what one of the biggest ‘no-no’s’ I see leaders like this playing out?

It’s that they try to be mediocre when they were born to fly.

Obviously nobody (and certainly not you!) would TRY to be mediocre consciously. But do you dismiss the REALLY out there stuff you come up with, or not even let it fully take form in your visioning? Do you tell yourself you DO gotta still do such and such thing which drains or exhausts you? Do you tell yourself you CAN’T yet launch / fire up with / springboard into such and such other thing, because there are steps you need to take first? Do you position yourself as anything other than the FULLY unapologetic fire-breathing maven you are?


Trying to be mediocre.

The solution is as it always has been and as it always will be.

You need to wake up every day and choose that you ARE that version of you. Regardless how you feel about it. Regardless of whether or not you know how. Regardless of all possible arguments to the contrary, because you KNOW it always comes back to this. No matter how many times you try and convince yourself to build more slowly, to do less, or be less …

those dreams just don’t go away because they are dreams built on a KNOWING which you need to say yes to.

If you are a leader who was born to play ONLY at the top, meaning the fullest and most crazy unapologetic out there expression of what YOU see inside of you, in a way where ‘then you just did’ …

the kind of leader who already plays a game most see as inspired beyond measure, who has created all manner of success and impact and absolutely is the person others look to as being the HIGHEST of high achievers, wondering continually how on earth you see and DO things that way …

yet in actual fact spinning your wheels, bored to death way more often than you care to admit, and living daily with the dis-ease of knowing you are nothing LIKE all in on what it is actually meant to be for you …

my tailored high-performance coaching may just be for you.

We will be getting down to the dot point on what the vision which ACTUALLY excites and elevates you right now is, and then holding you to the fire to be the person who goes straight to the top of it now.

The thing with driven leaders who are born high-achievers is the world, including the entrepreneur world, will continually make you wrong and convince you of a somewhat tamer version at the very least.

If you’re not careful, you’ll automatically be adjusting yourself down to that with every move you DON’T make which you should have.

I will be the person who looks at everything you already did, and says cool. So what’s actually next? And what is all this in place of which it ACTUALLY should be about?

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