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I read something this morning which brought me to a standstill. It’s rare for me to feel speechless … rarer still for me to feel shocked or ‘woken up’ with a truth about myself and how I am NOT stepping up.

I don’t mean I think I am always doing all the work of being fully me – I am continually aware of ways in which I shirk, play small, could be SO much bolder and more audacious in getting my message out, and my art from the heart! I am GRATEFUL, also, for this awareness. For the knowledge that no matter how far we go, how deep we drop, there is ALWAYS another level, another layer.

Thank goodness for that!

What’s rare is for someone who is not me to really highlight a way in which I am hiding.

In this case, it wasn’t directed personally at me, it was a blog by one of my favourite writers. As a matter of fact, MOST of the big shifts or ‘ahas’ I’ve had about myself have come from reading the blogs of my favourite writers! It’s one reason why I am so committed to my own daily unleashing of soul truth, no matter how much I at times don’t feel like it, or imagine to myself that I have nothing to say.

Funny how many thousands of words have been said, when I’ve nothing to say, simply because I make space for it and REQUIRE the muse to show up! Hmmm? Hmmm!

Anyway –

He was writing about having recently decided to opt out of continuing on in the high-level mastermind he was in.

I’m pretty sure I know which MM this was, based on previous things he’s published. One run by a very famous internet marketer. The kind of MM which I and my clients actively avoid because it’s the sort of place where RULES are taught. Y’know – do NOT follow soul, and instead do all these join-the-dots-thingies, whether or not it feels in integrity! In fact, the more it goes against what feels RIGHT, the more you’re probably DOING it right, the Internet Market-y way!

No thanks – I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and the anxiety disorder as a result of trying to build a business by NOT following soul, and I ain’t goin’ back!

You too? Thought so … we ALL always end up finding each other, us soul-led ones!

This, what I just said, is pretty much the reason he decided not to continue.

Feeling torn between being in a high-level entrepreneur environment and, well – staying true to heart and soul in business.

Sadly, the two don’t often exist simultaneously.

He wrote about this as well – about how disheartened he was or is, that there are no mastermind groups based on following creativity, alignment, INTEGRITY, heart, soul, based on truly loving and connecting deeply with one’s customers, rather than seeing them as leads to manoeuvre through a funnel.

And about how maybe he would start one.

Well, I hope he does!

But also – faaarrrrrrkkkkkkk!

As I read, I FULLY connected with his frustration and sadness, because I too have been part of high-level masterminds where slowly but surely the sinking feeling of despair – that this is all some next level certified and laminated BULLSHIT, as far as how they all try to make their money – can no longer be ignored.

In the end, soul ALWAYS wins. For us …

But there was something else I couldn’t ignore, as I read this.

I RUN A SOUL-LED HIGH LEVEL MASTERMIND FOR HEART CENTRED ENTREPRENEURS WHO ARE ABOUT PURPOSE, PASSION, FLOW, AND HARDCORE LOVING THEIR COMMUNITIES! Who ONLY sell from soul … unleash what is inside of them … create the whole damn SYSTEM based on what the inner voice guides them to … and also, just quietly, have built business to the 6, multi-6, 7 and even multi-7 level!

That’s exactly what my Inner Circle is!

Reading this mentor’s blog, the blog of a man who I have actively read EVERY word of since I first discovered in 2011, including all the archives, I couldn’t help but feel mildly stunned.

I play small, when it comes to sharing about my Inner Circle.

I mentor some of the top female entrepreneurs in our industry, and yet … I kinda sweep my high-level work under the carpet.

The truth is, and I literally only realised this this morning – I feel apologetic about it! Like I should hide it! Like my soul work – of guiding these badasses to remember ALL that they are, become it, and build an online empire which impacts millions and also MAKES millions, from flow – isn’t good enough! Or maybe –

(and here’s the kicker)

– it’s because I know that this work which comes through me, which I have been fortunate enough to be the vessel for, is SO good

SO powerful

SO transformative

Almost SCARY in just how deeply magical it is


And something in me, that shy little girl who is still VERY much a part of me, simply feels, well –

Not good enough for IT.

Have you ever felt that way? As though you are not good enough for your soul work, and you should hide, play small, SHIRK?

Never mind whether you’ve consciously felt that way – !

Do you ACT that way?

Do you play down your magic? Brush your deepest and most powerful work under the table? Only very subtly or shyly offer it to the world, almost as though it’s something that only the true Nancy Drew-esque people who actively hunt it out from you should get to know about!

I bet you do.

I KNOW I do, have been doing so, with my high-level private client work.

Partly, it’s a point of pride that my clients are the ones who dug it out of me, and signed THEMSELVES up without me even marketing the damn thing!

Partly, it’s me feeling unworthy to SHOUT IT FROM THE HEAVENS.

I’d say that’s a big part, that last bit…

After I finished reading his blog, I turned to my journal and I wrote –

“My Inner Circle is the most powerful Mastermind for heart and soul-centred ‘from alignment’ entrepreneurs in the WORLD. I allow myself to be all that I am meant to be as a leader of this.

I HONOUR my damn responsibility to stop hiding, playing small, NOT being seen, as part of this! To share with the world what I know is meant to impact them!”

I wonder what would happen, don’t you –

If you decided to do the same with YOUR deepest work.

The thing is, everyone who follows or knows me knows I stand AGAINST the ‘system’ in internet marketing.

I’ve built a multi-7-figure location and lifestyle free online empire, simply by saying ‘fuck the rules’ (after I experienced first-hand how TREACHEROUS it was to try and follow ’em, and decided that NOTHING was worth that!), and by sharing my message, my soul work, my art.

Creating literally hundreds of online products and services, launching hundreds of times now in 12 years online, creating DAILY free content, and having it ALL just be a product of following inner guidance!

I consistently break all the rules of the industry, do it my way, let it be what FEELS right –

And I consistently continue to improve, in all measurable physical as well as – most importantly – internal results.

I’m not shy about shouting this stuff from the heavens, and selling my low-cost online programs, which deliver EASILY 100x the value of what people pay for them! I know this because I KNOW it, but also because I receive literally dozens of thankyou’s, to the tune of ‘you changed my life … I always believed it could be this way … you are the person who has MOST impacted me … I’m doing what I was born for … etc’ … dozens of messages like this DAILY!

But yet, when it comes to the work I do at the HIGHEST level –

When it comes to being a leader of leaders –

And knowing that I have literally impacted some of THE most powerful soul-led badasses in our space to GO ALL IN ON BEING THEM –

Thus finally accessing abundance and FULL flow of money, fame, success, HAPPINESS, heck even body love and life stuff, in a way that following the ‘system’ could NEVER provide –


I don’t really talk about that!

I don’t actively promote it!

I do NOT shout it from the heavens!

Anyone would think I was committed to NOT growing my high-level Mastermind!!

So I guess what I’m saying is –

I run the BEST damn mastermind in the world for entrepreneurs who know they are meant to make millions, impact millions, and change the world but who refuse to do it from anything BUT soul and alignment.

The work I do with my private clients is deeply transformative, on a soul, cellular and DNA level.

And now?

Imma ’bout to start shouting about it.

You too, with your stuff?

Good good.

Let’s go then.


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Fuck the system; screw the rules.
Won’t do what they told me.
Too much.

Should I go on? I could, but I think you get the picture.

You’re the one who is not only not like the other PEOPLE, you’re also not like the other entrepreneurs.

They, they actually think they’re different; non-conformists?! Don’t make me laugh. You and I both see it as it is:

They just wanna be told how to build a pretty little website and a pretty little social media page or three and a pretty little online product or course and get their pretty little headshots and do a pretty little pre-scripted dance all over the internet so that other equally pretty fucking bland and boring and same same-y peoples pay them money,

And they can all sit in a pretty little womans circle together patting each other linking elbows and stroking each others hair and singing Kumbaya as the sun sets over another day of sinking ever deeper into the unremarkableness that is their lives.

They are the ones who are not only willing to jump through hoops, they also want to build more hoops for other people; they want to perpetuate the hoop jumping life and their whole sales pitch is basically some version of “I will help you to have a better and shinier hoop, come see!”



Meanwhile, you –

You’ve tried the hoop-jumping life, maybe more than what you care to admit. And, whilst you’ve nothing against sitting around with other ladeez and stroking each others hair, you and your girls; the real ones?

You don’t exactly fit in in the typical woman’s circle.

You don’t feel at home with the pretty-preneurs, not even on the internet let alone in real life.

You don’t actually GIVE a fuck about having all your shit perfect,


And just so –

And the idea of having sales and marketing and content processes which you have to systematically pre-plan and then work through and endlessly join dots with?

Makes you want to hurl.

Sure –

You’ve bought in at times to do the idea that maybe you DO gotta do it as they say.

An automated webinar, perhaps?? Facebook ads which carefully and smartly tell the world who you are and how you can help? A sales plan proven and tested by the greats. The gradual sinking slow decline of your soul, your joy, your dreams, and even your pussy as everything within you that once knew she could HAVE IT ALL AND DO LIFE HER WAY SLOWLY DRIES,



Sure –

Why not

And look.

It’s not that any of these things are bad or wrong. Maybe right now you’ve got to a certain point by playing by the rules … kind of. Following what ‘logic’ suggests you do. Breaking free here and there with wild little jaunts into over the top madness, noticing how THAT lights you up and also how people respond to it … but ultimately continuing to go back to trying to find the right fucking system to get you to where you want to go,

Because this thing of trying to just be you interspersed with trying to get it all right and make it work, well –

It’s God damn tiring –

But also, in the end, if we’re going to be black and white about it, it hasn’t got you to where you want to be!!

You KNOW you should be making SO much more money.


With consistency, and yeah, while of course of COURSE you’re down for doing the work, you also feel like it SHOULD be a lot easier, more flow

And you know that you know that you know that you’ve still not let out the most unrestrained and fully expressed side of you!

– The you they can’t look away from
– The you they are MAGNETIZED by
– The you who automatically commands a huge freakin’ following, and sales to match it

You know who I’m talking about –


Starting January 18th!


The revolutionary fucking leader who tears SHREDS off of normal every damn day before the rest of the world has barely sipped its coffee!

Who is FULLY unleashed in what she says, how she shows up, how she does business, how she does life.

Who does not give a fuck about following rules! Or sales systems! Or strategies! Who can and will do what works for HER, and if it happens to resemble other ways people build an audience and make a fuckload of money online, cool, and if not, so what! That is not the point! The point is –

She knows what works for her.
She backs herself unapologetically.
She DOES it.

And she gets the damn results. The BIG results. The CONSISTENT results. The FUCK yes results, not just with money but with the VIBERY of it all.

Imagine …

Waking up every day and KNOWING you have crushed the day before it already begun because THAT IS WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU ROLL!

* Your shit sells (at any and all price point)
* Your creativity and inner ideas machine flows endlessly (you always know what to put out into the world and that when you speak people PAUSE EVERYTHING AND LISTEN, whether it is with free content and shenaniganery or with your paid stuff)
* You don’t even have to think about low end or high end or how to take people through a value ladder or some such bullshit, the value ladder is YOU CONTINUING TO BE YOU, and the more that you DO you the more people just take themselves through whatever it is you’re offering!
* It is easy, natural, fun, and OBVIOUS how to build your automated income, funnels, the ‘cash machine’ side of your business.
* In fact the whole damn thing feels fun and easy and like you’re just being you (the full on you, the too much you, the rebel you, the fuck all of ’em THIS IS WHAT I STAND FOR AND NOW I’M GONNA TELL YOU you!),
* and at the same time you have the DEEPLY grounded and certain knowledge that the way you’re doing it, hot mess and chaos vibes and all, is WORKING. PS – the reason you feel certain of this is because your bank balance and soulmate audience and their feedback reflects it, not bc your spirit guides told you it’s coming

All of this is ALREADY available to you.

It is who you are and what you were born for.

You did not come here for normal!

You are one of the truly crazy ones, who has something inside of her that will leave the world BREATHLESS –
and allow her to make millions and impact millions –


For this to work,

REALLY work, like next next NEXT level $ and life flow work,
you’re going to need to FULLY turn your back on the idea that your breakthrough is waiting on the other side of you adjusting, filtering, compromising, playing the game the way the other entrepreneurs are playing it, or worrying about what the fuck your social media looks like!

What you’re going to need to do is simple:



All in on madness.
All in on crazy.
All in on chaos.
All in on the TRUE epic awesome ridiculousness and too much-ness of YOU.


Starting January 18th!

For those who were born to run the damn thing,

To turn the world on its head and dance on top of it,

And who are ready to do just that.