Success is not about your feelings, and never should be.

So you’re not feeling connected, motivated, certain, you’re just not in the vibe of it and you don’t know the move to make?

Screw your feelings, do it anyway.

What, you actually think, based on your history of still NOT following through on what’s inside of you, what you know you were born for and came here for, that the way you FEEL about whether or not you have it in you today to do the work, has anything to do with ANYTHING?

I think not.

Wait, scratch that, I’m wrong. Of course the way you feel has something to do with something. It has something to do with the fact that all these years have passed and you have STILL not done what you said you would,

what you do full well deep down know you could,

and what you damn straight would,

if only you understood that everything, but EVERYTHING, you dream of and long for is right there already on the other side of you.saying.yes.

Yes to ACTUAL core truth and ACTUAL soul-led desire. Not yes to what all the stuff bubbling up on the surface of you has to say about it.

Reality check: how TF do you ever expect to connect to and act from that deepest and truest part of you, the part who IS certain, DOES know the way (by being on it and letting it unfold step by step, duh), the part who wouldn’t even CONSIDER letting a so-called lack of motivation or the ‘I don’t knowwwwwwwww’s’ hold her back, how do you expect to connect to, hear from and act from THAT true deep down you,

when you insist on continuing to only operate from a quarter of an inch down or so.

Reacting reacting reacting to a never-ending hamster wheel of not being sure, not feeling ready, distracted by your ‘maybe I’m not good enough’ fears, and God knows what else!

Having it PROVEN to you, over and over again, that it’s not the right time, you can’t do the thing, you SHOULDN’T do the thing, if you were meant to do the thing then surely it would be shown to you right about now!

Like a vision and a dream and a vestal virgin floating down from a handy nearby mountain top, with a scroll writ by God himself, and a message, to tell you:

You are the appointed one.

You have been chosen.

I hereby grant you with the confidence and badassery to go forth and create all that you knew you would, effective today.

It’s time!


But all of that? Was already told to ya before you got here.


You’ve been ordained the whole.entire.time.



You have what it takes.

The ‘how’ is waiting for YOU to simply walk forward into it.


But sure, yeah, I hear you, why not?!

Why not keep perpetuating all of the stuff that keeps you living a life of an endless and endlessly boring AF film reel just playing on repeat.

Like watching highlight video after highlight video of literally the most boring put you to sleep footage in the world,

reinforcing to yourself the fact that even though you know what’s in you, you KNOW the fire and gold and holy what EVEN was that that’s inside of you,

actually –

this is your life.

Because look – !

I thought today would really truly be the day I woke up, flicked the damn switch, and DID the damn thing, except, well –

I didn’t.

I didn’t FEEEEELLLLLLLL like it.

I didn’t have certainty yet!

I had some shit to clear still!

My childhood stuff came up again!

I had a headache.

The dog ate my homework.

The fear ate my life.

And for some of you …

that’s the way it will roll.

She was born for it.

She ALWAYS had it in her.

She was appointed since before time began!

She was powerful beyond measure.

She had INFINITE supernatural ability, and support.



Well, um, how do I put this so it sounds … justifiable?

I guess, well, hmm.


She just didn’t.

Soooo …


But she was born for extraordinary! That’s for sure! So at least,

there’s that.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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