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It’s time to dream a new dream gorgeous, a bigger dream, the NEXT level dream, the all the WAY dream, something CRAZY, don’t you think?!

It’s time to go wayyyyyy into the future!
And into the vision beyond the vision!
And say yes to ALL of what you damn straight KNOW you could be and do and have! Of course, and let’s GO!

Only thing is –

Just before we get all gung ho about it and start naming and claiming crazy epic shit we REALLY should fucking do –

There’s just ONE teeny tiny thing to think about. And I mean … it’s just an idea … it’s nothing you HAVE to take on board … God knows I’m not the Expert Guru Whose Words You Must Adhere to! Actually, speaking of that, wanna know who IS the Exerpt Guru Whose Words You Must Adhere To?

Really THAT should be obvious! It’s YOU motherfucker, higher self you, yep THAT earth angel badass warrior and here is what I KNOW that girl has to say to you today:

Shut the fuck up with the new stuff, the fancy stuff, the crazy as fuck epic shit which yes of COURSE you could have.

And sit your ass down in the chair.

Oh, what’s that now? You think that just because you CAN do all the things you SHOULD do all the things?! Cool … got it … and of course … you can, and sure, if you want to, you SHOULD.



The one thing.
The only thing.
The ACTUAL fucking thing.
It’s always meant to have been about.

You know?

Yeah … I KNOW you know bitch! So ENOUGH with the dreaming of new dreams alrerady! And enough with the dreaming BIGGER already! How about you DREAM THE SAME FUCKING DREAM YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMT OF, except that THIS time, THIS year, THIS moment?

You just fucking do it!

Reminder: that was YOUR higher self smacking you down, okay, so don’t blame me. You know I’m right about HER, as well; no point trying to argue with me OR her, or storm off in a huff! Wanna know how I KNOW so darn well what she’s saying???


My higher self gave me the same damn butt kicking this morning.


And I realised –

It’s time to live the real dream. I do an EXCELLENT FUCKING JOB of achieving and creating ALLLLL the things I decide to. I hit the STARS with my badassery! And everything I give my time my energy my YES to is aligned as fuck. There’s not a single thing I do in business OR life anymore which is not 100% SOUL CALLING.


Espresso martini on the side.

Only thing is …

The REALLY REAL dream …

My BIGGEST dream …

The ONE thing which it’s always been about …

I still dance around.
I do shadow version of.
I act from fear and ‘what if I’m not good enough’, instead of just OWNING it.

If I were to say yes to me fully, that would mean my BOOKS, baby. That I write every single day SPECIFICALLY ON MY BOOKS, not just all these other thousands of words. That I move forward daily on my books. Market them daily. Am known FIRST AND FOREMOST AS A PROMINANT AUTHOR, with everything else I do secondary to that. And that I start my publishing company, too.

I am a WRITER first and foremost, always have been.

And I am fully aware that my REAL dream is not to achieve more of ALLLLL the things, but to be known for my books. Plain and simple. That’s how it GETS TO BE.

The good news is that I’ve stepped up like a MOTHERFUCKER in this area. You should see all I’ve been working on day by day behind the scenes! Yay! You WILL see it, soon enough!

But yeah – this morning I had to kick my own ass around it again, as once again I went looking for everything I thought I could be and do and have and was reminded by next level me, that ‘hey hey! None of that will matter if you don’t stay the course with the books!’.

I know you have something like this in YOUR soul, don’t you?

What is it gorgeous? And – have you said yes to it? Have you said yes to honouring it FIRST, as it should be? Do you MEAN it? Can you say yes NOW? And are you then DOING something about it?

Here’s the BETTER than good news, the GREAT news, the EPIC fucking news, too –

When you say yes to the ONE thing that it’s meant to be about, EVERYTHING ELSE FLOWS FROM THERE! Haven’t you noticed that? So, all the other shit you SAY you want and of COURSE you can have, will just WORK.

Hot as fuck body.
All the ins and outs of business AND life.

Don’t you understand? The gateway to EVERYTHING is following your soul’s ONE thing! Stop doing all the other shit and hoping it will one day get you to THE shit! That’s completely backwards. Very inefficient. Exhausting as fuck. And makes it all feel HARD.

When you follow your FLOW, and you do what you’re God damn meant to do each day, you EASILY have the energy, motivation, desire, and high playful cheeky ass spirits to do all the other shit.

Also, you will naturally be hotter, sexier, sleep better and have way more fun. ‘Cause you’re actually pressing play in your life!

AND you will find that there are some things you just don’t give a fuck about doing all of a sudden, when you’re doing your one thing. Because they NEVER FUCKING MATTERED IN THE FIRST PLACE! And you were only trying to make them matter out of fear or proving yourself, or simply to cover up that you weren’t doing your one thing.

Here is what else:

Don’t confuse your desired OUTCOMES and intentions for results etc with your desires for what you should get to be spending your time on.

How it WORKS is you decide the outcomes you want (listen in, accept, give permission, CHOOSE, it’s done!) and then you STEP INTO LIVING FROM FLOW.

The flow is – do what you know you’re meant to do. Moment by moment. Period. The end.

For me that is – Write. Preach. Play and be silly. That’s it!


What’s YOUR thing?

The key is knowing and remembering that you will receive ALL your outcomes / goals because you DECIDED to, and you held the intention. And then because you showed UP for what you’re meant to do. Not because you tried to DO stuff to achieve these things.



You let the things happen.
By being you.
There is nothing you need to do.
But always action to take.
So –
What is it?

Go do that.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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