Whatever your current reality, and the things which you can’t quite figure out how to know, or do, there is an entire world available for you which you’ve just not been able to see.

Think about it like this –

You’re in a room. Except you think this room is the entire world. So your perspective, as you look around and ask yourself how you can love your business or life more, bring to life this dream or that, achieve the things you see inside of you which still feel so out of reach –

is that you only have the tools and reality and examples available to you that are inside this room.

And maybe you don’t like those examples! You don’t wanna grow a business that way! You just can’t see yourself climbing to the peak like THEM! There’s nothing you can lay eyes or ideas on that excites your spirit anyway! And no matter how hard you look,

there just doesn’t seem to be a WAY to become that, do that, have that.


you continue to chip away at whatever task you’ve taken upon yourself as being yours in this room.


you continue to show up as the person who others in this room know you to be,

because, well –

who else would you be?!

And then one day,

perhaps you’re tired, or bored, and mucking around, poking at things you don’t even usually stop and look at, procrastinating on your usual tasks or outright ‘sabotaging’ and refusing to do them … or maybe it’s that you tripped and fell, but however it happens – you PUSH UP QUITE SUDDENLY AGAINST THE WALL OF THE ROOM.

The edge of the world! Or so you thought.




and down,

and further down still!

Spiralling away like Alice tripping through the looking glass.

Half scared yet eyes wide open in FASCINATION at the wonder and shock and of COURSE-ness of this entire.other.world,

which you never knew yet ALWAYS had knowingness OF,

and which you now find yourself in.

As you slow down, and it seems you’re coming in to land somewhere, or more so to float around somehow in time and space, now able to consciously or perhaps super-consciously direct your path in this new place, you realise that you’ve NO idea what to do,

who to be,

or how!

WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS LIFE ABOUT IN THIS PLACE? What are the RULES? How does it WORK? How do you do the things and achieve the things and climb the things and prove the things?!

It’s a mystery.

Yet at the same time as noticing all of this, you also notice something amazing.



And that is this –

There IS nothing you have to do here! And yet EVERYTHING is available here! It just somehow –


And you just somehow –


hmmm. Well!

You suppose you’ll just kind of float around here. Be here. Explore here. Look around here. Continue SEEING here. And find where it is you’re meant to go.

What you don’t yet realise, because it doesn’t exist in the paradigm of the room you’re used to playing life in, and so you’ve never heard of it, is that you are becoming.

And becoming.

And becoming.

And as you become, you are remembering.

And remembering.

And remembering.

And as you remember,

and become,

and continue to SEE,

you realise that somewhere along the way,

a switch flicked

every last bit of ‘should’ and ‘do’ and ‘this is how it is and has to be’

fell away

and you seemed to access a knowing, a reality, a consciousness beyond, well –


If you were to simultaneously be back in THAT ‘world’, whilst also being HERE, that previous you would quite sternly tell this you that you are wasting time,

making things up,

being irresponsible,

or even bad!

“This is the world!”, she would say. “Come back to the world and do what you are meant to do in it. Thinking and dot-joining hat ON!”.

But the thing with seeing beyond THAT world,

is that once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee.

You can no longer live your life in one little room,

no matter how amazing and wonderful that room may well be,

and probably is!

It’s still just – one room.

In a world of possibility.

In a world you were meant to dance and play and BE in.

In a reality where there is always more to see,


and know.

Of course this is all theoretical.

Perhaps nothing exists, outside your room!

Because here is the other reality we must now speak of –

even as you nod your head to all of this and your soul whispers YES.

You’ve seen outside the room,

and yet you continue to operate only from IN it.

And I suppose –

that maybe if you continue to work very hard and do lots of important things and push and climb with ALL your effort,

the busyness will drown out your remembrance of another place,

another way,

and another you.

So either way …

I guess you’re exactly where you choose to be.