I know you.

I know you SO damn well, you gorgeous mystical crazy chaotic messy and random and SLIGHTLY terrifying as fuck creature.

I know the things you want, and long for, and would do ANYTHING for … or so you say 

And I know the things you despise, rail against, RAGE against, just loathe.

I know what you dream of, when you go to bed at night, or just when you’re walking around through the day eyes wide open, body present, but spirit and soul SO far away, in another place, another space, another land, another REALM.

And I know the things you’ve let go of –

Kind of, or at least you try to tell yourself, ‘oh! That! Oh, that was just a silly dream, a girlhood fantasy, I didn’t really want it anyway, it wasn’t very practical, and y’know –

There’s reasons.

Did I tell you the reasons?! Lemme tell you the reasons, why actually, it’s just that I can’t, you know? See look! Here’s why! Proof!’

And then, just to be sure that everybody knows you really don’t care about not having or doing or having become, THAT, you scoff a little, you laugh a little, you turn your nose up, and you flick your hair just so, implying that THAT stuff is beneath you, you’re SO ahead of that!


These are some of the things I know, and I know that no matter how much you might very well scream and shout and flick ALL the hair, we BOTH freakin’ know –

There are still dreams you dream.
Dreams you’ve been waiting on for a very long time now.
Dreams of another way.
Dreams of another life.
Dreams of THE life you’ve always seen inside of you, and KNOWN is true,
And real.

Can I tell you something??

It’s still there, you know?


Just sayin’

I mean –

It’s not like you don’t know that! 

But anyway, I know that since as long as you can remember, and maybe even before that, you’ve known you were born for more.

To make millions, impact millions, and maybe even change the world!

You’re a natural born leader, a revolutionary, the 1% within the 1%, and you’ve ALWAYS had a DAMN powerful message to share.

You’re an artist, a creator, a magic-maker, a rainmaker, your very PURPOSE, is to unleash.

And as you do –

And when you do –

And after you do –

The world will be left with its collective jaw on the floor, gasping for breath, head spinning, and wondering WHAT in the actual fuck just happened, but most of all, of course, MAGNETIZED, and knowing –

DAMN, it was good.


You’ve always known you would do WHAT it takes,

No MATTER what it takes,

UNTIL it takes, and THEN KEEP GOING.

This is who you ARE, this is who WE are, this is who you and I and those like us have ALWAYS been, and it’s just how it is, we will absolutely DO WHAT OTHERS WON’T SO THAT WE CAN LIVE LIKE THEY CAN’T, and hell to the YES you better believe we’re proud of that and we own that!

There’s just one thing of course we probably need to mention here –

One teeny-tiny little thing –

One possibly annoying thing, but that don’t make it any less of a TRUE thing –

And that is this:

When precisely were you planning on getting the fuck on with it, hmmm?


Look, I know you’re addicted to the struggle, the push, the hustle runs DEEP in your veins, and there’s a certain sense of ego and pride which comes from continually being ON THE FLOOR DYING AND CRYING, and then somehow magic-ing yourself back up again like a freakin’ bat out of hell.

YEAH that shit is fun, and YES look at us GOOOOOOOOOO, bitches, just when you thought we were down and out we come back SCREAMING AND SWINGING LIKE A MOFO.

No need to preach to ME about the adrenalin of it all, I was born for the push, I was born for the grind, I LIVE for lungs burning and chest screaming and wondering if I can POSSIBLY go on, I’m not gonnna make it, I’m not gonna make it, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I won’t, you CAN, you WILL, and OHHHHHHHH damn –

I just did.



I know ALL about that! And I know that you, just like me, you, there’s a part of you which gets SO damn off on this shit.

Told you I knew you 

But here is what ELSE I know about THIS particular little game of life which some MIGHT call sabotage, or just, plain and simple, failure to ever fully press fucking play –

It’s kinnnnnnddddddd of tiring after all.

It gets a lil old.

It’s sorta, well, sorry to tell ya – 


I mean –

Do you think you could POSSIBLY come up with a new script at some point? Do you?! It’d be nice!

And here’s what else –

It’s not as though you’re ACTUALLY happy to just continually never.fucking.get.there. Is it?!

On the one hand –

We’ll never be done, there’ll always be more, we can just keep going and dropping EVER deeper into purpose, flow, truth, of course!

On the other hand –

There’s a hella lot of stuff you SAID you’d have done by now,

Which you KNOW is available,

And more still than all of that, would be done and dusted if you were actually allowing yourself to be all of you!


What are you scared of?

What are you scared will happen, if you go all in, press fully play, say yes to being ALL and all of you?

Lemme ask you the REAL question that’s probably relevant here, ’cause I know that this is what I needed to figure out in order to advance to ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY THAT STUCK AROUND. Not to mention having my every desire and dream and soul wish come true … a situation I don’t mind at all, and which just keeps on going, as I drop ever deeper into next level dreaming …

You ready?

What are you scared to LOSE?

If you actually got to where you SAY you wanna go –
And you were just there and it was just how it IS –
And you HAD ALL THE THINGS and you were the damn BADASS version of yourself as well –

What would be so.damn.MEH about that!


Let’s call it as it is – !

You’d miss the adrenalin, the push, the struggle, you’re freakin’ ADDICTED to needing to overcome, to not knowing if you can, and then FIRING up in a way that very few will ever even know is AVAILABLE, let alone be capable of.

You and me, we are the ones who WANT to live life all out! Where others need to slow down and breathe we need to WAKE UP AND FUCKING LIVE, and we want and need and crave and MUST have the excitement!


Truth is,

We DO also want to finally drop the story of not being ‘able’ to be there.

I did this. It took me some focus and choice, but I did it.

And I CONTINUE to do it, every time I notice old patterns rearing their heads and tempting me with crashing shit down again just so I have something wildly scary / fun / challenging to do to fix ’em. lol.


So, how I did it?

Like anything baby, decision and choice.

I decided –

To no longer be available for anything less than rich, purposeful, famous, and living according to my TRUTH.

I decided to no longer be available for anything less than being hot as fuck.

I decided to no longer be available for anything less than living my dream life, and lifestyle, VIFP all the way, and totally on my terms!

I decided to no longer be available for anything less than TRUE soulmate love; man that one took some sort of a clusterfuck of an inner situation to sort out, but I stayed the damn course, and as with ALL OTHER THINGS I broke the fuck through.

This is how LIFE is, it’s how it works.

We GET to have it all.

We GET to have it on our terms.

We GET to have it now.

And no it does NOT mean we have to ‘lose’ any part of ourselves, or of what keeps us alive and thriving and lit up.

So how do you keep the fun, the thrill, the adventure, the adrenalin, the EXCITEMENT?

Same as how you get or achieve any other thing.

You decide.
You intend.
You state it.
You release.
And you get the fuck on with your life.

What, you thought I was gonna give you a plan?

Don’t make me laugh …

Life doesn’t work from planning.

Life works from jumping off the ledge, and deciding you will land exactly the way you always knew you would, before invariably being flung back up to the heavens.

I wonder …

What would YOURS look like right now if you decided you just got to have it all, and then got the fuck on with it?

Not just the ‘results’, but also the whole damn spectrum of high vibe emotions, energy, experience, and motherfucking superflow, you know?

All I ever did

To get to anywhere

Was set my sights on it

And refused to take no for an answer

And the greatest accomplishment of all of them?

Realising I get to be supercharged and lit up by life every damn day, realising I get to feel my breath quicken and my lungs burn and adrenalin pumping and to KNOW I am alive, and HELL YES THIS IS LIVING.

I don’t need to be on the edge of broke to do that.
I don’t need to create drama in my relationships.
I don’t need to cycle my weight up and down.

I can have it ALL, and then some.

I realised this.
I decided it.
I chose it.
I surrendered it.
And then I got on with it.

And now here I am …

The better it gets, the better it gets, the more fun it is, the fun it is, the more I operate in the flow zone, the more I operate in the damn flow zone, and the more you AND I let purpose and soul and what lights us up come to life?

The more we come to life too.

Drop the motherfucking story.

It’s time.

You get to have it all.
And live on the edge of excitement, poised with the thrill of all that is still to come.

But sure,

You’re welcome to the other story for as long as it serves you.

The only thing is –

Does it?