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I do well under pressure. EXTREME pressure.

You know –

The go-go-GO, can I make it, too many balls in the air, fuck, what am I even doing and where am I going and who am I and WHAT did I just agree to kind of pressure.

Where it feels like you’re flying through the day, feet barely touching the floor, you’re kind of wondering if it’s all a bit too full on, maybe there’s a slight headache forming, but actually it’s QUITE pleasant really and when all is said and done and the day FINALLY winds down to a close, you find yourself thinking that a day NOT like this would really be no kind of day at all, and if you were to somehow AVOID this sort of madness and only create calm, slownness, automation of business and money and life, EASE with no PUSH, well really –

Would you even be living?

It’s funny, because the ‘holy grail’ of the entrepreneur is often considered to be reaching some kind of point where everything really just … works.

Nothing you need to do. But always, of course, action to take! Action from flow and from soul and with plenty of space to lean into it and allow the gradual unfolding. All the while, the money already taken care of of course, because of all the work you did leading up to this point in order to BUILD the damn thing!

In other words: a business and life that basically runs itself, making you millions, allowing you to do your purpose work, and providing your dream lifestyle pretty much on a silver platter!

Having created all of this … done the damn work, built the damn thing … lived this way for some time now, where really there is very little I ever HAVE to do, and my company continues to run like the well-oiled multi 7-figure machine it is … I can tell you that it IS good. Really quite fabulous, actually! What could be better than being able to get up each day, follow the flow, write, speak, create, connect, do what you’d do ANYWAY, and have ever more badass people appearing into your space to learn from you, pay you, expand you?!

It’s JUST as awesome as anyone would imagine it to be.

But if you’re on the same page as me then you’ll know – whether or not you’ve thought about it – that there’s something which easily starts to go MISSING, when true success arrives.

You don’t notice it’s absence at first, or, quite probably, you’re very GLAD about its absence. Why would you miss the MADNESS, the continually HAVING to hustle in order to survive, the feeling of always trying to do 29,000 things at once and not quite sure you’re doing ANY of them properly?! Why would you miss days that blend from one into the next because of how full on and FAST they are, why would you miss barely having a moment to breathe, why would you miss racing at the speed of light, adrenalin flying, pulse climbing, eyes wide open, every cell in your body on FIRE with energy and focus and determination, the mantra in your head repeating over and over that I will.not.stop and, why would you miss THAT?!

Now that you finally got there …

Now that it’s easy …

Now that the money just shows up, just like you always wanted and knew it could be, and how you know most everyone else wishes they could have it …

What are you, ungrateful? Crazy? A glutton for punishment?!

But yet.

As you read this, as you feel your heartbeat pick up in the NOW just at the idea of racing at the speed of light, adrenalin flying, eyes wide open, RUNNING into the life you know you can create –


And you can’t help but think –

Oh, to have that feeling again!

Remembering, that as much as you just wanted it to end and be done and for the breakthrough to fucking happen you were NEVER MORE ALIVE THAN IN THE TIME WHEN YOU LEARNED HOW TO PUSH.

And then you think about how it is now.

So easy.
So automated.
Could do it with your eyes closed!
You still love it.
You’re SO grateful.
And proud of yourself.
And you’d never STOP …

But yet.
And yet.
And yet.


And the truth is you MISS the push, you WANT the push, you ARE the damn push, and you’re LIVING like a bloated fat cat, enjoying the fruits of your labour –

Forgetting that it was actually the labour itself which, the continuation of being IN that, which WAS and IS the true fruits …

Exactly all of this is why so many entrepreneurs create success, and then sabotage it.

Make a ton of moolah, then crash and burn that shit down to the ground again.

Rinse, repeat, over and over, in a lot of cases!

They get what they want, and then realise that the bit which they actually loved, God help us, was the emotional state which came hand in hand with NOT being there and having to work like a bat outta hell in order go get there!

So, what’s a purpose-driven wealth-lovin’ and deserving gal to do then, if she recognises that she DOES need and want and DESIRE deeply the pressure, the flying, the go go going, the balls in the air, the BURN, but that no in actual fact she does not desire to continue CRASHING SHIT DOWN JUST SO AS TO HAVE A LEGITIMATE REASON TO HAVE ADRENALIN AMPED AND CREATIVITY PUSHED AGAIN?

Why, isn’t it obvious?

Just fucking DECIDE that you get to have it all, because it ALL has always been available!

Decide –

To mix things up.
To put yourself in situations of new challenge or intensity.
To branch out in how you create and show up.
To overbook your day now and then.
To recognise, that just because you CAN create a largely do-nothing life and still make fuckloads of money AND an impact, doesn’t mean you wanna …

Because the truth is you’re not LIKE the other entrepreneurs, the end goal for you is not to extricate yourself from the damn thing.

Sure, you can extricate out of all the random shit, the admin-y stuff, heck even a lot of the content leveraging and so on, but to exit out of the fundamental need to create, to pull magic out of thin air OR your ass, to have the pressure on to let something new come forth and be in the spotlight already, audience waiting with breath drawn and having NO idea what to do but then you just DO –


That’s not what you want, and it’s also not what you NEED.

What you NEED, like it or not, what you will ALWAYS need, is to grow. YOU WERE BORN FOR GROWTH.


As soon as you’ve figured something out –

‘Nailed it!’

Yep, you should damn well be proud of yourself and lock that shit DOWN, automation as fuck for the long haul! But before you even do that, if you desire to FEEL LIKE YOU’RE ACTUALLY STILL BREATHING, you should be looking ahead.

What’s next for you?

No, not just for more money, more accomplishment, any of that shit. That’ll happen anyway, it’s an outcome of being fully you.

You look to what’s next because it is WHO YOU ARE TO WANT TO GROW.

YOU are a purpose-driven growth fuelled individual who was BORN FOR THE PUSH.

The push inherently always, of course, gets to include periods of ebbing … resting … stillness … but it ain’t called ebb and flow for no reason. It’s not supposed to be PUSH PUSH PUSH till you get out of survival mode and then just sit around chilling for the rest of your life.

Admit it –

You LIKE the burn, you CRAVE the burn, you MISS the damn burn, and just quietly, you think that it’s bullshit that people talk BADLY of the burn because HUMANS WERE BORN TO STRIVE. To conquer. To find new adventure and challenge, and face it head on! To RUN into the fray, and then go back for more.

That is who you are.

It’s who you’ve always been.

You just got it all confused with something you got so tired of doing when you ‘had’ to do it to survive.

But now? It’s time to reclaim your inner fucking warrior baby. For no reason other than THE LOVE OF THE DAMN PUSH.

It’s time to rise up.

To CHARGE forward.

To throw ALL the balls into the air, and see what comes down where.

And to realise, remember, again, and fully, that the whole damn point of the WHOLE damn thing was never the money, never the fame, never ANYTHING except waking up each day and doing shit that makes you know you’re alive.

Wanna know what’s extra freakin’ cool about THAT?

It’s the same shit that tends to make you the monies, etc. Just be sure that when that happens now, and to the next level, you don’t delude yourself again into thinking that you’re now meant to stop doing the shit and ultimately BEING the shit which got you here.

You do what you do because you are meant to do what you do, for YOU.

You make da monies because that is what happens when you follow your TRUE inner fire.

At no point did that ever mean that upon ‘getting there’ you should stop the damn fire.

Reclaim the fire.

BE the damn fire.

Wake up.

Come alive.

RUN at the life you want to live!

And admit,

You’re different.

Where everyone else wants to slow down and breathe and NEVER pick up again, YOU are here to wake the fuck up and live, and now?

You’re gonna do exactly that.


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