Live Your Passion


When I was a little girl, and well into my teens, I was obsessed with the song from Fiddler On the Roof. I grew up with only limited access to television and movies (we didn’t own a TV for at least half of my childhood / teen years), and so much of what I DID watch was my Mum’s favourite old movies.

Never mind the story of the Fiddler (it’s good though!), what I was obsessed with, as mentioned, was the song. It was one of those tunes that just got in my HEAD, and I can remember humming and singing it over and over again, for YEARS! In case you’re not up on your old movies, here is what it said:

“If I were a rich man,

Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.

All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.

If I were a wealthy man.

I wouldn’t have to work hard.

Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.

If I were a biddy biddy rich,

Yidle-deedle-deidle-deidle man.”

Anyway. lol! I was just reading all the lyrics of it online and he talks about filling his yard with chicks and turkeys and an extra staircase just for show, so I guess I can’t relate to ALL of it, but obviously something about this song stuck with me.

And I used to dream –

About being rich.

About having it all.

About all day long I’d la di da di dah, if I were a rich girl.

Do you remember dreaming, when you were little, when you were in your teens, when you were maybe even in your early twenties, and you hadn’t yet realised that life is NOW and you were already responsible for your outcomes?

When I was young, and singing this song over and over, honestly without even really thinking about it – I just thought it was catchy, I don’t know how much of my resonance with the song was related to actually consciously knowing I WAS going to be a rich girl – I think I had the idea that all of that was for the future.

I mean, c’mon! When you’re a child, a teen, even in your early twenties obviously getting to RICH, successful, having it all, is something you don’t have to worry about yet! Right?! You know that there is plenty of time for all of that, and so you can enjoy the process of dreaming, waiting, wondering, imagining how fabulous it will be.

There’s no pressure to ACT because obviously – duh – this is just future stuff, and the future can take care of itself? Right? Right?!

I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering years spent with a vague imagining that one day I’d live this incredible life. For me it was always just a given, I saw the future and it seemed clear that it was going to be GOOD. It seemed clear, quite honestly, that whatever I wanted was possible and so it would just happen.

I don’t remember every worrying about how …

I don’t remember daydreaming about what I was going to DO to make all this money …

I mean, I definitely remember dreaming and scheming to be a badass hustler, a leader, an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur, somebody who is KNOWN and SUCCESSFUL. But if I’m honest I considered those separate dreams from the dream of being RICH.

It wasn’t like I thought ‘if I do this then I get to have that’. Both things were in my mind’s eye separate concerns which would take care of themselves!

And do you know what? Even today I consider the creation of wealth and success to be a separate concern from that of what I DO. I do what I do because it’s what I’m called to do, I have a message to share, I was born to lead and perform and nothing will stop me, not now and not ever!

AND I am a rich girl who gets to have it all, on her terms, because I finally CHOSE to be, NOT because of what I DO.

What you have –

Is only EVER –

A reflection of what you choose and who you ARE.

But when I think back to all the years spent dreaming of being a rich girl the truth is I DID spend all of those years seeing it as a vague and mystical thing that ‘the future would have to take care of’.

I never asked myself HOW, and I think that’s a good thing as there IS no how, there’s only locking in your outcome and then BEING who you need to be in order for it to happen.

But I also never actually just decided.

I kept it at arm’s length.

I ASSUMED it was for the future.

I dreamed about it as being something for one day, for away, when, I don’t know? My life was sorted? I was a real grown up? I deserved it?

Actually I don’t think it was any of those things, I think it was plain and simple that I just assumed it wasn’t for now and so therefore it didn’t HAPPEN.

I look back now and I smile at all the years I consciously or not paved the way for who I am today. All the years I focused on and ASSUMED that wealth, success, impact would be part of my story. Those are years WELL spent, as the more you assume something will happen the more it will!

But they are also years where I could have, at any time, decided to stop waiting. Decided to just have it NOW. Decided to step into BEING instead of assuming I would ONE day.

This morning I was journaling on this topic in a different way. Asking myself, as I so often do, what I would be thinking and journaling and doing if I were already there.

If I were a rich girl …

La di da di da di da di da di da …

I’d travel all around … if I were a wealthy girl!

I wouldn’t have to work hard …

La di da di da di da di da di da …

I’d da di all the day … if I were a wealthy girl!

Do you want to know a secret? Pretty much all I do every day is try to act as who I would be if I were a rich girl. Rich is a bit of a flippant way of summing it up, as when I think about rich I’m thinking EVERYTHING to do with life on my terms. Money rich, YES, but also spiritually rich, emotionally, mentally, rich IMPACT, the works.

Can I ask you a question?

What would YOU be doing right now if you were a rich girl, in all senses of what YOU think about when you think about being truly rich?

I know for me, if I were a rich girl –

(La di da di da di da di da di da …!)

I’d travel all around …

I’d stay in amazing places …

I’d actively cultivate insanely high vibe environments in ALL my relationships both personal and professional …

I WOULDN’T have to work hard … because even though I hustle my ass off and never stop and yes I talk all the time about doing the fucking work and GRINDING the truth is all I’m doing is the work I can’t NOT do, the work I was born for, the work that FLOWS …

I’d la di da di da ….

If I were a wealthy girl!

I’d create from flow …

I’d step daily INTO being who I see in my dreams …

I’d actively embody the mindset, the beliefs, the habits, the everything of being …

(La di da di da di da di da di da …)

… a rich girl!

And here is what I’m trying to say, and what I eventually realised for myself and turned my singing and dreaming into my life:

If you want to achieve it.

You DO have to dream it.

You do NOT have to ask HOW.

You JUST have to live it.

You have to ask yourself –

Daily –

If I were a rich girl –

What would I be doing –

How would I be thinking –

Who would I be spending my time and energy –

If I were a wealthy girl!

How would I work?

What would I say?

What would today, this moment, right now, look like?

And then?

Well then baby you stop dreaming and you just shrug your shoulders and you stop CARING about how or what people will think or say or whether you’re allowed and you simply:

Be it.

And if you think that’s hard

Or you don’t know how –

Or you’re still confused –

I get it. I DID that. But here is what you need to understand:

You don’t NEED to know how. You DO need to keep adjusting though. Every day, pushing those boundaries. Reaching further. Stepping as best as you CAN into being that person. Release the how. Lock in the outcome. Act from FAITH. KEEP ON PUSHING FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

All I do –

Every day –

Is wonder what it would be like to have everything I dream of –

And then act like I fucking do.




Stop dreaming without being.

Stop waiting and assuming not yet.

And join me –


La di da di da di da di da di da …!

In being a wealthy girl.