Remember back before you can remember, when your purpose was certain and your desires were clear, and there was no question you’d do anything but be wild, free, dance in the wind, tell fabulous stories, perform like the star you always WERE?

Remember when there was no contract yet made –

To save the world –

Or a single person in it –

There was nothing you had to do –

Nobody you had to be –

Not even YOU, because really (and if you’ve not thought about this, it’s LIFE-changing, and freeing, to do so!), as soon as you ATTEMPT TO BE YOU, or define how it is you’d DO such a thing, you, well, you stop.

Being the you who you’d be if you weren’t thinking about how to be.

And I wonder –

Do you remember?

WAY back –
SO far back –
A hundred thousand years ago, or more – !

When it was just you, and God, and your soul, and a pure, and clean, and certain, TRUTH, and the truth was this:

Your mission, should you choose, to accept it, was simple:

Be wild.
Be free.
Dance in the breeze.
Tell stories.

And now … well, now. Now, you talk about being an artist, and you KNOW it’s right, but the thing is you create rules. You box it in. You put CONDITIONS on it. And worst of all, you make your art perform, and you tell it:

Do this.
Do that!
HELP people!
SERVE them!
SAVE them.

The problem with this? The very second you command your art, your message, your truth, to DO something, you change it.

A small shift … perhaps.

A changed energy … for sure.

A completely different fucking purpose and expectation for it …


Dance monkey, dance …

Which means … it no longer can (ever) be what it would have been, in its pure state, where the whole POINT of it was just to create.

The point of creating is creating.
Not making money.
Not helping people.
Not SAVING them.
Not even making art!

And if you’re not only an artist but also a leader, an entrepreneur, one who WILL create a motherfucking EMPIRE, and on their terms no less, then this same truth applies – SHOULD apply, if ALIGNED money flow is your desire – to ALL things.

The point of coaching, for example, is ’cause you wanna coach. ZERO OTHER END GOAL.
The point of creating or running an online program, is to create and run an online program. Because it’s what comes out. ZERO OTHER END GOAL.
The point of selling, is the love of selling.
The point of learning, is you can’t not.
And so on.
And so forth.

And you MAY WELL WONDER then, how in the actual FUCK it is you’re supposed to make the MONEY or achieve whatever other END goals or even SAVE AND SERVE PEOPLE, but the thing is …

If it’s that you TRULY desire those things … and I’d suggest re-considering just how doable it is to SAVE anyone, anyway, and WHETHER THAT WAS EVER SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR JOB … if you DESIRE those things, you just ask for them.

In faith.
Set the intention.
Decide it’s done.
Surrender, and release.

Just like ANYTHING. That’s manifestation, baby.

And then? As for what you DO? Well –

It’s only what I’ve said a million times.
To myself AND to you!
And apparently we ALL get to just KEEP on hearing it!

Tune in.
Listen to what you desire, and what you’re being told.
And then do THAT fucking work.

The actual work –

Of being you.
In action.
At play.
Doing all the things.
Doing no things.
Whatever it is –
Your soul actually says.


This is not just a recipe for life, or when the business and art and money-making is done.

This is for all day.
Every day.

And if you’re not sure, think about this –

When you look to the future, and when you’re THERE, and you imagine yourself having the money, the fame, the following, and also the FLOW –

Do you or do you not imagine it will come from following ANY fucking other than the ACTUAL fucking thing you just keep on wanting to do?

Quit shoving your soul work in to the leftover bits of time.

Quit adding rules and frameworks to it.

And for the love of God –


It was NEVER your job to save the fucking world, ALL you ever needed to do was light it UP.

So STOP WASTING TIME doing shit you don’t have to and will NEVER feel great at or happy about.