Success Mindset


Do you ever notice that the more you evolve and slip ever deeper into flow, the more OPPORTUNITIES for growth you get to experience?

I remember when I used to think that making a certain amount of money, or having soulmate clients and a soulmate team, or really ANY of those ‘next level’ things I used to dream of, would really just be a reflection of me having all my shit together and being evolved BEYOND discomfort, uncertainty, fear.

I look back now and smile at the me who didn’t realise that actually the greatest part of this ENTIRE journey IS the chance to step into discomfort, to face up to what we’d rather not, to do the fucking WORK that most would never even contemplate, let alone action, let alone action, FAST.

And as much as this is really ‘hard’ to do sometimes (hard is perception!) I also know that I MUST, always, follow what’s inside. For me, sure. But also … it’s about what I get to teach via example. For you. For my entire community. For my freaking CHILDREN. So really … a lot of reasons to be committed to alignment, or NOTHING, don’t you think?

I’m thinking primarily of how I had to release two of my team yesterday, a new employee and also one who has been with me for a reasonable while. Both of whom I in some way did view as family, and had connection with, respect for, still DO.

What’s interesting … what I notice … is that any time I have the chance to GROW in business, there is some reflection that plays over right away in life. Or, you know – vice versa. Or, you know – same same!! But it really is true: how we do one thing is how we do EVERYTHING, and it’s not uncommon for growth opportunities to present themselves to you in batches.

Like sneaky little tests, really! Just TESTING you to see how much you actually believe what you preach and teach, in my case how committed I AM in fact to hell yes –

Or nothing.

I was thinking about this just now as I listened to a few WhatsApp audios from clients while on the drive home from the school run. And in doing so, I had the opportunity, just now, to hold a mirror up on my own shit and see where I get to call BS.

Around my visions beyond my visions, for my business and life, on the deep truths of what I know I am yet to step up to and am maybe still a bit scared to admit or ACTION.

Around TRULY letting it ALL be easy, flow-based, of course, automatic.

And also (and here we go AGAIN!!) around love, and men, and being committed to hell yes there ALSO, or nothing.

It’s so uncomfortable a lot of the time, isn’t it?! The doing of this work. The leaning INTO discomfort or even pain. The constant and relentless need to be BRUTALLY honest with ourselves around the tough decisions or stuff we’d naturally rather just avoid, hide from, or run run RUN from as fast as possible.

But if we’re really going to have it all … a business and life which is FULLY aligned and completely ‘on our terms’, where EVERY different aspect of how we show up and what we get to experience is a HELL to the YES, then guess what?

We GET to be the ones who live like this. Who face up to WHAT’S up like this. And who do the fucking work like this, day in. Day out. On repeat. No matter what.

Of course we wouldn’t have it any other way … can you imagine?! But yet … sometimes it DOES feel a little tiring, don’t you find? Of course tiring is a choice, tiresome is a choice, finding it ‘hard’ to do ANYTHING, no matter how quote unquote uncomfortable it might be, is a motherfucking CHOICE.

And in the end … the hardest choice REALLY, would be to live your life, CREATE your life, in a way that is anything less than absolute pure alignment and flow. Might feel easier in the surface! But that’s a cop out, right?


What I find is … the futher into actually creating your dreams you grow, and go, the easier it is in some ways. Because you have EVIDENCE. You have multiple WAVES even, of evidence, of where you’ve stuck to your guns, done the work, INSISTED on receiving what your heart really desires.


Just like Tony Robbins … and God before him … SAID it would.

So – there!!

And with that being true, and I KNOW it is true, and YOU know it is true, and what’s more when you DO act from pure absolute faith and flow it’s also when it just works like WOAH … then why on earth IS it, do you think, that we continue to drag shit out, make it hard on ourselves, create unnecessary sacrifice, settle, suffering?


Well … I guess it’s just that whole ‘wrong school of life’ conditioning we grew up with, probably, and which we GET to continue learning to release

The shit that tells you that to strive for absolute pure perfection and YES is unrealistic. That it makes you a diva, a princess, a narcissist, or just selfish. That life is about COMPROMISE, but hey – don’t worry, you get to have something ‘pretty awesome’, but you can’t have it ALLLLLLL. It’s so sneaky, isn’t it, how they try and get you? Tempt and seduce you with something VERY close to, and explain with a solemn face and nod of the head that duh –

Of course you can’t get to have your COMPLETE hell yes. I actually even saw a dating coach say this once, encourage people to settle. So much wtf!! SO much wtf about the idea of settling in ANY area, and say what you want, but I find I’m doing pretty nicely just insisting on having my own beliefs about how I GET to let life work and vibe and flow for me.

Which means that when I consider or even NOTICE a little area of sacrifice, of settling, of playing SMALLER than what is actually being TOLD to me from within?

Well –

I call bullshit.

As I did this morning, when I listened to my client notice her own scarcity around love and men. … yes, a lot of the conversations with my 6 and 7-figure badass entrepreneur clients are around NON business related stuff … but as we said on the audios … EVERYTHING relates to business … and she was noticing how she was in a state of ‘trying to hold ON’.

To a particular man.
To an idea of love.
To fear, really, that if she once more chose to let go, act from faith, insist on having it all, that maybe she’d fall.
And have nothing.

And because she IS a badass she DOES notice and she WILL release.

As I said to her: “this is an exercise in faith. this is a growth opportunity. you get to practice detachment. you get to practice creating IN you all of the things you desire … love, romance, fun, etc … and you don’t need ANYBODY else to offer that for you”

Stay strong.
Insist on having it all.

Of course, as soon as I started preaching to her over return audio I realised I GET to once more face into my own stuff around this. Actually it’s not even ‘bullshit’, is it? It’s all perfect and exactly what it’s meant to be and I get to keep growing.

And what I find is …

In any area of business, with money, with fitness, with LOVE, with life, with ALL of it, that there are stages and phases.

There is the place where you totally do NOT have it all, nothing like it, and it’s just freaking AWFUL and you just want things to CHANGE. So you rail and you push and you repeatedly get caught up in why it’s not working for YOU, but at some point your commitment and action pays off, your thoughts start to shift to where you are focusing more on what you DO want, and so you create it.

This is where … you find yourself definitely ‘ahead of the rest’. You have results. You are SUCCESSFUL. You feel proud of yourself, and excited. You’ve done the WORK!

But yet …

There are things that are just … hmmm. Not QUITE right. Just a little bit off.

99.99% of even the 1% OF the 1% will stay in this place.
For their entire fucking life.

And what I notice is …

I actually do want to have it all.
Complete alignment.
Complete hell yes.

So I choose to WALK THE FUCK AWAY even when something is 99.99% aligned.

Because 0.01% off? Is all the way the fuck off.

And also, by the WAY, your gut is NEVER wrong, so make the tough.fucking.decisions NOW, and FAST, or 6 months from now you’ll be kicking yourself for more time lost and a stickier situation to deal with.

THIS is where we separate ourselves.

And I said that, yesterday, on the phone to my brother who is also my COO and one of my trusted advisors, as we discussed the termination of two employees who ‘did not thing wrong per se’ … who I love and appreciate FOR their efforts … but who made it clear through their actions and words that they are no longer a fit for my personal values, for the role they were hired for and the agreement that was made, and for my HELL YES OR NOTHING vision for my entire company, and by default, you.

It would have been easy … normal … to ‘have a talk’. Re-state boundaries and values. Clear the air. No big deal, actually. But also –

Once the red flag is up, it’s up.

And maybe that’s brutal … harsh … most people would think so, I suppose.

And my answer would be …

Most people don’t get to have it ALL baby. Because they will not MAKE the tough decisions. Not in business. Not in life. Or – they’ll ‘make them’, and say in their head that this is how it needs to be.

And then they won’t follow through.

We? We choose to be different. We make the tough decisions. We rip the fucking bandaid. We do it with respect and honour and gratitude, because EVERYTHING is perfect and aligned, for all parties, and so there ALWAYS gets to be thank you.

And we do it fast, because life is now, so why wait?

This is true in business.
It’s true with men.
It’s true with all of it.

The thing is … it’s actually REALLY easy to create a successful life. It just requires focus, follow-through, discipline, hustle.

The thing ALSO is … it’s actually REALLY easy to have a HELL YES 100% perfectly aligned life.

It just requires motherfucking honesty.