I had a revelation the other day, yep, another one, it’s a thing I do often, and I bet you can relate –

I realised, with that kind of ‘duh, of COURSE’ sort of shake of the head thang you do when your soul pops up and reminds you of something you ALREADY KNOW AND INDEED ALREADY LIVE BY, that if I want to ‘go next level’, whatever that looks like for me, that all I need to do is to put myself in a different room.

As I said to my friend Scott at dinner last night – “I always win the room. Whichever room or space I put myself in, I just naturally rise to the top”.

You too?

Cool … I thought so. It’s probably why you’re here.

Of course there are certainly some rooms where instead of rising to the top I have basically torn shit up like a well-stilletto’d bull in a china shop, lambasted all and sundry (starting with myself) for not following soul, alignment, purpose, YES, in order to create their so-called success, and then been merrily on my way, swooshing right outta there with a hoity-toity flourish of my skirt tails, but mainly?

I’ve won the damn room.

If the room was aligned.
Soul led AF.
An example of what next level purpose and vibe and connectedness to life is meant to LOOK like –

I’ll adapt to it. I’ll suss it out for a lil bit. I’ll absorb what I need to absorb. And then I’ll become it.

(in a non Terminator-creepy sort of way),

before finally leading it.

It’s just how I do, I don’t even THINK about how I DO do, it’s not something I plan and it’s not even something I decide.

The decision,

(to create epic success, in terms of ALLL the internal fuck yes-ery of living a purpose driven life, but yep, also in terms of money and what-not),

was made before time even began.

I DO certainly remember to RE-make or claim my decisions on occasion,

but I don’t actually consciously ever think things like “I’m going to be the best, or reach the top, or whatever”.


Which brings me to a relevant point, about this, about whether this is for you, about whether I am for you –

The people who are gonna make it, like … ALL the way make it, and you know what I mean by that … they were always gonna make it.

They are the called ones who actually GET that calling is enough and that they have no choice but to show up beyond their bullshit.

The reality is that most of you will never do that.

99.99% of you are the nod your head / this feels great / yes, thank you for the validation that I am special and can do anything! types who will NOT then go on to do anything.

You talk about doing what others won’t,
doing what it TAKES,
being relentless, from soul, and unavailable to not get your outcomes,

but it’s just not what you do.

And that’s all there is to say about that, but sure sure, buy another course or ten on the internet, and sure sure, post the inspo stuff that all the other ‘never quite press play’ peeps will ‘yassssss Queen’ on for you in your comments section.

Feels good, and it IS good!

You can make some decent money that way.
Help some people.
Escape the ‘norm’.
Nice job!


There is a certain and exceptionally more rare than even this industry would have you believe sort of person who is ACTUALLY the 0.01%.

Not out of total people. The 0.01% out of the self-professed 0.01%.

The 1 in 10,000 out of all the so-called rebels, rule-breakers, game-changers, who actually just found a slightly better way to do normal, who will TRULY do what it takes,

create EVERYTHING they see inside of them,

RUTHLESS abandon of any and all things which do not align with soul,

COMPLETE trust and backing of themselves, and action from that place, even though they oft don’t FEEL it … because they know that they don’t need to FEEL it,

and that person?

That ONE or maybe two or three total out there who will read this and KNOW it is them,

that stone-cold badass knows that it is as simple as:

I decide, and then I put myself in the damn space of it being normal.

And there is literally NOTHING else I need to do, because the outcomes are already IN me, and the way my life WORKS is that I always win the room.

Note: this is not about winning against anyone. Just by the by. This is about … if there is a way to rise even greater into all that was always available for you, you’ll naturally just do and become it as soon as you put yourself in the space.

The space could be a mastermind.
It could be a group or circle you move within offline.
Or online.
What you fill your social feed with.
Where you spend your time, with learning, or for entertainment or relaxation, or at all.
What you OBSERVE.
Who you say yes to continuing connection with,
and who you do not.


But don’t kid yourself that the space doesn’t exist. Because the stone-cold REALITY is that if right now you’re living with a discontent born from the knowledge that there is SO much more already available for you if only you’d find where and what it is and then put yourself INTO it,

then the only thing you gotta do is decide.

Oh, and (of course), be willing to walk away from anything that does not stimulate, motivate, VIBE you in the way that you know your next level self would be.

Ruthless AF baby, and with not a moment’s backward glance, because here is what else –

The new space for and of you ain’t gonna show up while you continue to hang in the old.

You gotta MAKE space,
for it to be filled.

What, you think that your dream life is just gonna mosey on up and knock at your door and hand itself to you while you living the wrong one in order to pass the time, keep your anxiety or self-worth shit at bay, whatever?


But it’s a nice story. If you like that kind of a thing!

So here is what you need to do.

If you know there is more for you.

If you know that right now, no matter how much you’re ‘crushing’ and other peeps think you really got it going on QUITE nicely, that you yourself are in the perpetual irritating AF vibe of just spinning your wheels and not ever REALLY being turned on by life,

you gotta turn your back.
right now.
on whatever it is you know you gotta turn your back on.

You gotta decide whatever you’ve been shown so far which you CAN decide, about the vibe of the new space you’re in.

But if you don’t really know what that looks like, where to find it, or even what it feels like, so what. Don’t make that a reason to not start to claim it.

The vision will show up for you when you show up for it aka make space for it, simple, the end.

And IN the end, it’s very very black and white and very very simple:

If you’re not feeling fuck yes all day err day about what is filling your cup, then it’s time to decide a new normal,

make space for it to show itself to you, and follow any inner guidance about where to look and ask,

walk away from anything that you damn straight KNOW is not that,

and then when it shows up just plop yourself happily down into the room.

Next minute you running that bitch.

It’s just how it is.

But you do gotta do the leap,

on repeat,

The End.