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Not the full kind.
Not the real kind.
Not the you kind.
Which is to say no kind, is it? No kind at all.
Trust is a finite thing, it’s black and white, it either IS –
or is not.
And if you’re honest about it, even though you really did think you committed to nailing that shit (and you did!), you’ve let things slip,
so far,
SO very far away,
from where they could or should be, and where you dreamed they by now WOULD be.
You choose outcomes. Decision made. Vision TETHERED.
What is ‘right’?
Right is –
The way that will ultimately end UP being the way that got you to said decided outcomes.
Right is not –
The way you try to figure out in advance will get you to said decided outcomes.
Right is the way it ENDED up being, not the way you tried to predict it to be, and then make yourself ‘do’. Like a monkey. Dancing for peanuts. A doll on a turning stand. Truly scrumptiously spinning around.
Living LIFE.
Being in the dance WITH life.

With God.

With spirit.

With self.

Are you ready for that? I know you SAY that you are! You purport to be! You even preach and teach and inspire others with it!
But are you actually IN it, this dance with life? Are you flowing and going where you’re guided to, moment and moment and breath by breath ACTUALLY being responsive to spirit and soul guidance. MAKING IT UP AS YOU GO.
Are you?
Or do you have rules.
Structures that you decided ARE your flow which have, well, now become your go-to MUST do.
“I have to, because … “
“It works really well for me to … “
“This is just what I do! I love it!”
she says
with an empty sort of somewhat despair
I know you know what I’m talking about.
You, who wants so much, who sees it as the unfolding responsibility it IS.
who continues to give her life for trying to GET to outcomes,
for trying to stay on top of the week, the money, the list, the stuff, the life,
for trying to BE
rather than just being

ONLY flowing

ONLY knowing that whatever outcomes occur will do so because they were planted in, and that that is how it works,
The End.
“I decided, I tethered, I CHOSE my outcomes, and that is how they showed up!”
^^ is what you will say when you get to THERE, the actual there, the there you dream of.
Sounding a little overly simplistic for you? Worrisome? As though, well, how would anything get done?! WHAT
I mean –
get real.
That’s just you not choosing to trust.
– Not trusting that you will do what needs to be done as and when it needs to be done, for the accomplishment and greater good of ALL outcomes and situations, without helicopter parenting yourself.
You don’t gotta helicopter parent yourself!
And also –
– Not trusting that you are planted right. Feet on the ground. Foundation firm in God, in life.
If you TRUSTED you were planted right, then you would trust and KNOW that whatever you feel or see inside of you, whatever you are guided on, is right and is of Him and of TRUTH!
Once you got your foundations right. don’t you get it? YOU ARE FULLY FREE TO BE!
And to know that IN that being you WILL naturally do what needs to be done,
as and when it needs to be done,
How to trust at this level?
what in the actual all get out did you expect would come out?
You don’t need to keep worrying.
And waiting to breathe.
or you’ll never really live.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


What do you just wish it could be gorgeous?

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^^ whatever it is? It’s a signpost. A blueprint. The WAY. And it’s on you to say YES to that, and then let life step up FOR you (which it will, but always!!) …


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