We make it so complicated, perhaps just because it’s what we were taught to do, what we were trained on, the school of life in which we found ourselves, but the truth which you’ve always known in your soul, is this –

All of it, every single part of it, every single thing you see yourself one day wanting, wishing for, dreaming of, and “could my life really be that good?!” will happen for you when you make it ‘whatever’,

and realise it’s already there.

Do you actually understand how simple it gets to be?

I know you do, in your soul.

I know that in that place inside of you, where you so often forget to even LOOK, let alone live from, there is an awareness, and the awareness is this –

It’s not separate from me.

Not any of it.

Not a single little bit.

And all of the, all of the, ALL of the things I dream of, and long for, and don’t even ALLOW myself to fully catch the vision of, ALL of them could already be here, and mine, and done, and also at the same time I wouldn’t even CARE one way or the other about it, if I just understood that it’s all.what.ever.




– Money. Do you really need a lot of it, an amount to ‘prove yourself’, or make you safe or free or anything else, in order to know you lived life right, and you came here to do what you were born for? Or, is it that, when your head rests for the final time, what will matter is – did I do what I came here to do, was I who I was meant to be, did I live the life I was sent to create, whether or not there was any write-home-worthy amount of MONEY?

It’s the latter.
Every time.

Which means that actually, despite the way you’ve built up ALL sort of attachment all around and all over it – the money is ‘whatever’.

And – ohhhhhh. If it’s ‘whatever’, it’s no longer something I need to fear or worry about not getting, no longer something to separate and hold at arms length from me, it also loses it’s mystique and ‘up on the pedestal’ hard to catch sort of vibe, and you realise it’s just a thing –

which you can choose or not choose, either way, whatever, and so I guess Imma just gonna go ahead and choose it. Pluck it off the sushi train of life, because I CAN, and mosy on my way.

But not because I need.

Because I do not need!

^ Apply this to every other possible material or physical world thing you think you need, and watch how easy and fast it all just gets to show up. Or not. Whatever! But it will 

How about this though? THIS one you maybe didn’t see coming!

‘Doing enough’. Doing what you were born for, even! Doing what you’re SUPPOSED to, in order to know you really went all in and that you DID THE JOB OF BEING YOU! “I have to know I did the job I came here to do, that I went all in on being me, that I pressed PLAY, girlfriend, and that I showed up for my life!”

Yep yep yep. And also – nahhhh. Not so much. Whatever!

IS it, that you have to DO some sort of unspecified amount of something something, no matter how purposeful, that you have to reach a certain amount of people, or create some sort of particular legacy work, ensure that you reach a certain standard of accomplishment, of creation, of impact, of BEING YOU, and this is TRUE, or –

Is it actually that, quite simply, when you DO rest that head for the final time, you’ll want to look back and know you were here. Present. In attendance for your life. That you BREATHED THAT SHIT IN AND OUT AND YOU WERE IN IT?

Is it going to matter? That you reached this many people, created that many things, took it even further and to more, went to the next level within a certain industry, or crowd, or walk of life, and “look! I was one of the most ‘blah blah blah’ whatever!”? (with always another measure to hit that you STILL didn’t attain), is it even going to matter if you were the BEST, the BIGGEST, who did the MOST, made the most, and REACHED the most, or –

Is it actually going to be ‘whatever’, when that final bell tolls, whatever that you ran every minute of the race so damn hard but DID YOU BREATHE IN AND OUT EACH MOMENT, WHERE YOU IN THE DAMN THING, DID YOU ALLOW YOURSELF JUST TO BE,

and to be here. With the smallest things. The fewest people. And just with you, and God, that’s all.

In the end, it’s the latter. You won’t care if you did EVERYTHING, and reached EVERYONE, if you didn’t just BE

in the moment.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Eyes open.
And look – !

This is life right now. This right here, this moment right here, is the ONE YOU’VE WAITED FOR, and you’re not even in it.

Because you’re worrying about gettin’ to the next one, the cool one, the enough one.

It’s devastating, tragic even, to think about.

And then from THIS place –

‘It’s whatever!’

You can realise, ohhhhh –

I’m already here! I’M ALREADY HERE, BITCHES!

Nothing else I need to do,
or worry myself with,
or know.

I am already SO damn good. I’m as good as good can be! I have everything! I am everything! I’m the mofo thing, and I got GOD on my side too. NOTHING else matters. Do it, don’t do it, just be.here.now.

Be in it.

Breathe it in.
Breathe it out.
TRUST that whatever I roll with this moment is what was meant to be!

Which means –

Huh. I guess I can maybe just CHOOSE it.

I’m already good! I’m already DONE, in fact. I’m present, I’m here, I’m living each moment as I’m in it, I can die complete already, because that is an INNER game thing, and so I guess –

Sure! Why not! I’ll just CHOOSE to do these things,

create these things,

unleash these things,

impact millions with these things,

how fun!

Do it, don’t do it, either way, it’s all whatever, it’s none of it NEEDED, so I guess I’ll just CHOOSE it, add it on, cherry on top, I like cherries!

Do you see?

I know you see.

How simple this is.

How flow this is.

How YOU this is.

And how it gets to be.

The thing is …

we could go on and on with this line of thought.

Take everything you’re waiting to one day, have, accomplish, receive, or be.

Pull it apart.

Realise it doesn’t matter.

Make it ‘whatever’.

And connect you back to the simple fact that it’s all, yes all of it, just an optional extra which you can have or not have but either way you’re GOOD.

We could do that,

and maybe YOU wanna do that, in your journal, your meditation today, why not?!

Or maybe you just want to decide –

It’s all already done.

It’s all just whatever.

I am GOOD.

I got God, I got soul, I got my breath right here, I got my LIFE.

And from that place I’m just gonna choose or not choose anything that pops into my mind today, my heart, my awareness, my vibe.

I can choose it because it’s available.

And there’s not a single thing I am shown which is more fancy or hard to attain than the next.

So maybe I’ll choose it! All of it, every last bit!

Or maybe I’ll just stay right here in bed,

looking out the window.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

And saying yes to life.

This one.

Right here.