The scariest thing of all is to be all of you.

The easiest thing of all is to be all of you.

The most ESSENTIAL thing of all?

You guessed it babyyyy – be all of you.

I just did something on my stories that took a little breath, a little battle with self-consciousness, a little second-guessing of myself, a little squirm of discomfort and “do I?”, and then, well –

I did.

#shocker, right … it’s not exactly as though I am known for my holding back.

In general, and part of what I am known for is, I am unapologetic AF. I have built a business, a brand, an empire, by saying the things that other people think – or don’t even dare to think! – but would not say. By stepping repeatedly out of my own way, and saying / sharing what is coming through me! By being committed to the MESSAGE more so than the moment.

Which is a funny thing to say, in some ways! Because I also talk all the time about life being NOW, about being in the moment, about the fact that this moment right here is all that we have, and that you must – you must! – give each moment for what it was given to YOU for.

Are you? Will you? Do you dare?!

And if you do though … if this makes sense to you, on a soul level, that the ‘way’ to get to where you’re meant to go is simply to USE EACH MOMENT FOR WHAT IT IS FOR, well –

You will also understand what it means to make it about the message, more so than the moment.

Make ‘it’?

> the flow of your content, both free and paid
> the things you are meant to say to your peoples in business
> the things you are also meant to say to your peoples in life
> the everything everything EVERYTHING which is coming through you, and from you, anytime,

and everytime,

about all of it,

or any of it,


The End.

Which is to say … keep it mofo simple, girl! When it comes to business | when it comes to life | when it comes to love | when it comes to YOU, what if –

You just showed up each moment and allowed what was real and true in that moment to be, well, real and true, and yep – SHOWN.

>>> “I allow what IS to BE allowed” <<<

It’s actually a game-changing concept, if you think about it.

It would make life so SIMPLE, so easy, so flow, so YOU, if you just allowed whatever IS,

to be allowed.


why don’t we let it be that easy?

In business | in life | in all of it, why don’t we just let it be ‘I SAY AND CREATE AND SHARE THE THINGS I ACTUALLY FEEL AND KNOW RIGHT NOW’?!

Why do we try to make it some sort of version of ‘I must first think about what is right | appropriate | allowed | or what it then means | or what I would have to do or say or share to accomplish my goal of ‘A’, or ‘B’, or ‘C’?’?!

How exhausting!

Not to mention – how much time just disappears into trying to BE right.

There is no other way to BE right,
except for to not think about how to BE right!

Here is why I think we second guess ourselves, on the big and little things, as we craft our business and life:

Because some part of us worries, consciously or not (usually no), that to do so would mean we are then in some way ‘locked in’ … categorised … labeled … identified … branded … as, well, who knows!

Some of the common fears would be a worry about labelling ourselves in some way as:

Full of ourselves.
Out of line.
Not a proper (woman / entrepreneur / mother / partner / lover / friend / whatever).

And so on.

And, in business, there is also often a common ‘running in the back of your head sorta thing’ about what you need to say or do or align to or show in order to be the person who gets the respect who gets the money who gets paid.


But what if …

What if,

your only true job,

as a messenger
as a leader
as a woman
or a man
as an entrepreneur
as an EMPIRE builder

was to just.be.you.

And what if –


you actually knew what that meant?

I’ll tell you what it means:

It means that never ever again do you need to question, filter, or second-guess in any way what is coming through you.

The rule is:

I say and share what is real and true for me in this moment.
I don’t need to think about it.
I don’t need to try and make it relevant to anything. (I.e., worrying about how your message is relevant to your sales).


Maybe this is not how you want to live your personal life! Maybe you prefer to be guarded, considered, to think think think before you freakin’ breathe.

(Good luck with that).

But in business in particular, I’ll tell ya –

You wanna be a leader who magnetises with truth, and power, and a message that stands out above the rest?

You BETTER show up for that message then.

That means:

It’s not about you.
It’s not up to you to judge or edit or filter or even decide.

It IS up to you to get TF outta the way,

and let what comes out, out.

In business, this is precisely how I have built a soul-led brand in which all I have to do is show up each day and be me, and I make really great money, impacting exactly who I am meant to impact, all around the world.

In life, it’s precisely how I stopped ever having to try,

in order to allow myself to have everything I always dreamed of but often wondered if I’d ever really be lucky enough to have.

So I guess …

there’s that.

Just as an idea.

Be fully you baby. Be it without hesitation. Be it without additions or subtractions or conditions.

But be it freaking today.