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Money Mindset


I used to think that it was just how it was, that money was continually hard to find, just out of reach, I only ever at the last minute managed to scrabble together enough to get by, and even then, it was a continual and never-ending juggle of robbing Peter to pay Paul, and maybe ONE day –

I’d have something to spare, be able to save, put a little bit away, catch up on my debts, and even, if I was very lucky, be able to breathe.

But one day was always one day, it was a far off fantasy, it was an idea and a dream of another time, another life, I couldn’t smell or taste or even really see it, and so whilst I knew it was possible and I even believed that one day I WOULD –

I just had no idea how I could.

And day after day after day that was my story, always striving towards, always believing in possibility, or hope, but just never actually THERE.

I used to think, only for a minute, or maybe a few lifetimes, who can be sure, that it was hard, almost impossible, really, to have the body you want and also actually FEEL good, feel free, and yes, be able to breathe.

Surely you could only look like THAT with extreme and oft-contractive focus, an eating disorder or three, and a level of commitment to time in the gym that rivalled how much time most people spend sleeping.

I thought this was true, even though I was vaguely aware, SOUL aware, that it was bullshit, but yet I repeatedly just couldn’t QUITE bring myself to leave.

What if – ?
And then – ?!
And how about – ?!
And no.
It was too scary.
Too risky.
Not safe.

Just like how, in my relationship…s, I just couldn’t quite bring myself to leave. I was aware of the possibility of another way, of freedom to fully be, of true love and compassion and KINDNESS, of safety, and yes,

being able to breathe.

But it was so far removed, you know?

A far away fantasy.
A one day dream.
A if this and then that then maybe.
Somebody else’s life.

And even though a deep and true part of me knew that of course I am INCREDIBLE, powerful, have absolute choice, that everything I see or feel inside of me is real, and that of course I could just CHOOSE –

I didn’t know how to be brave enough to choose.
I didn’t know how to be brave enough to leave.
I didn’t know how to be strong enough to DECIDE,

another way of doing money
another way of doing business
another way of doing fitness, and body goalzzzz baby,
another way of doing life.

I didn’t know and I did know, is the truth of the matter, because you ALWAYS know, you have the answers to everything inside of you, you were born with the motherfucking blueprint, and that’s a fact.

But it’s always so much easier, isn’t it? To repeat your patterns. To wake up each day dreaming of a knew way, and then continuing on the same damn one you went to bed last night crying about!

And so I did it this way,
for years,
for a moment,
or perhaps a hundred trillion of them.

And do you know what changed? Nothing, precisely nothing, NOTHING changed at all, and then yet somehow, fast forward a year, maybe 3, or is it 10, I’m not sure, but now here I AM –

I have a business which consistently for years and years now generates millions of dollars in revenue (and profit).
It is entirely soul-led and ‘me just rolling on out of bed and being me all day’.
Completely on my terms.
Supported by the most INCREDIBLE soulmate team, mind readers and game-changers, every one of ’em.
I have millions of dollars worth of assets.
I tithe AND (separate to that) give consistent large amounts of money.
I have a body I actually love and am in love with, and that’s regardless of how many tummy rolls I wake up with or no, because I actually learned to love me for being me, OH – and I also think I look hot AF  … I look exactly as I want to look, actually.
I am supported through every part of my life,
foundation firmly in God,
I am in a relationship with the soulmate man of my dreams, heaven and God sent for me and me for him, and it is so far beyond what even my wildest imaginations of what love could be ever were that every day my mind is blown,
my heart cracked even wider open,
and I am humbled and awed and in eyes filled with tears of gratitude THANK YOU,
about how damn lucky I am.

But maybe it wasn’t luck at all, I dunno, or maybe it was all just a gift from God, perhaps I am just THAT worthy, and THAT blessed, and THAT is the way the cookie crumbled, for me!

Hashtag sooooo blessed.
(for real).

Could be.
Could be, that this is what God was always gonna send for me, every bit of this soulmate fuck yes life.

Could be!

So I guess, sure, how did I do it, I did nothing at all, actually, and it was just what I was born for, God ordained, life itself laying out the red carpet with every move I make!

But then again –

Here is the reality which so many of you still don’t wanna face.

It was always all there for me, and coming for me, and ordained for me, and MINE.

But I still got … precisely none of it.

Until I decided to opt out of … precisely all of (the previous) it.

In the end, it was as black and white and simple as my soul always knew it was:

All I had to do to have the life of my dreams, 100% soul certain yes, and completely on my terms,

was ruthlessly cull everything that was not that.

Turn my back.
Shred my beliefs.
Eliminated my patterns.
DISCIPLINE myself into a new identity.

I worked years for this. I did what most won’t. So I can live like they can’t.

But then again –

I did nothing at all aside from continually hook my inner sights onto the vision I felt even the SMALLEST vibe of,

and allow myself to be pulled into its wake,

and eventually into its core.

It’s not that hard,

to have it all.

It’s also not that hard,

to just keep on keepin’ on with more of the same.

It’s just a little turn each day.

A small adjustment one way or the other.

The slightest shift into you,

or into ‘oh fuck there went my life and I never even actually tried’.

Either way –

It’s up to you.

Now who can’t be grateful for that!

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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