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If you really trusted. Knew. And GOT. That it’s happening, it’s a done deal, it is showing UP, and YES girl you are gonna see the money BLOW up, then you would no longer need to go looking for where it is,

or what you need to do.

You would instead understand that it will be SHOWN to you,

and all you have to do?

Is act.

Let’s not be wishy washy about it though, because YES there is action to take to BE the person who gets to live from flow and ease, or to have God’s spirit speak directly to you and impress upon you what it is you gotta do.

It is NOT just – ‘believe it will come to me and wait’.

Think of it like this:

If I want to see some of the most beautiful and mysterious creatures of the sea (like SEA HORSES, MY FAVE), am I going to just stay seated on my couch here and hope they swim in the door?


I’m going to put myself in an environment where I would naturally see these things, and / or be shown.

Like an aquarium. Or maybe just playing a video. But either way – I’m going to put myself in the environment. I’m not going to go out looking in every possible place in town ‘just in case’ I miss something. I’m just going to – go to the correct environment.

Putting yourself in the correct environment is different to ‘GOING LOOKING’ for one key reason:

The person who is continually looking for where the money is, who may well STATE they ‘know’ that an outpouring of abundance is meant to be theirs and they ‘believe’, but who is always vigilant, always wondering, always worrying, always LOOKING –

is doing so from a place of not trusting and believing that it is.

They are LOOKING,

because they don’t fundamentally believe it’s happening as a natural follow-on to THEM BEING WHO THEY ARE MEANT TO BE.

Spoiler: you being who you are meant to be and having THAT be the filter, is the environment where it will be SHOWN to you where the money is at.

the TRUE ideas will flow

– the way will be known

– it will bubble up from you

– it will be RIGHT

– you will feel CERTAINTY

– you will NOT have a need to add every possible detail or complexity ‘just in case’

This doesn’t mean you won’t take action in order to ALLOW those ideas to be shown. Think about it – the environment of you being you is a BADASS ENVIRONMENT!

* you are filling yourself up with things which lift and excite your spirit

* you are learning and stretching and growing

* you are playing and making and creating

* you are having a good TIME

* you are also dealing with / addressing / rebuking / praying on (this first I hope!) what gets to GO

* you are in continual expecting MIRACLES mode and also continually tuning in on what is NOT a fit

* you are calling yourself out and forward on truth, and asking God to do the same

* you are listening to what is actually NEEDED, and operating therefore in SYNC with your spirit, soul, mind and body needs (aligned ones), rather than ignoring them and forcing yourself to DO things or go LOOKING for things

The NATURAL flow-on of all of which is …









Do you get it?

It’s an ‘inward-out’ approach rather than an always outward hopping it will one day drop IN approach.

‘When I take the time and space to go IN and to live FROM a place of being IN,

whatever needs to come out of me is ABLE to, and is shown in the first place!’

What this really is, is a conversation about trust.

And whether or not you’re willing to finally surrender to business that way. Life that way. YOU that way.

The thing with trust is … it is a choice not an emotion. And, at a certain point, you’re old enough and smart enough to recognise that even if you don’t feel capable of trusting or brave enough to act from trust you’re not sure of … you have enough experience and data to know how things work out for you when you try and make things happen ‘just in case’.


So at a certain point … which is obviously THIS ONE RIGHT HERE … it just needs to be –

And then I just decided to trust.


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