What would it be if it weren’t just for business?

What would it be if it had nothing to do with what you hope will make you money, or even know should, even know WOULD?

What would it be if it never even occurred to you to wonder about engagement,

let alone chase it?

What would it be if you hadn’t heard of ‘lead gen’, or ‘marketing’, or even ‘growth’?

What would it be,

if it were just you,

your thoughts,

your mind,

God’s will for you,

allowed and welcomed through your soul,

and a pouring forth of who you are in the spirit?


Think back.

ALL the way back.

Back before you even thought to think about it!

Back before the time when some part of your mind realised, that OH –

I’m good at this. I can make money at this. I can help people with this. I SHOULD DO THIS.

Back before there was ever a should,

or even an idea of one,

and back before the suggestion ever came your way that your gifts, your YOU-ness, the thing which most greatly represents your true and unadulterated BEING,

was a thing for you to morph, contain, or even,



Back before it was anything except simply –

it was.


And WHAT was it, exactly?

– the fact that you continually found yourself drawn to sit, and dream, and write

– the cold early mornings and late quiet nights when, for no explicable reason, there you were. Dreaming. Pondering. Ideastorming. Letting things through. 

– the way you always NATURALLY just put name to things that were yet to be in THIS world, and that long before you knew how to know what you knew – you knew. That when YOU really decided something, chose it, leaned IN to that pull? It just … came to be.

– the way you AUTOMATICALLY passed your gifts on to others, impacted them with what was in you. Couldn’t not.

THAT was what it was. And so much more. Before you told it it had to be contained. Before you said it had to produce. Before you told it how to be. Not too much! Because you saw the marketing on authenticity. But just –

so that it works.




Now think even further back –

to the times were lit up, eyes wide open, goosebumps all over, a CHARGE running through you, and you had absolute.soul.certainty 



And then think FORWARD.

At what point did you start to tell yourself –

But not yet.

But not like that.

But not quite.


And then think NOW.

Why do you keep telling yourself?

When since as far as you can remember, and further still,

your spirit has been telling you, 

and also, showing you the way, if only you’d see.

But sure.

It makes more sense to look around. Eyes squinting tightly to make sure you don’t miss anything, or get it wrong!

At exactly who the world tells you to be.

That’s right…

THAT’S what your spirit came here to do.