The Hardest Part? Is Letting it Be Easy.
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The Hardest Part? Is Letting it Be Easy.


Sometimes I really do wonder why we make it so damn tough for ourselves, this whole online gig. All of the time spent learning how to do things, what to do, what is apparently ESSENTIAL lest we otherwise suffer some kind of entrepreneurial shame ..

… or be cast into the internet vortex alongside all those others who didn’t do things PROPERLY …

and eventually therefore find ourselves enduring eternal damnation in the halls of Those Who Do Not Make It Because They Didn’t Learn, Know and Do EVERYTHING …

You know?

I mean stop and think about it for just a second:

How much time would you say you’ve spent, since you began all of this, learning What To Do and How To Do It?

How much energy has been expended tearing your hair out in frustration and overwhelm because by God it IS frustrating and overwhelming and you really don’t know where to start, or how to get to the next stage, or why you can’t seem to pull it all together despite everything you’ve already done?

How much MONEY have you spent learning how to start, grow, run, explode, etc a business?

How much do you actually KNOW, and don’t be modest now! I bet you know quite a bit about lead gen, and advertising and sales pages and even how to launch stuff! Whether or not you’ve applied it who knows, but I bet you know more than you think you know! I bet you’ve absorbed quite a lot in this online journey of yours!

But answer me all this now –

When you look back over the time, the money, the energy and emotion you’ve expended into really getting this thing GOING, what would you say has been the most important tool you’ve mastered? What in PARTICULAR can you point to and refer any wins or successes to and say – it’s because of THAT?!

Of course it all does contribute, and certainly we ‘need’ to understand some stuff about getting our business and brand out there, right? We need to know at least the basics of how to get things up and running, how to market and brand and sell! ‪#‎obviously‬.


Or, allow me to suggest another way.

Allow me to first suggest – or at least query – that when you look back over everything you’ve expended SO much of yourself into, the thing that has made the very most difference?

Would be listening to your gut, trusting in your intuition, and acting accordingly.

Now bear with me for a minute here, because I do realise that if you’ve not actually DONE that then it might be hard to take on board what I’m saying here. But doesn’t it just FEEL like it would be such a breathe of fresh air if it were true?

I’m here to tell you that not only is it TRUE but that I credit the fact that I finally – finally! – cracked that million dollar mark and not only did so but did so with EASE and FLOW and completely the way I always hoped and dreamed it could be possible even though I at times couldn’t DEFINE it … was plain and simple because I threw out the rulebook and started acting from the heart.

And I see it on a daily basis with my ‪#‎society‬ clients as well. They come to me sometimes brand new, sometimes already making tens of thousands per month but either way feeling STUCK, frustrated, out of alignment and unsure how to get to where they REALLY want to go.

In short: they have a big dream, a big mission, a true PURPOSE, and they’re not living it.

And they know it.

And in some ways, even though they believe they SHOULD be able to live life on their terms, they’re starting to wonder if it could ever actually be possible for THEM.

The dreams that once burned so brightly have started to fade.

And that devil on their shoulder is taunting them, telling them that maybe this is just ‘how it has to be’. That if you want to make the money, or keep making the money, or make more of the money you have to just suck it up and do stuff you don’t really wanna do, in a way that does NOT make your heart sing, and for people you actually, quite frankly, don’t really give THAT much of a fuck about.

What they want?

Assurance that their dreams are possible, and permission to make ’em happen. Permission to BE the true revolutionary fucking leader they were born to be, and to do it ALL the way on their terms.

They want to get into alignment and get their asskickery action on. Which works well for me, as that’s exactly what I do best 🙂

And here’s what it comes down to, ALWAYS and ALWAYS and ALWAYS and 100% of the time and did I say ALWAYS and so yes THIS APPLIES TO YOU TOO:

Let me give you a hint. It’s kind of a straight up one:

For me to breakthrough to my million but also my BUSINESS I ADORE, I had to throw out the rulebook and act from the gut. I had to LET IT BE EASY.

For my CLIENTS to get to their business they love and also make the MONEY they desire, without fail they always have to let go of the tight grip they have on the rulebook of How One Must Act on the Internet, and they have to act from the gut and LET IT BE EASY.

And for YOU to be able to make the money you want, and do so on your terms?


You’re going to have to THROW OUT THE RULEBOOK and let it be easy.


I mean I know you want me to tell you about the magical complex awesome system I use and that if you just do EXACTLY AS I SAY and follow every little bullet point and dot every i and cross every t and you follow the STEPS well then of course it will just WORK!

But honey haven’t you already been TRYING that?

And how’s it working out for you so far?

And do not TELL me it’s because you’re not doing it right somehow or because you haven’t done it ALL yet (LOL!) or because there’s something THEY’RE NOT TELLING YOU and you better jump post-haste on that next catchy Facebook Ad that’s telling you THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE MISSING AND WHY YOU’RE NOT THERE YET!

Instead let me tell YOU something here:

Fuck the steps!

FUCK the steps!



Do you want to know what the hardest thing you’re going to have to face online is, if you’re serious about success?

You wanna know the biggest mountain you have to climb, so you can get prepared and geared up and just get ON with it already?

You want to know what you’re MISSING and why you can’t seem to get there and do so ON YOUR TERMS??!

Well I’m glad you asked 🙂

And here it is:


Another way to say it:

The VERY hardest part of ROCKING the biz – and life – and you! – you were born for and would most LOVE to live?

Is letting it be easy.

You think that you WANT it to be easy, that that would be great, and can’t I just tell you how?

I’ll be honest with you lovely – I don’t think you DO want it to be easy. I know I sure didn’t act as though I did for a LONG time, and even once I started letting it be easy I went back and forth back and forth back and forth a million times over making it damn HARD and PAINFUL and all QUICKSAND like for years! And then sometimes tuning back into me, letting it flow, letting it be EASY again.

But then, y’know, it got scary letting it be easy and SURELY I WAS CHEATING OR NOT DOING ENOUGH and so I got nice and square back in my own way and got on with making it damn tough again!

Ever felt like the toughest thing you have to deal with in order to move forward is to get over your own reasons as to why you can’t move forward?

Yeeeaaappp … I hear you sister.

And I do it all the time, still! I make lists upon lists. I plan. I SCHEME. I get BUSY with my good self. And then I remember –

Oh yeah.

This is not what I came here to do.

And also –

Oh yes.

The times when money has just FLOWED and it’s been FUN and I’ve been so in alignment and just ON?

Have been when I ignored the lists, ignored the busy work ignored the ALL of it and just acted fast, from the gut, no rules, no thinking, no worrying just letting ME flow out.

Now I know that in theory you’d love the sound of that for YOU … or at least I assume so! What’s not to love about letting it be EASY and natural and just FLOW and not having to worry EVER AGAIN about how to sell stuff or what you ‘should’ learn and know?!

Sounds like a no brainer to me!

But here is what else I know about you, and I base it on me:

Us driven women? Us kickass gals? Us leaders who were born to rule the WORLD?

We do like to complicate things.

Just a tad.

And we do like to be sure we know ALL the things.

And we do like to be GOOD STUDENTS and learn ALL THE STUFF and then we must APPLY ALL THE STUFF and we’ll be damned if we’re not going to be the best in the WORLD at doing so because WE ARE THE BEST ALWAYS.


Just a tad, perhaps.

So based on all of that and based on the fact that I know that FEAR will also tell you you must learn and know and follow ALL THE STUFF or you will DIE (whoops, meant to say fail but, y’know that’s how it FEELS sometimes) … and based on the fact that I know I STILL look around and compare myself or worry I ‘should’ be doing this or that or the other thing and then get all caught up in it for a period of time before getting my head out of my ass and getting back into aligned ACTION …

I kinda think you don’t WANT to make it easy.

I think you’re MORE inclined to agree with me, nod along sagely, decide that hell yeah you ARE just going to act fast and DAILY from the gut, get your message out there, get back to making it about what you BELIEVE and STAND for and how you can truly help people, get back to creating like you give a damn, get back to creating first and foremost for YOU, allow it to be fun and flow and for it to be passion INFUSED, and then?

Well then you’ll go back to doing precisely what you’ve been doing up until now.

Which is to say running around the ‘net like a metaphorical headless chook worrying about how to run that next launch, or what you should do for lead gen, or whether you’ve got the right bullet points on your sales pages or what everyone else is doing or what you don’t know you don’t know yet or whether your stuff is GOOD enough or oh my GOD you just realised you STILL DON’T KNOW ALL THE STUFF and you simply MUST know all the stuff!

Not that I’ve been there or anything.

And I HOPE and pray you prove me wrong.

Because here is what it’s like, when it’s easy.

Let me paint you a little picture.

Of what your business, and life, can look like, feel like, FLOW like if you can JUST. get the fuck out of your own way and let it be EASY.

A year or two ago, or maybe every year, and maybe even very recently because my true dreams don’t really change, I wrote about what I wanted my business to be like.

“All I want to do is write!”, I said to my friends, my journal, to anyone who would listen.

“I just want to be able to get up … read something inspiring … write in my journal … and then write something, from the heart, like a daily message. Yes that’s it – a daily message. Even though I KNOW you’re not supposed to email that much but I just WANT to. I feel I have to!

And then … I want to write more … and I want it to just flow, I don’t want to have to write stuff I have to think about or write according to a list or plan I just want to WRITE, from the heart, what comes out and is important to say.

For my blog.

My message.

And my books.

And then I want to speak. It has to be off the cuff, from the heart – not planned or according to a script. I don’t really mind how I speak … sometimes a webinar or call … or with clients … or in a workshop or event … or a podcast … or maybe even videos although God knows I can’t be bothered having to get gussied up for that so maybe not … but yes, I want to speak. I do like to speak!

And then, all I really want to do? Well I want to check in on my business and my team, but really only for 20-30 minutes, see that my income has been flowing in, clear my emails quickly, and then? All I really want to do is hangout with kickass women entrepreneurs online, women who think like I do, women who are natural born fucking revolutionary LEADERS like I am, who have a message and a calling, and I just want to really hang OUT with them and maybe kick their butts, help them get clarity and see what MATTERS and what alignment IS and then empower them to get out there and DO IT … and I don’t want to have to fuss about ALL of the details of HOW they do it, I just want to shove them off the cliff so to speak and they can scream and shout their way down as they step into their DREAMS … and how I want this online hanging out to be?

I want it to be fun …

And happy …

And easy …

And yeah just FUN!”

And that’s really it, honestly.

That’s all I really want to do. Write, and speak, and oh of course sell stuff from the heart, but have it just kinda happen ’cause it flows out of me and I just create and launch on the fly and then just hang out online with really cool women and have fun!

Yep, that’s the business I want!”

And what I didn’t say, but what was implict, was:

I don’t want to have to worry about lead gen.

I don’t want to have to think about branding, or advertising.

I don’t want to have to do LAUNCH plans, and then roll ’em out.

I don’t want to have to script and PREPARE stuff … not even for my paid programs!

I don’t want to have to MARKET myself.

I don’t want to have to PROMOTE and hawk my wares.

I don’t want to have to do DETAIL … on ANYTHING.

I don’t even want to KNOW about the detail … on anything … even in my own business.

I JUST WANNA SHOW UP AND BE AWESOME! With my writing and my speaking and my helping women get their head back in the game and then with my asskicking messages and smackdowns!

That’s it.

And that’s all.

Forever and ever.


And as I planned all of this and dreamed on it and shared it with friends, I did believe in theory it was possible, but it seemed so very far away and so removed from who I was being and how I was doing business.

And I knew that one day it COULD happen, but right now?

I had lead gen stuff to check in on, marketing plans to roll out, communication strategies to employ, launches to worry about and run.

And so I did that, for a bit, and I veered back and forth, for a bit, and as time passed and I gradually, hand over fist, let myself down the cliff I came to a point where I realised –

Wouldn’t it be fucking EASIER to just LEAP?

And if I’m going to really DO this – and I actually BELIEVE it – then don’t I need to, well, ACT like I believe it?

And the truth was that trying so hard wasn’t working anyway! It was 2 steps forward and 2 back, sometimes 3 back! I made some money, sure, but never managed to hold onto it and I wasn’t HAPPY.


Have you ever felt that way?

And so I made a decision.

Enough already.

I’d been following the God damn rules – as much as a natural rule-breaker can, anyway! – for long enough now.

Fuck that shit for a joke, I was done. Plain and simple.

And literally within the space of days, I threw out the rulebook.

Stopped giving a fuck about the steps.

Stopped worrying about EVERYTHING, really, that I’d spent so much time and money and energy and effort learning and mastering.

And went back to where it all began.

Which was me. My writing. My thoughts. My message. Sharing ’em. From the heart. Sometimes awkwardly, sometimes less so. Sometimes with full transparency, sometimes inadvertently wearing that mask of ‘please like me’. But always, just – getting my thoughts out.



Checking in, a little, on what was going on in my business.

Writing and speaking some more.

And hanging out online with incredibly kickass women.

And that’s, really, it.

And my business? Somehow makes over a million dollars a year and GROWING. Because I stopped worrying about all the ways I could make money … or all the things I SHOULD be doing … or HOW to do it all … or what the ‘right’ way was … or what everyone else was doing … or what I didn’t know that I didn’t know …

And I just went back to me.

To saying what I felt was important, and would help.

To creating great content from the heart, free and paid, based on what excited and inspired ME.

To offering it with love and OMG I think YOU will love this, rather than ‘please buy’.

To TRUSTING that my message was important, and that my big vision for who I choose to be as a leader, a revolutionary and an entrepreneur on MY terms can become real … and if I trust and believe that then I need to EMBODY it, and ALL IN.

So I could go on and on here gorgeous, but what it comes down to is simple:

Do you, no matter how scary it might right now feel and no matter how much you can’t understand the HOW of it, deep within you believe that your TRUE dreams are possible and that you CAN do business, life and you ‘that way’ that you dream of?

And if yes:

Then fucking go and do it.

Get out of your own way.

And just DO it.

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