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How Serious Are You About Actively Creating Wealth? 11 Ways to Let the Money Flow.


I want to share with you the key activities I do on a regular basis that I feel have most contributed to (finally!) creating the wealth I so long desired.

Something I’ve learned recently about money – and how to make a lot of it – you get whatever you choose.

Truth be told, this lesson has been many years in the works, perhaps even a lifetime!

But it’s not until the past few months that it’s really hit me –

Damn. I could have had this all along. This, or something better!

I just didn’t ask.

Or, to put it more specifically, I didn’t ask, FULLY believe, and then also do the (real) work to make it happen and ALLOW IT TO FLOW.

What’s your wealth situation right now?

Are you exactly where you want to be, better off than you ever imagined, so damn blessed and grateful to have created an easy and alignment based flow of money and perhaps just reading this out of curiosity, to get someone else’s take? Or are you like the vast majority of people in that – infuriating as it is to admit it – you just haven’t yet managed to figure the money thing out yet?

You never quite have as much as you need (or want!) …

Your dominant thoughts around money tend more towards fear and scarcity rather than joy and plenty …

You’ve actively tried to improve your money mindset and deal with your money ‘shit’ as well as do the practical work to grow your wealth and reduce any debt, but yet for every step forward you feel almost instantly pulled back again – and sometimes it seems as though even any money that you DO create just doesn’t want to stick around and hang out with you; it’s instantly gone and you can’t even necessarily put a finger on where or HOW this just ‘happens’ all the time!

It’s ridiculous!

But – and this is important for you to really think about, and understand – it’s also your fault, and your choice. Don’t worry – I made crazy choices around money for years as well, so you’re not alone!

Now – I choose wealth. I’m only at the early stages of wealth creation – I don’t have millions in the bank or even hundreds of thousands yet! But I’m on my way and for the first time in my life money feels fun, light, easy, and I KNOW that as much more as I CHOOSE is on its way to me. For the first time in my life when I think about money I feel free. Excited, even. And certain.

And I gotta say – after YEARS of feeling constricted, scared, anxious, even terrified, and just so damn ASHAMED about my financial status and seemingly non existent ability to claw my way out of it (and why couldn’t I; I’m a WINNER God dammnit!) – it feels every bit as incredible as you might imagine. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself. Mostly I am just so very very grateful, and also so very in AWE of all that is possible to us if only we will ask, and willingly receive.

I want to share with you the key activities, belief patterns, and mental exercises I’ve made part of my life that I believe are at the core of allowing money to flow to me. I hope it can help you too to break free of the awful bondage that is money fear, and know that you are WORTHY and also ALLOWED to create true wealth – in whatever form that means to you – and that you’re allowed it NOW.

This is the stuff gorgeous. There’s no point slaving your ass off any longer if it’s not working for you. Here’s how:

11. Money Cannot Be The Focus

I know, right? How can you not think about money when ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IS MONEY! How to GET it … how to hold ONTO it … why the hell it’s not COMING … and how on earth you’re going to stay afloat … never mind how much longer you can keep this juggle going without dropping ALL the balls in a big. dirty. mess. I know it’s hard and seems near impossible but if you want to create SERIOUS wealth and be FREE financially? You gotta take your mind off your money worries (in particular) but even off the whole concept of I Must Make Money in general. You see money, it’s like that crush you used to have in school … and it wants you to be cool. You get all stalky-like with it and try to INSIST it hangs out with you? It’s going to run and hide. Plus, let’s be serious – are you really doing your best work, from a place of passion and purpose, when your focus is money money money OMG I just need some MONEY?! No. Uh-uh. You’re not. I can tell you that as soon as I took my focus off money and put it deliberately onto having fun, onto doing what I REALLY wanted to do in my business, and on making a big DIFFERENCE, money breathed a huge sigh of relief and just started SURROUNDING me within literally weeks.

Wealth tip: Focus on how you can make a difference not a dollar, and money will flow. For me it took a conscious choice to say “fuck this” to trying so hard to make money. I pretty much deliberately ‘gave up’, and decided to just do what I do best and TRUST.

10. Train Your Money Muscle EVERY Day

Let me ask you something.

Would you expect to workout until you get the body you want, and then just stop working out except maybe once a week if you remember and expect to KEEP that body? I don’t think so.

Nor would you expect to turn around years of crappy eating and no exercise in a matter of weeks … even though it might be nice! If you’ve spent years abusing your body and now you want to get fit, you’re going to have to pay the piper. Same thing when it comes to money. Wealth is a muscle and you need to train that sucker DAILY. It is not SUPPOSED to be comfortable either, by the way! It should feel grossly UNcomfortable, confrontational, and downright messy at times. But you want the result? You put in the work baby! And not just the physical work, like tracking where your money is coming from, and saving even a small amount, and launching that new program before you’re ready but also the EMOTIONAL and INTERNAL work to create the money mindset and beliefs you need to have in order to create true wealth.

Wealth tip: Allow 30 minutes a day to train your money muscles.

This is best done at the beginning of the day. When I was in my worst period of lack, and considering bankruptcy, with over 100k in combined credit card and tax debts and less than $11 total in the bank, I spent the first HOUR of my workday every day journalling, visualising, affirming and reading around abundance. Considering I have roughly 4 hours a day available to work on my biz (with 2 young kids underfoot) this is a significant chunk. But it’s like Nelson Mandela said – “I’m too busy today NOT to spend an hour on my knees” … except for me it was “I’m too stuck in lack right now NOT to spend an hour on my money mindset”.

That one hour made the other 3 worth it. If this approach feels too hard, too much, you don’t have time, or you can’t be bothered? No problem – just give up now and save yourself the bullshit pretence that you actually care enough to change your situation.

9. You Can’t Create Wealth From a Place of the Wrong Service

I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face as I think it is THE most powerful thing I’ve ever been taught about wealth creation. Actually I heard this line as part of a church sermon I attended while living on Australia’s Gold Coast. Funny how the one time in months I made it to church and the message was all about making money! This just jumped RIGHT out at me as at the time I was battling to MAKE money love me, and I was hustling my butt off trying to get things to work and it just was getting WORSE. When the preacher made this point I literally felt my jaw drop open, and it just seemed so DEEP and also OBVIOUS. This comes down to the truth which is that you ARE here on this earth for a reason, and you DO have a purpose; a calling. You ignore that purpose, that calling, you act knowingly out of alignment in your business or life? Ain’t gonna work sister. You cannot create wealth from a place of the wrong service.

Wealth tip: Stop pussy-footing around and NOT doing what you’re really meant to do with your life. You think you’ve got all the time in the world to wait for ‘one day’? You don’t. You have NO more time left to live the wrong life and you have NO FREAKING HOPE of getting rich by avoiding your calling. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS. Now figure out how to bring it to the world.

8. If It’s Not Feeling Fun, Loose, Free, It’s Not On

This is big.

I spoke to a client last night who wanted to set $20,000 as her money goal but was resisting it (even though it was her idea!). When I asked why, she spoke about it feeling too heavy, and too hard, and oppressive even. No wonder she’s not making that money! No wonder she is limiting her wealth reception when she has a belief that if she DID make a lot of money it would come at some great cost! Often we have these beliefs and ideas passed down from our parents, and it CAN be hard to break but only if you allow it to be. YOU ARE NOT YOUR PARENTS, and you are not ANY patterning you’ve received from others that you don’t CHOOSE to hold onto.

And you do choose, beautiful, so make a choice to ALLOW yourself to feel free, light, easy, loose around money … choose to believe that making money – a lot of it! – can be fun, and a joy. A year ago even I never would have believed this, but also nobody TOLD me. So I’m telling you – it CAN be. From personal experience I can tell you that anything you’re doing in your business or life to make money that feels TOUGH and HEAVY is not going to work. So walk away. And walk TOWARDS creating a business and life from a place of flow and joy, and do so with a conscious CHOICE to also allow money to flow to you.

Wealth tip: Pay attention to how your money making activities feel. If it feels oppressive, heavy, draining, it’s not going to create WEALTH. Money loves happiness – so just as you need to focus on making a difference not a dollar you also need to focus on creating wealth from a place of purpose and joy not from a place of fear and ‘must’.

7. Visualisations, Affirmations and Afformations WORK, But There’s a Catch

I am a HUGE fan of using mental visualisation and written affirmations and afformations. An afformation is simply when you state an affirmation as though it’s already true, and often with a question, i.e. “Why is it that money flows so easily to me?!”.

When I was working daily on my money mindset, and to this day still, I used regular mental visualisation and written manifestation to attract wealth to me. The CATCH is that this alone is not going to cut it, even if you’re the very best affirmation writer in the world! It’s just one piece of the pie, and everything else we’re discussing here must also come into play. But it’s a POWERFUL piece nonetheless. In a way it’s really just like rote training your brain to be pointed towards positive financial outcomes rather than focused on fear and lack.

Wealth tip: Take 5-10 minutes each morning as part of your money work to write affirmations and affirmations in your journal, or to visualise things such as living your ‘ideal perfect day’. Journaling is a very powerful way to do this, or you can go on what I call a meditative walk where you actively turn your mind towards wealth.

6. Raise Your Money Vibration

We are all energetic beings and as such it’s foolish and even downright irresponsible to not pay attention to the daily messages you’re receiving from the world around you. Many wealth creators and entrepreneurs are still surrounded in their ‘normal world’ by partners, family, friends who have terrible beliefs and stories around money. This is NOT a good thing and not something you should expose yourself to any more than you have to. Nor should you feel obliged to try and impose your beliefs on to anybody else however if you care about those around them you will SHOW them there is another way by creating that way in your own life. However, this means you need to actively resist picking up on the fear, the negative energy, that the vast majority of people hold around money.

When it comes to being in the WRONG money environment I like to follow the 3 Blind Monkeys approach – cover my ears, my eyes and my mouth so that nothing seeps in! At the same time, actively seek to raise your money vibration. Become part of masterminds or online groups where the focus is on a positive money mindset and believing in more. Often this will mean finding money you don’t feel you have in order to join the right groups. Do it. Invest in YOU. My Rich Chick Mastermind is a perfect starting place and in fact mega affordable anyway 🙂

Wealth tip: Surround yourself constantly with reminders that wealth is possible for anybody INCLUDING YOU. I don’t care how you do this but FIND A WAY. For me the most powerful has been becoming part of groups where others in the group think as I do and are often MORE successful than me, working with the right coaches or mentors, reading books about abundance and money mindset, listening to audios on wealth creation while walking or driving, and actively ignoring talk about scarcity or fear.

5. Do the Mother-Freaking Work!

In a conversation about money, particularly when that conversation is geared towards the internal work you need to do to make money, it’s very easy to ignore one big and REALLY important thing – if you want to make money you DO need to do the mother-freaking work! You need to be of SERVICE to people. You need to be HELPING people. You need to be making a DIFFERENCE. All the manifesting and believing and allowing in the world ain’t gonna do jack all if you’re not also PUTTING STUFF OUT INTO THE WORLD AND ASKING FOR MONEY IN RETURN!!

But do so from a place of alignment …

Of doing your soul’s work …

Of doing what you were BORN to do …

And of starting now.

Wealth tip: Assign a minimum of an hour a day, and preferably two, to create and be of service to your tribe. This could be writing, speaking, creating free or paid content, communicating and helping on forums, etc. I spend an hour each morning writing my blogs and Amazon books, and then a further hour a day creating either free or paid content for my Rich Chick programs and other paid client programs. You can create a LOT more than what you think you can if you simply commit to daily action in this area. Most entrepreneurs faff around doing fuck all online most days and then complaining that they’re not making money or growing their list. She who creates most (from alignment and flow!) wins. Not sure where to start or how to do what you’re truly called for?

FIGURE IT OUT (and/or get help!)

Or give up.

4. Deliberately Ignoring Debt and Lack

This fits into the 3 Blind Monkeys approach, but it deserves its own point.

It might sound crazy or irresponsible but one of the things that most helped me to break free financially was deliberately ignoring my debts and lack. I don’t mean I didn’t pay bills (although let’s be honest, I usually did so late) but I actively refused to pay attention to the awfulness that was for so long my money situation.

I diarised when bills were due, and paid them quickly as and when I could (which was not always when they were due), but aside from that I truly actively AVOIDED thinking about ‘negative’ money stuff. This resulted in some fights with my husband as on occasion he wanted to have a big worry/OMG conversation as he genuinely feared our lives falling apart … as did I, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to talk about it! I admit this behaviour on my part was completely SELFISH, as he felt he ‘needed’ to talk about it. But I felt DEEPLY that I NEEDED to not talk about it if I was going to keep my head above water, and to be honest I don’t think it would have been a smart thing to entertain or allow his fears to be brought out in a bigger way either.

Wealth tip: Do what you have to do to take care of your finances but do NOT obsess over bills, debt, lack or ANYTHING that takes your focus away from creating abundance and wealth. Be SOLUTION and POSITIVE focused not worry and fear and what if focused.

3. Money Needs a Focus: Give it One

Phew! This is heavy stuff, right? I feel like I’m having some kind of emotional release writing it all out. I trust if you’re still with me that this is important for YOU as well.

So. Speaking of focus. MONEY needs a focus. It needs somewhere to go. If your dominant thought pattern is around fear and lack and not having ENOUGH then the money will go as fast AWAY from you as it’s little green legs can carry it. The other thing about money, is it abhors a vacuum. So create SPACE for money in your life and it will GO there. Some of the ways I have very effectively built up wealth even in a SMALL way at first and then eventually in a BIG way, simply by making space, are:

Open up fee-free online savings accounts and give them titles for what I want the money for. I.e. “Tithe”, “Tax”, “Giving”, “Designer Handbag”, “Fun Spending for Kat”, “Traveling to Munich”, “First Class Business Coach”. These are all real accounts of mine! In most cases I started with only $10 per week going into a new account, and for some of them I still only send $10 per week, or $20! But it is AMAZING what you create when you simply start sending even $1 in the direction of something you desire! In fact, when we were ready to book our flights for the first leg of our current 1-2 year ‘laptop life’ travels, which was to Munich, I checked that account I’d been adding to for a while without thinking about it

2. Trust

1. Ask, Believe AND Receive: You Must Do All 3

There is so much more I could say about wealth creation and ALLOWING yourself to receive money. It’s a topic big enough for an entire book … which is why I’m writing one 🙂 it’s also a topic that is deeply personal and I am honoured to have such a connected tribe of women who shared their top wealth creation lessons with me on Facebook today, when I mentioned I was writing this post. Here are some that really stood out to me:

That I, too, deserve to MAKE money with my gifts.

That by charging more I am actually helping my clients more.

[pq] It is NOT rude to talk about money (my biggest old belief) it is essential. [/pq]

That your mindset is more important than you realise.

Smashing money blocks is the foundation of creating a profitable business.

It’s easy to feel confidence when you have money, but it’s easy to lose that confidence with there isn’t enough money and yet your skills, offerings, passions, worth hasn’t changed.

Being wealthy is having ( creating ) options and choices. The more choices we can make the wealthier we are. Converting cash into real cash flow assets is AWESOME.

It’s never really about the money.

Finally I want to tell you –

You can do this.

You really can.

I spent years stuck in lack, scarcity, fear, ending up over 100k in debt, somehow never having anything to show even when I did make money, and fighting like crazy to keep my head above water and to have the world see me a certain way when inside I knew it was all just for show and I was constantly terrified the entire thing was going to come crashing down at any moment. I’m getting teary right now just thinking about it – the SHAME that I carried around with me for so long. The GUILT and the unworthiness. And the awful, awful, God damn fear. In the end, what changed it all, was not necessarily any of the above things or even the combined effort of them all it was the COMMITMENT to moving past this. I got to a point where enough was enough and I was just DONE.

Done with the fighting.

Done with TRYING so hard.

Done with working my ASS off at a business and life that was never QUITE right, and promising myself that as soon as things improved I’d get to do what I really wanted to do, and how I really wanted to do it, and be the woman, mother, wife, leader, ME I was born to be.

So I gave up. I threw my hands up in the air and I walked away from FEAR and from self DOUBT and from uncertainty. And I consciously chose to walk TOWARDS living the life I’d always wanted but doing it now. Once I made the TRUE commitment to creating wealth, to not only believing it possible logically but also believing it possible for ME, and then to not only asking for it but to also RECEIVING it and ALLOWING it into my life, everything really did flow from there, and soon it wasn’t just as though I was walking more freely towards money, towards life on my terms, having finally shed the heavy heavy weight of fear and scarcity, but it was as though with every step I took I shed a little more of that load, and my pace picked up.

I remember having a very vivid vision, which I shared with my Kinesiologist, showing the old me basically crawling along, weighted down with these IMMENSE iron chains surrounding me, and I could hardly move, and I was so beaten up but the whole time I was holding the key to the chains in my hand. Once I realised that, and took the damn stuff off, I could start walking again but at first I was stumbling, unsure of myself, still very sore and scared. As time passed and I continued to fill my mind and soul with the right messages and actions, I was able to stand up fully, and move at a normal walking pace, and then as more time passed I began speed walking, then jogging, then running, and then flat out SPRINTING.

As I shared this vision with my Kinesiologist she then chimed in and we finished it almost together, because where I was headed and just moving into at that time is where I am now which is freaking FLYING baby. Just in complete and utter FLOW. And I know that I know that I know that although there are surely so many more lessons for me, I will never again battle to accept wealth. I will continue to receive more and more money, more and more effortlessly, for the higher good of myself and of others.

And I want you to truly take it to heart and understand that if I can create this in my life simply by allowing myself to and then doing the work, then SO TOO CAN YOU.

I am NOT special.

I do NOT have anything over you.

I was a MESS financially, and at times I truly started to question if I’d EVER get out.

But I committed FULLY, and then I held that committed and allowed it to HAPPEN.


The commitment is what really created the change, but I do have to share and remind you that it still won’t be automatic. Your money situation can truly change in an instant – or for me it took about 4-5 weeks and I went from nothing to literally tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, however when I say it took 4-5 weeks that’s from the time the money started flowing. Really it took 34.5 years and 4-5 weeks, and in particular 6-24 months of avid focus on improving my money mindset and situation. The ‘real’ work came in the final 6 months of that timeframe, and that’s everything I’ve just written about.

The things I’ve shared in this post are the things that truly SAVED ME. I did them RELIGIOUSLY. I committed to wealth creation like it was preparation for WARFARE. And it WAS. Success is a battlefield gorgeous … and few truly enter it. Fewer still are willing to pick themselves up again and again and again, bruised, and battered, and bloodied, and falling to pieces, and BROKEN inside out but yet NEVER FULLY DESTROYED.

The world, money, fear, all of the things that seem to want to torment you THESE THINGS CANNOT BREAK YOU.

You are STRONG.

You HAVE what it takes.

And You. Will. Prevail.

But you have to choose. You have to be willing to CHOOSE success, to choose money, to choose wealth and ultimately to choose a LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. And you have to do it NOW.

You have no more time left to live the wrong life gorgeous, and truly? Why would you want to. So are you in, or are you out, because the clock is ticking baby and the big hand? It’s pointing to now.

Your life.

Your choice.

And your right.

Time to make some shit happen, yes?