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Probably the simplest way I have found to make money, and to continually increase both company revenue as well as my personal income – which yes, are and should be two different things! – is to create a non-negotiable need for it.

Without exception, every time I have ‘had’ to make money, to meet a payment, hit a goal, keep up with increasing business and life expenses, uplevel my long or short-term savings and investments, I do.

On the other hand, anytime I simply try to increase money flow for the sake of it, or because it seems like the natural next level to hit, or because surely I should be ‘there’ already, well –

That shit don’t work!

Even the idea of financial freedom, back when I had mountains of credit card and tax debt and could often not afford food, didn’t allow money to flow for me!

It was too vague.

Not based on anything measurable, specific, or tangible at all.

Similar to telling a chef – ‘bring me something delicious!’ instead of asking clearly for the exact meal you want, prepared in the way you like it. The chef’s idea of something delicious and yours could be worlds apart, or he could just roll his eyes and ignore you because you’re not giving a clear order and that’s how he works!

Life, I believe, and have experienced, works on clear orders.

Ask for what you want – clearly, and with no wriggle room – and you’ll surely get it!

Ask in vague or roundabout terms, or with obvious room for settle, sacrifice, compromise, and life just rolls its eyes at you and moseys off to work with someone who can be firm, decisive, definite!

Of course you HAVE to be asking with absolute certainty, and you have to really mean it, when you commit to an outcome. You can dream up ways to ‘need’ more money all you like (such as committing to investing in things which would serve you in business and life and which also REQUIRE you to make more money), but if you’re not ACTUALLY committed that you WILL have that money come in, and make those payments, you won’t.

It’s like when I committed to buying my dream beach home earlier this year, when I’d only just purchased an investment property a few months prior and had exhausted my savings. The one I’m sitting in right now writing this!

It was LUDICROUS to commit to having to essentially come up with an additional 800k for the deposit on the house on top of all normal business and life expenses. My company generates hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, but we also have high expenses, usually around 150k a month, give or take. Note that we are very clear on all our expenses returning a profit! For example – our 13 staff all MEASURABLY make money for the company. Any mentoring or consulting we invest in nets a return. Travel costs result in growth of income and following. Etc! But it’s still money that has to be paid out.

I also have personal expenses which are quite high, including investments but also including lifestyle! And I wasn’t about to compromise a SINGLE THING in order to meet the goal of settling on my dream house.

It was really a damn ballsy thing to do, to say yes to the house all the while knowing that if the money didn’t show up for settlement I would LOSE my initial down payment, which by that time was at about 390k!

So why did I lay myself on the line?

Simple: because traditionally EVERY time I have said yes to something and refused to accept anything but that something, the money (or whatever resource is required) comes through.

It’s literally how I’ve increased my income over the years, from making 3-5k a month online (which came after several YEARS of consistently showing up; I made no money for the first few okay so just calm down if you started 6 months ago and you’re not a millionaire yet!), to 10k+ a month … 30-35k … eventually cracking 50k a month (that took ages!) … 72k … 80k … 100k … 9 months from there to get to 200k a month (which infuriated me. lol as it’s a pretty rapid increase in the scheme of things) … to 300k and then over 400k!

I increased my income by increasing my money REQUIREMENTS, and with it, I simultaneously increased my perception of what is normal and easy, making it impossible for me to ever go backwards.

As Grant Cardone said to me when I was in his studio in Miami – “how do people even live on a million a year?!”

Some people might baulk at the idea of increasing money requirements to increase income, but that’s what works for me. And, just to reiterate – my expenditure in both business and life results in a return. Many places the money goes too are investment related, in a financial sense. But heck – even getting my hair and nails done, or a massage, is an investment! As is traveling first class! If you think these things don’t result in MORE creativity, DEEPER access to soul, MORE money flow, well, no wonder you don’t have ’em OR the money!

Gotta stop attaching shame to spending, and see it for what it is – an opportunity to expand receiving.

Of course that also requires TRUST.

I TRUST that when I say yes to a new staff member … a new property … a new Chanel bag (!) … 50k in sudden travel costs … etc, that I will return on that.

I TRUST in my ability to back up my choices in ONLY growth-orientated and positive ways.

Do you?

‘Cause if you dont, again – no wonder you don’t have the things you dream of, or the money!

Gotta trust.

It’s also trusting in the WAY THAT LIFE WORKS.

We KNOW that nature abhors a vacuum.

When there is a space created, or existant, for something to be, something will GO there.

If the space is filled with something that is NOT what you dream of and know is aligned, guess what? You won’t be getting jack shit! Except for more of what’s already present and NOT working for you.


If you continue to accept a sub-standard fitness, body fat or energy level, and you continue to eat, move, think, like somebody who accepts this, there is NO SPACE for you to reach excellence.

You haven’t made it a must.

You haven’t DELETED the habits or behaviours which are a match for sub-standard.

You can think about it and journal on it all you like, you won’t see a THING change!

Where else are you allowing the space for your SOUL stuff to be crowded with things which are not that?

Accepting non-aligned clients, or holding on to them, and then wondering why it’s so hard to find the ones you’re REALLY meant to work with …?

Dating or remaining energetically entangled with men who are SO not your ideal, while bemoaning that it’s impossible to find one who wants what you want …?

Repeatedly demonstrating that the way you manage and use your money is reflective of somebody who operates in lack, and only ‘just’ gets by, instead of letting go of THAT persona and choosing one of a you who is abundant, always, in all areas?

Of course it’s not just about deleting things, is it? That’s a must! Really, you should sit down right now and list out EVERY thing in your business and life which is taking up space where your dreams should be.

But it’s also about CREATING a vacuum.

This is why my approach to increasing my income works.

When I teetered on the edge of saying yes to the house, knowing it would require the fastest and greatest money manifestation I’d ever done, my brother reminded me of something –

“It will force you to level up. And then, you’ll stay there, as you never go backwards”

At one point HE was a little unsure, and I reminded him –

“It’s impossible for me to not meet a money goal I commit too. I just … can’t. I’m just not available to NOT get there once I say yes to it”

And so we did the damn thing.

I say ‘we’ because I had a lot of support, energetically but also practically to pull the house money manifestation off so damn quick. My God. The paperwork! Not my area 

Committing to something and knowing you are not AVAILABLE to not achieve it creates a vacuum.

It’s like stretching the walls of your abundance bubble.

If you continue to expect and essentially plan for a similar amount of money flow, and ability to invest, as what you currently experience, don’t be surprised if income doesn’t increase.

But if you stretch expectation, make SPACE where there was none before, say hey – I now expect and require this, and here’s my commitment to show I’m serious (i.e. saying yes to things before you know where the money will come from, so no it’s NOT gonna work if you just SAY you’re making space, you have to SHOW it), then guess what?

The space WILL be filled.


It’s a universal principle, it’s how life WORKS.

Most people will never be brave enough to live this way, take such ‘risks’.

But the way I see it is – most people are risking the REALITY of their impending DEATH without ever having truly said yes to their soul, and laid themselves on the line, put themselves in a position where what they dream of now HAS to show up.

One thing we know for sure:

Life will meet you exactly where you go.

So tell me –

Where’s that?



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