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Live Your Passion


The way to know how to do anything, end everything, and always choose the RIGHT thing, for you, is to stay connected to your highest self and always act from a place of BEING that self.

In any and all decisions in life you have the ability to choose based on what feels good or right in the now – which, for most people means, what are their surface emotions and immediate reactive state suggesting they do – or, what would the choice be if you based it on highest available guidance, and alignment.

In 100% of cases, when your direction is determined by considering the HIGHEST possible alignment, it is correct.

This is true even if it results in short (or long!) term fallout of some kind … which is an obvious reason why the vast majority of people will never learn to act from highest self, and highest alignment, because they don’t want to cop the consequences of it NOW. In other words – they’re not prepared to do today’s work today, in order to create the tomorrow they dream of.

And so they will continue to dream, endlessly, of all of the tomorrows they’ll never experience, imagining what life could be life … how grand it would be … how FREE they could be … what they KNOW they’re meant to let go of, walk away from, and how THAT would feel … their higher self will NEVER cease to send them nudges, reminders, messages from within, or sometimes straight up slaps in the face to try and bring them on path and yet they just.won’ it!

It’s infuriating to observe this in another person, one who you care about, are close to.

It should be TERRIFYING to observe in yourself, and indeed it is, but part of the problem of course is that mostly – you don’t observe it at all.

You push it down, you cover your ears and your eyes and your mouth and scream ‘LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU!’ into the void that your life has become every time that voice within you tries to be heard.

We ALL have areas where we do this.

If you’re human, it’s certain there are aspects of your being right now which are not being allowed to BE, simply because you’re addicted, attached, and in terror of letting go of the current patterns, habits, behaviours, people, and the things you give your time and energy to; your LIFE to.

Of course no matter how much you push it down, pretend its fine, tell yourself you ‘had to’ or ‘just couldn’t manage to today’, the truth is you’re aware every minute of every day that you’re opting OUT of the life you were born for … the next phase which is available for you … the aligned and fulfilled and FREE you who you’ve got trapped in the wings, never allowed on stage!

You can’t NOT know.

It’s like a continual ticking of the clock, the countdown timer dropping down down down as you ‘la la la can’t hear you’ your way towards the final bell.

But you hear just FINE, don’t you?

You might say ‘oh, but I don’t KNOW what the aligned thing is to do here’ … ‘I’m not sure!’ … ‘how do I know what my soul says?’, but I’ll tell you this:

THAT is some next level BS.

You CERTAINLY know what certainty feels like!

When you’re certain you would NEVER ask for the opinions or feedback of your friends, your family, the dog next door.

When you’re certain there is NO need to weigh up pros and cons.

When you’re certain there is ZERO hesitation, and there’s also no worry about ‘how’.

You just LEAP, commit, decide, and let the how take care of itself.

THIS is what it feels like, to act from highest available guidance, and self.

It comes inherent with a quiet knowledge that yes – this is right. Yes – it will work out, even though it may feel terrifying, or crazy! And yes – I can’t not.

Of course sometimes the feeling of certainty, and access to soul, to alignment, to source, is fully BLOCKED by surface confusion and also by the fact that you’ve repeatedly gone AGAINST soul.

If this is the case, you’ll need to develop a practice of tuning in.

Of connecting.

Of stripping back the crud which has built up, so that you have ACCESS to receive what’s coming through you.

If you’re serious about living the right life, this should be a daily practice regardless. And probably the lack of one is exactly why you feel so uncertain, confused, clouded, and fearful, so much of the time!

You might have flashes of clarity and a sense of personal power come over you at times, where you decide ‘I’m going all in, just watch me!’, and you make wild claims to yourself or the world about how rapidly you’re going to change, about how you’re quitting your sabotages FOREVER, or how you’re going to achieve ‘x’ by MONDAY, or simply about how this is your YEAR, ‘just watch!’ –

But we do watch,

And mostly,


Truthfully though,

Nothing changes.

You’re addicted to being the you who you allowed yourself to be molded into, rather than the you who you ACTUALLY are and who is still there –


The truth is you were BORN with the blueprint of everything you need to know,


And do.


This is why, even though I talk about my deepest work being to help you find who you always were, and then become it, REALLY what it is is a process of REMEMBERING who you always were. And then becoming it. WITH BELLS ON.

For this, there is some excavation required.

Some shifting.

Some releasing.

But mainly –

There is a requirement of committing to a DAILY PRACTICE of tuning in, connecting in, and BEING, simply – in.

In you.
As you.
Connected to you.
Nothing added.
Nothing gained.
Nothing to know.
Or to do.

When you take time for this – even 15 minutes a day, for example, of journaling, of sitting, of writing whatever needs to come out, of letting the harshness of the world you’ve constructed fade, and soften, of letting yourself let go, and FEEL the truth which waits for you – you start to turn the dial.

Day by day.

Moment by moment.

In the direction of simply BEING CONNECTED.

If you think about it, a high percentage of daily activities for most people DISCONNECT them from soul, from spirit, from highest self, from core.

So you may also want to start changing that … perhaps even make it really easy by just bit by bit changing your entire LIFE, to where even how you make money … do business … do relationships … do self-care … do LIFE … is all just a practice of connecting to soul, and highest self.

If you think about it … it’s VERY odd to consciously choose to spend even a minute doing something which disconnects you, or fills you with confusion, fear, and clouded judgement!

But maybe you didn’t think about it … at least not consciously 

And maybe that’s where to start, isn’t it?

To decide to be conscious.

To decide to be the observer.

To decide to wake up.

To decide to look, eyes wide open, at the world you’ve created,

The world within,

And at what would need to change,

To have them meet up.

Everything you feel and see inside of you is real, you know this, and available, for you.

But that doesn’t mean it’s ever going to transpire.

That my dear –

Is on you.

What’chu gonna do about it?


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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