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Running From Who You Really Are

Perhaps the hardest thing of all is the fact that no matter how deeply you know it will destroy you to do so, you continue to run from who you really are.

For the born for it creator, the one who downloads straight divine fire and truly does not NEED to follow the steps the world at large seems to need to take simply to BREATHE right …

this is all the more true.

Since before we even knew that we knew to know ANY thing, we did know this:

I’m different.

Even from the ones who think that THEY are the different ones, I’m different.

Perhaps for you the story was ‘and this makes me BAD, for SHAME’, or perhaps you were fortunate enough to be lauded for your points of uniqueness, and the lens only YOU could see through, from a young age.

Most likely, you’ve had a bit of a mix. And quite likely, the greatest villain of all of ’em as far as ‘people who say terrible things to you and tell you that you can’t REALLY think YOU could pull THAT off’ … is you.

It may not even be consciously.

It MAY be ongoing. Yes, I KNOW this about you. About many of you. Hey, maybe it’s not you and if so – AWESOME.

But I’ve been working with high level creatives for decades now. I have coached thousands upon thousands of TRULY anointed and divinely inspired creatives who also happen to be natural born leaders AND the best entrepreneurs in the world.

That’s a pretty gifted bunch. And it’s not audacious to say that for most of my clients? They have more creativity, wisdom, and tapped-in-ed-ness, oh AND natural magnetism and impact in their babiest baby toe on a sleepy Saturday morning in the woods than most people do in their ENTIRE body in the ENTIRETY of their lifetime and with ALL the caffeine in the world poured infused straight into their bloodstream.

It’s just a reality.

Yet these are the same people who run run run from who they really are as though their life depends on THAT.

Here is the reality about THAT:

The devils greatest trick is not REALLY convincing the world he doesn’t exist (pretty great trick though, and even greater movie). No, his greatest trick of all is convincing you that YOU don’t really exist.

Not that version of you.

Not really.

That you made it all up.

Or at the very least, the ‘true’ version is about 0.01% of what you dream of, or think that it should be.

Wanna know what is FACTS? And I mean GOD facts, so like … ABSOLUTE facts?

The TRUE version, for you, yes you specifically, is about a billion to infinity x beyond what you dream of, or think that it should be. Because Gods thoughts ways and will for you are INFINITELY higher than what you will ever know! When you’re STRETCHING into your WILDEST vision … you’re not even at the starting point.

I know that you know this.

But do you KNOW it? In the CORE of you? In your very ESSENCE?

The thing with knowing is … knowing to the point where it is PART of you, and you begin to also systematically and ‘no matter what’ simply do the work, create the things, live in the daily flow, be the person who shows UP for her destiny like that …

it is a choice.
It is a practice.
It is a DECREE.
It is a command.


It is one YOU have authority over.

Just because you have a destiny …

doesn’t mean you will ever live it.

God has not made us to be puppets.

And He will not FORCE you to live into what is available for you, and also ORDAINED for you, divinely.

YOU have authority. YOU have responsibility. And?

You have choice.

So you can continue to let day after day pass by in which you beat yourself up and bemoan endlessly all the things you could have done, would have done, should have done –


You can make today the day it IS done.

And you actually mean that.

Because here is what else is facts:

You will more than likely continue the trajectory you’re on. Momentum,


Yes it is ‘hard’ to switch tracks. But which is harder? That, or going to bed again tonight knowing you just went FURTHER down the path of the wrong life?

And the cool thing is …

once you become HER, that version of you who you know it’s time to be –

that’ll be easy to keep moving forward with as now.


make it today.

Switch tracks.

Become the Leader NOW.

And if you really mean that?


We start in TOMORROW.



Life is Now. Press Play.



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