Something happened yesterday, y’all … something pretty fucking BIG, actually!! The truth is that I always knew it was GOING to happen … there were whispers and signs even before we met, and besides –

I fucking asked for it! I journaled on this shit! I called it IN, over and over and over AGAIN!

{It does work, you know – ?
The whole journal and call it in and WRITE your life into existence thing! Just so you know … I mean, I’d hate to see you keep working so damn hard without simply setting your inner compass to where you wanna go so it freaking HAPPENS, first!}

So yes. Or no, actually –

It wasn’t a surprise. I do think that when you’ve long ago DECIDED something is a done deal, and JUST HOW IT SHALL BE, THANK YOU GOD, AMEN, that when it turns up and you’re looking it in the eye (or eyes, in this case) that while of COURSE there is this massive sense of wonder and gratitude and OMFG how could I be this LUCKY, at the same time – of COURSE.

Of COURSE it showed up – you did the work!
Of COURSE it showed up – you asked for it!
Of COURSE it showed up – you gave yourself permission to receive!
Of COURSE it showed up – you LET it!
Of COURSE it showed up – you got the fuck over your stories and your self-worth indulgent BS and you simply fucking DECIDED, so of COURSE it showed UP!

We were talking about this yesterday at my private mastermind get together which I’m hosting right now in Beverly Hills for my private clients.

How freaking SIMPLE it is to have EVERYTHING you want.

How results can in fact happen INSTANTLY; all you need to do is clear the way energetically and then they appear; yes this is even true for the stuff where you think that it HAS to take longer, because, y’know, it’d be ‘impossible’ to get there like THAT!

In fact … I had everyone set a daily income goal mid-way through the day; the amount they want to receive daily moving forward … and at the end of the day as I spoke about how TODAY we will be doing INSTANT manifestation, and I started to explain the concept and how this works, one of my badass clients announced that she’d just HIT her freakin’ daily money goal … a goal that had scared the pants off her and seemed IMPOSSIBLE when she set it only hours before!!

And she’d no idea HOW this happened …

And I said:


Because the WORK is the work you’ve fucking done UP TILL THIS POINT, and once you clear the ENERGETIC blocks, results ALWAYS appear right away. No exceptions. And as for impossible?

Well –

Impossible is nothin’ baby. You KNOW that! Could be time to start owning it and living by it?! Anyway –

We talked about so much, as you can imagine.
The shifts were SO fucking profound over the course of our day together that everybody was WIPED by 430pm … wiped and ELEFUCKINGVATED so high you could practically SEE the vibration in the air. Me included! It was, quite simply, the best day ever.

Of business.
Of friendship.
Of mentoring.

And one of the things I explained, as I stood there in somewhat wonderment at the fact that I – me; whaaaaaat??! – was the one LEADING this room of what is quite ACTUALLY some of THE most elite women entrepreneurs and leaders in the online WORLD, was that if you want MORE, all you have to do is ASK for more.

All I ever did –
Was ask –
And ask –
And ask.

Okay, I did a fair bit more than that … I did the fucking work … but the work hasn’t changed in 11 years yet my income and flow and ease just elevates daily like a MOTHERFUCKER, and why?

Because I ask.
On repeat.
And I clear my SHIT.
On repeat.
And I simply get to choose to not INDULGE in the nonsense stories about whether or not I’m GOOD enough or know how! Fuck how! And fuck being good enough, too – I have a bigger mission than that!

Don’t you?

So one of the things I’ve asked for, for so many years now, is to find love.

To fall in LOVE.
To be in LOVE.
To have so much fun and adventure and laughter and lightness in love. And –
Results like a motherfucker.

And like I said … I already ALWAYS knew this was coming … and I’ve certainly felt it before; it’s not the first time I’ve known that; not by a long shot! In fact, I felt it wrapping me in its glow all DAY yesterday, and I even taught about it TO my badass ladies, and about how I’d called it in. But it wasn’t until the evening over a RATHER long and possibly alarmingly sex-filled conversation at dinner, that it hit me.

There was a moment’s pause where I wasn’t talking … it does happen, you know! … especially when I’m out with 11 clients who are just like ME, aka all wanna lead the pack!! … and I just –


And I looked around.

I saw everybody laughing and gesticulating wildly and becoming SOUL SISTER connected for life, even though most only just met yesterday in real life; as I did THEM in most cases.

I saw the stories, and the truths, and the DEEP reveals.

And I had this wave of, honestly, AWE just wash over me.

I’m sitting at this dinner table in Bazaar in Beverly Hills at the SLS hotel. One of the most amazing and beautiful restaurants in the world at my favourite luxury hotel in the world. The food and wine, as you can imagine, was beyond description, but fuck THAT, because here is what I saw:

All around me, the entire circle of the table, women who are STEPPING UP TO LEAD THIS WORLD AND CREATE IT ANEW.

I was literally sitting at a table with some of the most POWERFULLY transformational spiritual and business leaders and BADASSES OF OUR TIME.

Each and every one a work of fucking ART, by the way, in how beautiful she is.

I felt so much awe –
So much gratitude –
So much WONDER –
That I have come so far as to even SIT at a table like this, and I feel that same wonder right now as I tell you the most insanely amazing thing of all:

These women are MY clients.
They came to see ME … and each other of course … but they look up to ME!! These are the best of the BEST, and I get to MENTOR them?!

How in holy fuck did THAT happen?! How did this introverted and SO shy and not cool girl from Melbourne, Australia, who not even 4 years ago felt like the most self-conscious small-playing one in the ROOM at mastermind events, end up sitting here polished and primped and soaked in designer goods (YES it fucking matters haha!) not only ATTENDING such an event but freakin’ HOSTING and LEADING it?!

What on EARTH did I do to fucking deserve this?

WHO THE HELL AM I TO GET TO LIVE LIKE THIS? I have confidence issues! I doubt myself! I say stupid shit to men! I do stuff I regret! I have RESISTANCE, too! I SABOTAGE, even! OMG!

And as I looked around –
And listened –
And soaked it all up –

I realised –
Holy shit.
I think I just fell in love with my clients.
DEEPER than I’d already known I was, or was possible.

And as to how it happened?

I fucking asked.
I showed up.
I put aside my bullshit about not being worthy.

And I did the fucking work.

It’s REALLY not rocket science gorgeous …