Live Your Passion, Money Mindset


Somebody asked me the other day, what the lessons are that truly helped me become a badass online. What I’ve MOST learned over the past several years that has taken me from kicking some butt and making some pretty good money to kicking the butt of the 1% and creating a $100 million empire.

No … I’m not PHYSICALLY at $100 mil just yet but in my mind’s eye I’m there and that’s basically the same thing, as everything I create in my mind becomes real in the physical world soon enough! Let’s start with that, hey?

Here they are. 11 things that I’ve changed, shifted or finally figured the fuck out which helped me blast WAY past a mil, and become a badass online:

1. I Learned I Can Write My Own Reality

It took me a few goes back and forth, journaling specifically about what I wanted and then GETTING it, before then getting all caught up in what WASN’T working and what I was scared of again; seeing it all slip away and having to then claw my way back to self-belief and action, before I realised:

If I REALLY just focus on what I want, and IGNORE EVERYTHING else, I get what I want.

Too simplistic for you, and you want a better answer?

Stop trying to fucking complicate it. You get what you expect. You get what you FOCUS on. If you want something you don’t have then write it down as though it’s already DONE (example: I am super rich; I drive ‘x’ car, my programs all sell out, etc) and KEEP ON WRITING IT until you believe it and also see it.

If you want to do as I did and test this out by NOT following through on it consistently until you get what you want, be my guest. You’re certainly welcome to go learn your own lessons! I’ll be driving around in my brand new 130k Merc living in my Boss of a Hustle House and changing the freakin’ WORLD with my message as I grow my $100 million empire; all CREATED first in my mind and my writing, over and over again, before I saw it in real life.

How I do this: Every morning I write out 3 pages of what I want to see in my life, written in the ‘already done’ tense. Money stuff, business stuff, body stuff, energy stuff, relationship stuff, ALL the stuff!

2. I Figured Out How to Be Disciplined Like a Motherfucker

I’m able to be so disciplined and focused, no matter how exhausted I at times first feel or I just don’t WANNA, because I learned to stop paying any mind to ANYTHING but the outcomes I’m committed to creating. I just IGNORE everything except the results I want, in all areas of my life. This makes it easy for me to be disciplined as my focus is not on how I feel NOW but instead my focus is on the RESULT I want.

I just keep my eye on the ball and keep moving towards it. I make my DECISIONS based on my OUTCOMES not my emotions. I don’t allow myself to indulge in being too tired, too busy, scared, unsure of myself, frustrated, etc, because I HAVE A HIGHER PURPOSE.

How I do this: I just fucking do it, no excuses and no BS. My entire day, even the ‘stop’ times or chill time or playtime etc, is COMPLETELY based on the results I want in my life. This gets me up day after day after day at 430am regardless of whether I went to bed at 2. I manage my energy through my burning fucking DRIVE not through some kind of 2D limited bullshit human idea of what we are SUPPOSED to live like.

3. I Learned How to Be Relentless and Never Give Up

Eventually I just got sick of starting again, and learning the same lessons again. What it came down to was that I realised that deep down I just KNEW I was born for more, to make millions, impact millions, change the world. I asked myself if I believed I WOULD make that happen and the answer had to only be YES.

From that day forth every move I made was based on the fact that achieving my dreams is NON-NEGOTIABLE. It’s also based on the freakin’ REALITY that for me to achieve everything I have in mind there is a tremendous amount of WORK needed, which in turn requires discipline, focus, acting FROM where I want to be, and being RELENTLESS AS FUCK. I simply don’t have time not to be; my goals are too big.

How I do this: I focus on my fucking goals and ask myself DAILY what the person who has already achieved them had to do to get there. Then I do it.

4. I Upleveled BEFORE I Was Ready

I realised several years back that NORMAL is simply defined by what you’re used to. So if you want MORE and BETTER and to be a VIFUCKINGP and have that just be automatic, then the VERY very simple answer is just to expand your view of what is NORMAL.

There’s no point staying at a 5-star hotel or flying first class, or investing in something shit hot awesome if you also see it as being a RARE THING, almost too good to be true and certainly too good for YOU. The only way to have these things be part of your everyday life is to MAKE THEM YOUR NEW NORMAL.

It is NORMAL for me now to buy the best of the best, in all areas, and never even look at the price.

I would not even CONSIDER taking a regular Uber, flying coach, buying a cheap wine, etc, NOT working INSTANTLY with whomever I decide I need or want to work with in my business or life. It’s just no longer on my radar. So therefore – I continue to get the best of the best, because that is NORMAL to me.

How I do this: I constantly push to the next level. ANYTIME I become aware of something that could be upleveled in my life I make it happen NOW. I am able to do THIS because I choose to believe that I can create money, time, energy, ANY resource I need, out of thin air IF I AM COMMITTED TO IT. Which leads me to:

5. I Gave Money a Home

I make the money I make because I decide to make it and I have a place for it. My goals are not arbitrary. I know in advance every damn cent I am going to make. I track my ENTIRE net worth, my income, money and other goals achieved, and do a COMPLETE journaling money practice daily. This is all in ADDITION to the daily writing of my reality I mentioned above.

It takes at LEAST an hour a day. I have 2 kids and a multiple 7-figure business with thousands of clients all around the world, plus I insist on working out each day, taking TIME out each day, CHILLING out each day. I do NOT have time to journal and count and create my money by dreaming about it. BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO. And also, it’s FULLY why I make the money I do, as mentioned!

How I do this: If I want to increase my INCOME – i.e. right now my focus is I have increased my income from 200k+ (“physical world reality right now”) per MONTH to over a million dollars per month. That will not HAPPEN for cool goal reasons. It’s going to happen when I stretch my thinking to where that money is going. Every month I PUSH UP my money goals but I do it based on creating CONTAINERS and a SPACE for my money that month. I CONTINUALLY stretch myself to give more, spend more, and in turn receive more. And I keep on tracking it all every single day, no exceptions.

6. I Made it Easy By Making Business About Being Who I AM

I’m actually a LAZY entrepreneur at heart. I just can’t be fucked doing anything I don’t want to do is the truth!! Sure, I work all day and drink coffee from pre-dawn till it’s time to drink wine and I basically am NEVER fully switched off, but it’s all just doing the stuff I MOST want to do and always wanted my life to be about! Sometimes I really have to pinch myself at how freakin’ INSANELY cool and fun this business / life is.

I got sick and tired of trying to find a way to make money by joining dots and trying to prove something to the world or myself, and so I decided to just make the business ME. Doing this took me from ‘fighting’ to make 50-80k per month to now making in excess of 200k per month and CURRENTLY CREATING MY $100 MILLION EMPIRE … all COMPLETELY from purpose, passion, alignment and flow!

YES it is as damn good as it sounds, and honestly better! I don’t think I can actually express just how EPIC it is to do what you love all day AND have everything you want, in an internal as well as external sense! IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO; I’M NOT A MAGIC FUCKING PERSON.

How I do this: Read and watch my stuff and you’ll see pretty quickly that all it is is me talking abouy MY beliefs, MY lessons, MY passions, the things that I’ve learned that I want to pass on to you, and that I share it all whilst also FULLY sharing me and every part of who I am, whether or not it on the surface appears to be relevant to my business or not. I hold NOTHING back be it my language, my weirdness, my ranting or anger, my spiritual beliefs, my hobbies, the random shit I say to myself in my head, my sabotages and fuck ups, EVERYTHING. I let it all hang out because the business IS me, there is no niche because the niche is ME and I am the brand! Also, to make this even easier:

7. I Removed the Lines Between Business and Life

Somebody asked on my livestream last night about how I balance things, and I nearly spit my wine out and couldn’t even finish reading the sentence. FUCK BALANCE! What even IS that? I don’t know! I have no lines between business and life. I’d livestream from the freaking shower if it weren’t socially inappropriate. There is nothing I see the need to hide or hold back. My entire life is monetised because my business IS me and my life. So if I feel like writing or speaking or ‘streaming or selling I literally just open my mouth and whatever comes out or whatever I show relevant to what is actually going on that day is RIGHT.

How I do this: I just don’t worry about switching on and off between business and life. I don’t even think about it. Whatever I’m doing is what I’m doing, and it’s fully based on what I FEEL like doing which is of course based on the OUTCOME I want. This is just one reason why I have a pretty unique relationship with my clients and community – I am easy to access and for my private clients am on tap 24/7; unlimited access. I don’t see my clients, my tribe, or any part of my business as something I HAVE to do. I see it as a BLENDED part of my life, so I really don’t NEED to have any boundaries or barriers in place. If I don’t like someone or want to hang out with them or talk to them they wouldn’t be a client or even a follower anyway; I’d ask them to leave! Typically because I am so unfiltered EVERY client and community member I get is in COMPLETE AWESOME RESONANCE with me already.

Can you see how everything just feeds into everything here? Why would I NEED to have balance when my business is my PASSION and I work only with kickass clients who I love?! All of which happens because (think back to point #1) I wrote it into reality!

It really IS this simple …

8. I Learned to Put First Things First

This one has been maybe my toughest lesson to learn, and still is. There is SO much I want to do each day!! Right now I feel the pull of 100 different things. But, this is my priority, to write my daily message. To SHOW UP in my business. Next, I will complete my money practice (I usually journal, then #‎dailyasskickery blog which is this, then do my money practice) even though there is SO MUCH stuff relevant to what I am currently OFFERING that I need to get on top of this morning. Never mind the emails, the messages, the smaller things, the other projects that are ALSO all critical ’cause I don’t DO stuff that isn’t an absolute FUCK YES!

Too bad. I have learned to do first things first. I KNOW what moves the needle in my business and in my life. I am EXTREMELY FUCKING DISCIPLINED with doing first things first and no two ways about it and no matter HOW chaotic everything else becomes as a result.

How I do this: I’m outcome focused, remember? I keep my eye on the prize and if I feel myself caving I give myself a swift and stern mental uppercut!!

9. I Removed If, But, Maybe, Waahhhh and Stopped Worrying About How

I just don’t have time for that shit. Seriously!!

No explanation needed.

How I do this: I fucking CHOOSE to, and choose to IGNORE any fears or doubts that arise relevant to it. TRY IT.

10. I Started Selling Unapologetically, All Day Every Day

I sell ALL day, EVERY day. I never stop swinging, I ask CONTINUALLY, and I won’t back down no matter HOW over the top it is. I want the result, I want to create the impact, I know my fucking purpose and mission and I am flat out just committed to doing what it takes because I WRITE MY REALITY AND THEN I CREATE IT.

Simple …

How I do this: I deliver unparallelled amounts of free value all day every day, by virtue of my business being ME and me showing up and SHARING that shit and what works all day like I spoke about above! This gives me EASY permission to then offer you how I can HELP you. I see it as SELFISH if I were not not make you an offer right now! After all, if this stuff is speaking to you and you know you need to level the fuck up your mindset AND your action then wouldn’t you WANT to know I can help you get RICH HOT FAMOUS SUCCESSFUL?!

It’d be rude of me NOT to make an offer! And if for some reason you PREFER TO FIGHT YOUR OWN FIGHT and not say yes to MONEY right now, then God knows there’s enough free content from me for you to never buy and to KEEP ON TAKING YOUR TIME!!

11. I Became the Leader of My Own Revolution!

Ultimately what this is all about is that I decided to act FROM where I wanted to be instead of viewing it as something I would ONE DAY achieve if I fought my way there or followed the right STEPS.

I tapped into my TRUE vision for who I know I was born to be, what my MESSAGE is, and what I want my life to STAND for as well as BE about.

I then BECAME that person. INSTANTLY.

So I make my MONEY decisions as the person I am BECOMING not who I think I need to STAY as right now. I would NEVER choose to invest or not invest in something based on my current circumstance unless my current circumstance is EXACTY WHAT I WANT TO MAINTAIN.

Same goes with how I show up and SHOUT MY MESSAGE from the rooftops.

Same goes with how I CHOOSE my confidence and self-belief to be …

With how I PERFORM and LEAD and BE the leader you most want to follow …

With how I treat my BODY …


And EVERY element of my life.

When all is said and done I realised that trying to hand over fist my way to the top was never going to get me blasting PAST a million and into an 8 figure then 9 figure EMPIRE and it sure as shit wasn’t going to make me the inspirational LEADER I was born to be.

The ONLY solution was to rip the fucking bandaid and just be that person now.

The truth about making MONEY, getting famous for being YOU and achieving ALL your goals whilst being a TOTAL FUCKING BADASS is that it’s all aready THERE in your mind. You just have to step the fuck up and make it your normal NOW; refuse to accept, act as, be or do ANYTHING less.

You wanna be a badass online, and make your millions?

Quit fucking worrying about how, if when or maybe. And just act NOW as that badass rich hot LEADER who you’ve so far been holding at arms length in the future.

After ALL …!