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How to Be Successful
Live Your Passion

How to Be Successful Like a BADASS MOFO!

Success is a way of life and a product of who you are as a person, rather than what you DO. Let’s get real:

You already know what to do, or a good portion of it. And as for the bits you don’t yet know, you really need to focus on the bits you DO know firstly!

But, you don’t.

Fear stops you.
Resistance freezes you.
Overwhelm exhausts you.

And somehow, despite the best of intentions that ‘today is the day you’re going to get it all done’, or that ‘this week is the week you’re going to begin your new habits‘, time just keeps on passing and YOU just keep on listening to your own bullshit about why you can’t take action.

Well guess what?

Successful people take action despite fear.
Successful people pick themselves up RIGHT away no matter how many times they fail.

Successful people DO FAIL by the way, a lot, but they cultivate the self-belief, the focus, and the resilience to keep going.

Successful people look resistance in the eye and roll up their sleeves and GRIND anyway.
Successful people take action based on the RESULTS they want, until they get those results, and they don’t let anything stand in their way and least of all their own nonsense.

If you want to become successful you need to BECOME like a successful person in your thoughts, your mindset, your focus, and your actions. You need to BE the person who will then DO the work so you can HAVE the result.

So today’s challenge is freaking SIMPLE, but if you let it it will change your LIFE:

Write down exactly what you want.

Write it down again as THOUGH IT’S ALREADY REAL.

Then ask yourself, honestly and fully:

What would I be doing TODAY in my thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, actions and NON-NEGOTIABLE step-ups, if I knew I were unlimited and ALREADY THIS PERSON.

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Fucking Play.


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