Can We Just Talk About How to Make it Simple?
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Can We Just Talk About How to Make it Simple?


The hardest battle you will have to face, in your online business, after whether or not you can move forward and have what you really want, is the battle inside your head as to whether or not you can move forward and have what you really want.

Spoiler alert:

You can.

The catch:

It very well might eat you alive first.

The requirement:


What they don’t tell you:

Therein, lies your joy, fulfilment, EXPLOSIVE fame and fortune, and ultimately the TRUE freedom and choice you so desperately crave and DESERVE.

Can we just talk about how to make it simple gorgeous?

I feel as though lately in the conversations I’ve with y’all the tide is really turning. Perhaps this is because, finally and FULLY, I can say I’ve deliberately and directly cultivated a tribe of true visionary, revolutionary, want it all and know they can HAVE it all kickass women leaders.

Women who know, deep down at their core, that they are here for a reason. That they have a calling. That they were born to MAKE millions, and to impact millions.

It sounds all very well and exciting! When you’re in the moment and dreaming bigger and big, and writing inspired thoughts in your journal or perhaps on a blog; shouting it to the world!

But the truth is that with great knowledge about what you are capable of comes great responsibility. And at times, it weighs very heavily. Often what happens as a result of this is that we turn away from the TRUTH we have within us as to what we really need to face up to, and who we actually need to be, in order to create the success, no scratch that the LIFE, that we were born for.

So we go looking for systems, and solutions, and ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ in the world of online marketing and ‘making it’ online, and we tell ourselves surely the problem is we’re MISSING something in what we’re putting out there, and surely we’re just not yet DOING it right.

Well yes. Both statements are very true! But not in the way one would first think. And deep down, we know that.

Deep down we know it’s not about whether you launch this way or that.

Or whether your sales page has this one it, or doesn’t.

It’s not about whether your Facebook Ads are working.

It’s not about how you ‘network’.

It sure as hell ain’t about how pretty your website looks!

And it’s not even about how often you email!

Can we just talk about how to make it simple lovely?

I’m noticing a shift lately. Like I said, perhaps due to the fact that I’m drawing in the true leaders. Heading a revolution. And here’s what I’m noticing:

You’re realising.

You’re waking up.

You’re tuning in.

You’re reminding and inspiring ME, also, and I thank you deeply for that. Sometimes I too get caught up in the detail of it all and what I ‘should’ be doing!

You’re being HONEST, finally. REALLY REALLY honest. About what you know you were born for, about who you are at your core, about what you want and about how you intend to see it happen. Honest with me, sure, but honest with you, FIRSTLY.

I am seeing some POWERFUL shit going out there lately. A LOT of it in my own inner circle, The Society. Mind-blowingly intense power and honesty. But I’m also seeing it more broadly, in my other groups, and around.


Can we just talk about making it simple?

A year or two ago, it was all about the rules.

Lead gen.




How to sell, what to sell, how to get people to see what you sell, how to sell them more of it.

Gotta crunch those numbers baby! It’s all about the numbers!

Can we just talk about making it simple my love?



IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR GOD DAMN PROCESS! Even though yes, I get it, it’s reassuring and helpful and even wonderful at times, to have a process!

And now, I see you coming to me, and you come with your questions and for feedback, and at first the conversation is around the usual –

What should I do in my launch?

Can you give me feedback on my sales page?

What do you think of my emails?

What else should I do?

But I’m seeing a shift beyond these questions, and I’m so grateful for it because it is the shift that will CHANGE OUR WORLD.

It is the shift that is seeing women – natural born kickass LEADER women – shrug off the self-imposed RESTRICTIVE shroud of being a teacher or a straight up ‘coach’ and instead embrace the role of being a truly transformative LEADER, which is to say embrace the role of being WHO THEY ARE AND HOW THEY WERE BORN TO BE.

And I’m so grateful to you for allowing me to be so honest with you.

To call you out, on the lies you tell yourself.

To help you get your head back in the game, back into your SOUL, to gently – okay sometimes roughly! – strip the layers off you so you can see what it’s REALLY about, what you actually need to DO to get the outcomes you want, what the true PROCESS looks like.

And it ain’t about the numbers, or the steps.

Can we just talk about how to make it SIMPLE lovely?

Making money, is simple, when you’re being who you really are, saying what you truly think, standing for what you actually CARE about and giving the world what you know it NEEDS and ultimately what you were brought to GIVE.

Another way of saying it:

Making money. Creating fame. Reaching true FREEDOM, is so very SIMPLE when you say a big fuck you to ANY of the rules of how it should be or what it means to be an entrepreneur and you just show up and do YOU, awesomely and from the heart.

I’ll say it one more time:

Making money.

Is simple.

When you base it on being you.

Can we JUST talk about how to make it simple?!

You want a process, a system, a set of rules to follow? Well allow me to give them to you because hell knows I know what it’s like to just want to know what WORKS.



Stop worrying about if you can. You can! Stop worrying about if it will work. Maybe yes, maybe no! Who cares. Are you committed, or not? Act accordingly!


What if you started just taking action every damn day, as though you believed your dreams were possible and it was a done deal? Huh? Do you THINK, that MAYBE just maybe you might get more done than if you continue to spend all this time worrying about what to do and how to do it?!


I had this conversation yesterday with a client (and don’t worry lovely – I didn’t write this whole post for you today!! I do write most of my posts directly to either one client, or myself. But this point was inspired by you, so thank you :))

She wanted to know – why did I send an email bullet pointing all the benefits of my latest launch when I always say that your ideal sales approach should be just talking from the heart. Okay, good question – it IS about talking from the heart. I’m talking in general terms, as opposed to what most people do which is follow a plug’n’play template. But that doesn’t make bullet points illegal! Much of what I do to sell or market could still be considered within the rules. The point is that that’s just the cherry on top, you can take or leave it. The CORE of your marketing, your branding, your sales, your lead gen even? Well –


Another conversation last night, another ‪#‎society‬ client. Yes, you know who you are! You can’t have it both ways lovely.

You can’t think about how people will respond, will they like you and what you have to offer, will they ‘get’ you, and yet also simultaneously be fully authentic in what you’re putting out there.

Pregnant or not?


Acting from the HEART and GUT and CORE, or not?


So either put on your fucking in the box teacher hat and go and teacher surface shit you don’t care about to people who frustrate you because they so don’t GET it and in a way that you don’t LOVE, or GET ON OUT THERE WITH YOUR BADASS SELF AND JUST BE WHO YOU ARE.

Not that I really care, or anything.


You want to know the fastest way to get there? Stop worrying about how to fucking get there! Stop looking for the steps! Stop looking for the process in terms of what you need to do, how to do it and DEFINITELY stop giving a fuck about what anyone else is up to out there and yes even ME!

Side note, on this: sometimes people who love my message get worried because they’re not aggressive, confrontational, go go go etc like I am. IT’S ABOUT YOU AND WHO YOU ARE LOVELY. The reason I’m so successful and money flows to me so easily NOW is because I stopped fighting who I am. So read this post again and BE YOU.

Returning from side note:

To get to an OUTCOME, simply set the INTENTION for what you want. Be as specific as possible:

How will it look?
How will it feel?
What will you have, do, be?
What else?
What else?

And then:


It’s kind of funny and annoying. You have to set an intention, as clearly as you can, and indeed I’d suggest you repeat that process in some way DAILY if you actually give a damn and expect it to work, but then you have to GIVE IT OVER.

You MUST surrender not only what process it will take to reach that outcome but you must also surrender whether or not you DO reach the outcome.

If you can’t do this – which is to say you choose not to – you WILL NOT GET THERE.


The very fastest way to not get there, ever, is to constantly harp on about why you’re not there yet, and how you want to get there.

Guess what sister? You are HERE.

So how’s about you wake up and BE here?! How about you EMBRACE THE FACT THAT LIFE IS NOW. How about you give a fuck about actually living your LIFE not a God damn fantasy that you will NEVER. EVER. CREATE, so long as you go about it this why?!

Why? Because how the hell can you ever get there when every day you wake up and say you’re not there?! It makes no sense, AND: you get what you believe you’re getting so if you believe you’re not there you are NOT, and you are very unlikely ever TO get there.


Would you keep doing what you’re doing right now, if it were guaranteed to NEVER work, to never make you more money, to never create you more fame?

Hell no, I hear many of you saying!


Begone with you, GO, just fuck OFF, and while you’re out there fucked off why don’t you try finding something you actually care about?

In short: you will not make money with something you’re doing just because you want to make money, or fame, or whatever. As a LEADER and a revolutionary you will create fame, fortune and fucking FREEDOM through doing what you were called to do ALL THE WAY. So if it’s what you are TRULY called to do –

And doing it is fuel – essential LIFE GIVING fuel to your soul –

And you do it first and foremost for YOU, because you have to you can’t not it would be like not BREATHING –

Then why the hell would you stop doing it if it didn’t make you money?!


Stop worrying. Just stop fucking worrying and wondering what to do, how to do it, what to know.

You know EVERYTHING about who you are at your core, and what you were brought here for. Don’t fucking give me that bullshit about not knowing. I don’t care if you know how to SAY it yet but you damn well KNOW it.

SO STOP FUCKING LYING about what you really want, how you want it to be, who you are. Fucking OWN it bitch! Okay I’m angry. I’m angry at me first, for how long I was scared to own it! Fuck, could have had this whole million $ biz and life on my terms thing so much sooner! Of course it’s fine, I had my journey, I’m grateful for what I learned but the biggest thing I learned from spending over 300k learning about how to make money online was how to break all the rules and just be ME!

Money well spent.

Seriously now. You know enough to be you. Don’t you?! Just show up and show the world who you ARE every day. Give the true CORE of you. Give it ALL away. Don’t worry about where the money will come from, if that’s all you’ve been thinking about and it hasn’t been working anyway you might as well have a break from so much thinking and just show up and BE for a while.


You will never. ever. be done with all of the random shit however useful it may or may not be that you COULD be doing online. So stop fucking worrying about it!

You want to know what to spend your time on each day, in your business?

1. Show up and be awesome. Say what you think. Say something REAL. A blog, a video, a podcast hell even a status update I don’t care. Doesn’t have to be a fucking book length rant like this! But share some God damn TRUTH for heavens sakes! Unless you think what the world needs is another pretty and polished and perfectly fucking pointless online pretendpreneur following what everyone else is doing.

2. KEEP BEING AWESOME. When you think you’ve done your creative work for the day, your writing or speaking or sharing from the heart, think again. Fully 80% of your time, if you DO actually give a damn about reaching fame, fortune, freedom, should be on showing up and being awesome. Which is to say, essentially, creating pure cold raw truth from the heart. Getting that shit out there. UNLEASHING THE REAL YOU ON THE WORLD and the hell with what anybody has to say about it!

3. As to where the money comes from? IT COMES FROM BEING AWESOME. Yeah at some point okay create an offer. You want to know where the offers that WORK come from? Guess what and get ready to write this down ’cause it is a SHOCKER! – NOT from learning about how to make shit that sells. Not from brainstorming on what to sell. Not because you need to sell something to make money.

Offers that work are fueled by creative fire, and by being in your zone of YOUness. Hell I just had a million dollar idea pop into my head a paragraph ago. Quickly wrote it down. Shall launch after this, right away!! Would I have had that idea if I were head down in my busy list worrying about how to get my funnels working or something? Fuck off! Of course not. I had it because I’m head down soul on fire.

4. FIRE IT UP BITCH. 80%. Of your time. Should be you, on fire, in your fire, unleashing your fire. The rest will FLOW and you will figure out whatever the hell you need to do to allow it to flow!

Will finish on k, for Kat. Otherwise I might just go all day here! So:


Oh, so you want a guarantee, you want proof, you want to know how it’s going to work and whether it’s really possible? HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

I don’t laugh at you because I don’t have proof. Heck I’m walking talking 100k a month proof. My client Karin who started working with me 2 weeks ago and went ALL in on what I said has in that timeframe from go to WHOA launched a new product that is a $40,000 EURO a year nice little add in. IN 2 WEEKS. Without a fucking PROCESS. Because she just went all in and TRUSTED.

Another client Kitty launched her first online thing, to a list of NIL, also in the last 2 weeks after joining The Society (shit happens there, by the way!) and made 26 sales. BOOM. FUCKING. BOOM.

I have clients who are right now living location free, who less than 12 months ago had no business and no clue but they WENT ALL IN. Hell I could and probably should write an entire post just about all my clients.

Mostly, let’s be honest, they fought for a while on it first. Mostly, let’s be honest, until they stopped doing that the money did NOT flow.

And then they took the gloves off and just decided that shit was going DOWN, and that they were going to ALL the way press play and they did and it WORKED.

Can we JUST.



Can we?!

Can we just stop worrying about how –

Or when –

Or whether –

And what –

And why –

And can we just start doing business from actually believing what we say we believe about who we are, as leaders, as revolutionaries, as women with a God damn purpose and calling?

Can we just talk about how to make it simple beautiful?

And then can you JUST go and fucking do it?


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