Success Mindset


There’s a very easy way to tell, if you or somebody else is going to make it all the way to the top.

Those who are going to make it have the mindset of a KILLER and will stop at nothing and will rip the flesh from the bone with their bare hands and have TERMINATOR FUCKING FOCUS to get to their goal. And those who won’t?


Let me give you an example of each, so you can clearly see which basket you fall into and either GET ON WITH IT BUT HARDER, or stop wasting your freaking time in a game you aren’t even actually playing.

First: The Killer

I was chatting with a client yesterday, who is a total badass motherfucker (let’s be honest, ALL my clients are; it’s part of my acceptance filter!) and she was feeling a little BAD about how full on and over the top she is.

You’re too aggressive!“, someone had said to her recently. “Don’t you think you need to be a big NICER?”

And she was wondering –

Is it true? AM I maybe just not a nice person? Maybe I’m not even born for this.

This is a woman who PMd me last weekend to apologise for not getting back to me right away, because she was speaking on stage to freakin’ THOUSANDS of people. She sent me a photo of her on stage and the masses beneath; I don’t think I’ve seen such a full room outside of an Anthony Robbins event.

This is a woman who has literally used the words to me “I’ll do what it takes, no matter what it takes, and until it takes“.

Which she has done HENCE where she already is (damn my clients are rich, hot, successful!) and which she CONTINUES to do hence where she is going.

Not born for this? HA. Don’t let the whining of somebody who can’t handle the TRUTH make you question what your ever CELL knows to be true.

What I said to her in response is something that is definitely socially COMPLETELY inappropriate and unadvisable but it’s also EXACTLY what she needed to hear and I’ll wager what you do too.

When you hear it, you’ll either be hell to the YES or you’ll be OMFG this bitch is insane and get me OUT of here.

My client? OBVIOUSLY. Was hell to the yes.

Meanwhile, off and on throughout the day yesterday and the day before, I was having a PM conversation with a POTENTIAL new client who was thinking of stepping up. I thought she was GOING to step up, and then I got this; the mark of a NOT GOING TO MAKE IT HOBBYPRENEUR:

“Since I said yes to you 2 clients went back on their commitment, which means I won’t have the money to pay for the second payment. So, I’m afraid I can’t work with you after all. Since I don’t know if I’ll actually have enough money to pay you in 30 days.

I just don’t see a way of getting that money in 30 days because there is again the doubt that enough women will actually pay for what I offer, not run away when they get an invoice”.


Just so you know.

But anyway, my response:

“for sure 🙂

Here’s the thing though: you are making a choice that you’re not going to receive that money within 30 days. 99% of my clients have no fucking clue where the $ will come from for their next payment when they sign up with me.

If you already had that locked in you wouldn’t need a mentor. So what you’re doing is kind of being like the person who says ‘I’ll join the gym when I lose weight’.

It makes no sense.

This is not about whether or not you want to work with me right now this is about the reality that that current mindset will NEVER get you to where you want to go.

You have to commit to what you want in ORDER to create it, you can’t first create it so then you can commit.”

I honestly mean it when I say it’s not about whether or not she works with me at this point. Sure, of course I want the sale but also, honestly, when people start to show that they think this way … I retreat. It’s a red flag as far as who I want as a premium client, because they tend to also be the slow to take action indecisive types who therefore STRUGGLE to get big results. Hence why they’re stuck in the first place, but I don’t wanna have to try and LIFT someone up who is not already the person who WILL go out onto the street naked to chase their prey!

I work with the 1% within the 1%. That attitude ain’t it, plain and simple, so unless it’s a SHORT-TERM fear-induced panic which they quickly get the fuck over (and I totally get it, ’cause fear grabs me too on occasion!), then it’s just not going to work out as far as working with me PERSONALLY.

So, there is plenty of other content of mine, free and paid, which people can follow and hopefully one day they elevate to realising that if you don’t do what it takes you sure as FUCK aren’t gonna get it.

Usually, honestly, you either are that person who is going to win in the first place, or you’re not.

Her response?

“I don’t disagree.

But I’m worried about what happens if I can’t make it work.”





And also NO.


“it won’t work then.

If you allow that worry to guide your decisions.

NOBODY who makes it made it because they waited for worry to subside 🙂

I was terrified most of the time.

I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t act anyway. THAT is what doing what it takes is about. And it’s why most people will never make it, they just choose not to handle that pressure and fear.”

Here’s another side note:

If YOU are indecisive and don’t do what it takes, your clients won’t either. Which just perpetuates the whole awful cycle and you REALLY should just give up DELUDING yourself that you’re an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur reaches their goals. PERIOD. THEY HAVE THE MINDSET OF A KILLER AND THEY DO WHAT IT TAKES. They don’t fucking make decisions based on WHAT MIGHT GO WRONG!!

And GOD I wish people would get it. I honestly just don’t underSTAND how people can put their bullshit ahead of their dreams.

Logically I KNOW that 99.99% of people WILL put their bullshit ahead of their dreams, but I STILL don’t get it. I just want to SHAKE people with the truth.

And here is the truth, and here is what I said to my BADASS killer client on the phone last night, the one who IS that person and who is SHOWING UP accordingly, but who was temporarily questioning her truth:

“You HAVE to have the mindset of a killer if you wanna make it to the top. If anybody even LOOKS at you while you’re creating thinking WORKING doing what you are called to do then your INTERNAL reaction is I will fucking cut you”

You may or may not say that 🙂 I usually go with not … but here’s what is true and real and if you’d judge it then COOL this is not the community for you and that’s kind of the point:

If you try to get between me and my hustle, my work, my art, my MISSION I will bare my teeth and I will snarl and you BETTER fucking retreat or else I will rip your slow-motion head off.

And if you’re moronic enough to say something to me that asks me to QUESTION who I am, what I know to be true and also what I must DO and who I must BE to scale the heights I’m scaling?

I WILL cut you down.

With my words.
And my acerbic DEFINITELY too much bitchy ranty aggression.

You do NOT ask me to question myself.
You do NOT tell me I better slow down.
You do NOT ‘wonder’ to me if perhaps I’m doing too much, and I’m too full on, and whether or not I wonder if I’m going to crash and burn.

Sometimes I take this too far, yesterday my beauty salon technician asked me with a sage face whether my stress levels are down now?

No, and they’ll never be!, I flung back –

I wouldn’t want them to be. They can go down when I’m dead, right?!

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of that and I did feel a little bit like maybe when I’m IN the normal world I should pull my head in a little, but here is also WHY I am that quick to REINFORCE my truth:

I want people to wake the fuck up and THINK, firstly. What, I should turn my passion and fire off just because this is somebody who has chosen the normal life, who’s just ‘doing her job’? No! Maybe I can influence her to QUESTION the bullshit. But also, honestly – it’s damn hard to stop being who you really ARE, once you start 🙂

But also, for me:

It ELEVATES me back to what I know is TRUE. The alternative?

Engage in the normal whingy moany life is hard bullshit.
Agree, with sallow face and hung head, that I AM stressed, that maybe I SHOULD slow down, that it’s all too much and wahhhhh! I should just go home and eat chocolate.


I don’t say the stuff I say, online or in public, to ‘have a go’. I say it hell YES to get under your skin, under anyone’s skin I can, because I am DESPERATELY passionate about you pressing the fuck play and if that means I’m going to be the ONLY one who calls you out on your bullshit, on the stuff that will KILL YOUR DREAMS AND DESTINY and leave you one day DEAD with a message not unleashed, a purpose never acted upon, a life never truly LIVED?

Then so be it.

The thing you have to realise, about being a killer, about ranting and raving and TELLING PEOPLE THE TRUTH, is that that does NOT make you someone who doesn’t give a fuck or somebody who is a bad person.

It makes you somebody who gives ENOUGH of a fuck about their own life and the lives of those they are here to called.

It makes you somebody who stands UP for what they believe in.

It makes you somebody who does the fucking WORK.

It makes you somebody, also, who gets to the gold.

Who impacts millions.
Makes millions.
And changes the fucking world.

If you think that success is about acting when it’s SAFE you’re so far off track you don’t even know there IS a track. The track is a mere dot in the distance for you, a whisper, a promise, a reality that YOU are never going to engage in and you SHOULD STOP WASTING YOUR TIME PRETENDING.

There is a REASON so few have it all, and are doing the work they were born for.

The reason is NOT that it’s out of reach.

The reason is, quite simply, when all is said and done, that they’re just not willing to bleed and sweat and cry and maybe even die for their dreams.

The ridiculous thing, if you want to choose to NOT be that person?

You’re dying for your bullshit instead then.