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Is Become the Leader Now For You?

Become the Leader Now starts next Monday with me! Next Monday also happens to be my 44th birthday, although that will happen on Aussie time and the course starts, as do all my courses on US time … but I’m not writing to tell you about my birthday … but instead to straight up have a quick chat about whether or not this course is for you.

First up, the big picture deets: It is 10 weeks together, it is all new, it is to be my new entrepreneur flagship course, and?

At the time of writing this it is also to be the last new or live course I plan to be doing for a very long while. I haven’t announced that anywhere as of yet, so you’re the first to hear it. And I’m not going to explain why right now because that’s a story for another day, and one I can’t wait to share when it’s time! The short version is – it’s time for me to pour my content creating focus into a different sort of a vessel for you. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!

But if you also love live courses, and being in a space where you get to ask me anything any time, AND you also want to finally pull the gloves off when it comes to how you’re showing up online … and switch to operating FROM already being that version of you rather than TOWARDS an endless idea of one day being her …

then you’re going to want to join me in this.

Because here’s the thing I know for SURE about you. I know it for sure about you because I know it for sure about me! And about pretty much anybody who I have ever mentored.

You were designed to run the thing.

And … this is not actually about ego. Pride. Or being anything other than a natural born leader who, when left to her own devices, simply sees things and CREATES things – and thus impacts people – in a way which transcends the rest. Because, frankly – who else BUT you can be that fullest expression of you?!

The thing is, and ESPECIALLY in online business, even for the most ‘must do it on my terms or will DIE’ amongst us, it’s so so easy to succumb to being kinda almost sorta like everyone else. And to thinking you really DO have to do certain things that, well, everyone is doing. (Or attempting to do).

And meanwhile, your soul is slowly shrivelling up and dying because YOU ARE A NATURAL ARTIST CREATOR GENIUS LEADER AND YOU HAVE THINGS YOU JUST NEEDA LET OUT!

And all the while you SUSPECT, anytime you really look within to think about it, that if you could JUST unleash … SOMETHING … then everything would finally just freaking FLOW. Not to mention blow UP to where it fully should be.

Trust me.


It’s only been the case for EVERY incredible leader out there I’ve EVER mentored, many of whom you certainly know because let’s face it – my clients are and have for years been that TRUE 1% within the 1% who simply IS different. And who goes all the way.

Which brings me to another thing I know about you:

You ARE the one who goes all the way.

Whatever that happens to look like for you.

And in Become the Leader Now?

That’s exactly what we’re going to get happening. It’s literally the best of the best and most nitty gritty raw truth of what I’ve taught my 100k+ clients for years now. Except that it’s less than 2% of that to join.

I created this course for one reason, plain and simple:

I came here to inspire, motivate, educate and empower the woman who KNOWS she is called to more. More WHAT, you might ask?

EVERYTHING. Everything which it SHOULD be, specifically.

Gorgeous –

At some point you need to give in to being fully you. And then run fully madly deeply breathlessly into that. But ALL the way.

Become the Leader Now is the place I take you by the hand AND kick your butt to do exactly that.

The inner. The practicalities. The activation side of it. The full shebang.

We have 6 ish days left til we start.

Your place is waiting.


After all –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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