It’s easy to get the results you want, regardless how ‘next level’, out of reach, even impossible, or just ‘too big and scary’ the things you want and see might feel.



Throw yourself off the ledge; anchor in that decision by actually leaping.

Know that no matter what happens you are committed, dedicated, your mission is ON, the target acquired and locked in, and now you ARE on your way, and as for the whole ‘but what if I can’t or don’t’ thang?

It’s too late baby. Didn’t you see?! Target acquired and LOCKED IN! It is what it is now and that is just HOW it is.


Then what?

Easy peasy Mrs cheesy.

You just keep on moving forward certain in that commitment, AND –


you do the things you know you’re meant to do each day.

EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT AND DON’T EVEN DARE THINKING OF NOT DOING THEM. Remembering, of course, that ‘doing the things you’re meant to do each day’ is a living breathing moving thing and sometimes means do NO things, no things at all except be! But often –

there is work to be DONE, gurlfriend, and you know it.

The thing about making the ‘next level’ of income is …

decide it’s ‘of course’ and let it be a natural outcome, a by-product of your decision and relentlessness.


Leaning in, dialling it in, turning UP the dial, when you hurt you push HARDER, oh YEAH sister lean ALL the way into that push and DON’T BACK OFF FROM THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN BURN, but also??

Relentless ALLOWING of receiving just means –

it comes in

all the way

all over and all up around you

because you are YOU, and that is just how life likes to DO for a gal like you!

(Triple duh)

So which is it then? PUSH, and BURN, and do the WERK, and sweat and BLEED? Or chill back with your peeps and wait for the rivers of mo-nay?

Well. Obviously. It is both. All of the above. Whichever the vibe is for THAT day. Meaning – have some damn discernment! And choose, day by day, moment by moment, by tuning in and leaning in to the SOUL certain yes of what’s there for you that YOU.KNOW.WHAT.TO.DO.

And then you do it.

A DECISION, truly made and anchored in, results in clarity, in certainty, but let’s remember these things FOLLOW your choice to ‘act from’. And all of that TYPICALLY goes hand in hand with some sort of deepening of soul aligned action and WERK. The work of being all of you. Showing up for all of who you are. Spending what is meant to be spent from within your soul each day, expelling it out into the world.

All the while trusting and knowing and choosing and affirming on repeat that of course the things just show up for you, in ever more abundant flow, because of who you are.

But who you ARE?

You’re the badass bitch who made the decision.

Who backed the decision.

Who lived IN to that decision.

Leaned ALL the way in.

Threw herself off whatever cliffs needed leaving.

And screamed naked into the wind as she fell down down down into the life she always knew was there for her, turning and twisting and dancing on the clouds as she went, LED AND GUIDED BY GOD BY LIFE BY SPIRIT BY SOUL in every move, and NO move left unmade when it was meant to be done.

So … yeah.

I guess – the bitch who showed up, with unavailability NOT to receive, and therefore DID.

But I guess we can call it … I just allowed myself to receive.

That’s a nice story now and then.

And it’s also true.

Just don’t kid yourself about what you know that means you gotta do.

And for the love of God, quit dragging out time and energy wondering ‘what if’ and ‘should I’ when the whole entire time all you had to do was decide better,

and lean in harder.