“Just stop trying”.

“Just completely hand over any and all parts where you are still seeking to be or do or show up in any kind of way and just … stop”.

“Have people identify where they are in a TRYING to be as opposed to simply being LED by me to be mode”.

^ that last bit I did with some Holy Ghost bells on in our Secret Garden live training this morning (+ words from God WHEEEWWWW yes), but this next bit? And the conversation in general?

Is for you.

Stop trying.

The next phase of your business is not that you got better at being an improved version of the you who you’d be if you simply let it all hang out.


To do or be or show up or create as a version of you who is in any adjusted in order SO THAT,
you are more palatable, desirable, magnetic, engaging or even of value to people who can then follow and buy from you, receive from you in any way!

Does this mean you shouldn’t care? Just chill, bro, and don’t worry about doing a good job?

LOL, NO. It means you care SO much about being the fullest expression of who God brought you to be, in the way He is leading you to be it in this season, that ALL ELSE FALLS BY THE WAYSIDE.


It means YOU are no longer concerning yourself with how what you are called to do is gonna work,
how it will work if you truly do it in the way you are called to do it,
or what if any adjustments you should make SO that it works better.

It means you gave those things over to God and now you simply get to show up and FLOW up (you know I wanna use that word wherever I can) to whatever it is He is showing you, inspiring you with, overflowing you with, guiding you with!

It means you just do the post the way it comes OUT
You write the sales page like an OUTpour
You roll on up and trust that the anointing for that session or class or whatever it is is gonna come upon you because you are saying yes to what a YES is

It means you trust that your DESTINY here on earth brought to fruition is not dependant upon you knowing the intricacies of what’s ‘working’ right now for growth or on socials. Unless THAT happens to be the art God is putting on your heart!

It means you stop thinking about a special and new and ‘proper-making’ way for drawing new peeps in, or indoctrinating them into your world, but instead you just do it THE way you’d be doing it if trust and alignment were already implicit.

It means …

about 80% less effort and strain than what’s probably been going on

and most of all it means that you are now able to receive what God is showing you because you’re no longer concerned with what is gonna be growing or PROVIDING for you.

When I heard “stop trying”, at first I thought it was just a good blog teaching point. And then as I wrote my way into clarity and what God wanted me to tell you I realised that what He was actually saying?

Was look at me.
Eyes fixed.
Gaze steadfast.


It’s one thing to Yes and Amen on Proverbs 3:5-6.
It’s another thing to actually let God show you where you’re still tryna order ’em anyway.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Gorgeous, do you feel it? It’s the vibe of 2024 approaching and you KNOW it’s time for a SWITCH flick in how you’re showing up.

The old ways of dreaming about ‘one day’ ripping the bandaid and going ALL THE WAY IN AND RIGHT THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE of what you came here to do, not a SINGLE rule or proper-making ‘but you gotta’ brought with you,

are done.



‘THIS’, of course, being the bit where you stop being the oh so successful adept and skilled leader you are, with the really quite wonderful business and life except SURELY THIS AIN’T IT …

and you step boldly over the line to the place where you now unleash ALL of who you came here to be, in the way YOU came here to do it, such that the building bit itself and every PART of it is an activator for YOU,

at the same time as being a magnet of hot roaring flow to your ideal person.

This is not necessarily a ‘burn it to the ground’ scenario, but it absolutely is STEPPING OUT OF A SKIN | PERSONA | WAY OF BEING AND CREATING THAT JUST DON’T FIT ANYMORE.


I’m talking fully private. Highest level with me. All in + unlimited 1:1. You and me RIGHT down in the nitty gritty of the identity stuff, purpose stuff, belief stuff, supernatural stuff which is RIGHT for you and also of course the practicalities.

PLUS a mastermind with my other private clients.

1st Quarter Supernatural Increase gorgeous. The place where the whole game changes,
for good.

Places strictly limited
– Application only, via DM
– For the already successful woman who knows that this ain’t it and it’s time to go roaring into the actual thing

As for what we do? Details when we chat, but all in all? FIRST QUARTER SUPERNATURAL INCREASE. In every possible way. Bonus 1:1 access from whenever you secure your place in the lead up to our early Jan start.


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