Stop trying to be something you’re not.

Stop trying to be what you NEVER came here to be.

STOP TRYING TO BE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOTI don’t mean ‘stop aiming for those big ass goals that scare you’. Fuck no! Have you met me?

I mean –

stop looking around endlessly distracted outSIDE of yourself, wishing you could get your shit together in some crazy ass way it was never meant to BE about for you.

Bemoaning the fact that you don’t post or email or market or create or be fancy like THAT.

When the THAT you’re letting take away pieces of your soul, bit by bit letting consume significant pieces of your LIFE –

is a that which would never in a million YEARS pour forth from you if this whole entire thing were YOUR thing,

the slate was blank from the GET go,

you knew that EVERY outcome (money, lifestyle, soul clients, recognition for your soul work, the TRUE bringing to life of what’s in you, seeing people’s LIVES change and go deeper into THEIR truth because of what YOU did …) –

was a done.fucking.deal,

and that NONE of it depended on you doing ‘THAT’.


ALL of it, everything you see inside of you and know is there in your path moving forward, is a done.fucking.deal,

and NONE of it depends on you doing ‘THAT’.

Not even a little bit.

So instead, tell me –

(and then SHOW me, please!)

What is the magic you’re REALLY here for?

What is the burning thing inside of you that’s NOT going to go away?

What is it that beats relentlessly in your chest, DEMANDING of you –

That you say yes.

That you FINALLY thrash the resistance demon and win.

That you just BECOME –


The you who it’s ALWAYS been time to be.

The one who does BUSINESS






You know –

YOUR that.

The way you just wish it could be.

I promise you …

when you lean in to THAT that??

You’ll realise it never could have been anything else,

that got you here.

Here being:

the place you just woke up.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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