The things you desire and know should already be yours are right there on the other side of you going THROUGH the pain,

and to the other side.

Do you actually think it’s valid, sensible, at ALL the ‘thing you know you should do’ to shy away when it hurts?

When your shit comes up?

When your fear comes up?

When your trepidation comes up, and your mind shrieks ‘I can’t!’?

Do you actually think it makes sense, even the smallest little bit, to push down the stuff that keeps bubbling up, tell yourself it’s just not time yet and that there’s things you have to do first, prepare first, when you know it is already FOR you?

The truth you maybe don’t wanna think about yet which you need to get slapped in the face with from soul is that YOU NEED TO TOUGHEN UP.

You think I mean tough love? Nah. Let’s not be so basic about it, although I’m all for a little asskickery just for the fun of it.

But what I’m really talking about is this –

the release happens when you go INTO the thing.

The exhale only truly occurs after you allow yourself to go through that bit of ‘I can’t I can’t I can’t it’s too scary scary scary, no no no no and then YESSSSS’.

Because then you just DID.

You looked the pain, the fear, the ‘what if’, the I CAN’T, in the eye, and you realised that the idea that it HURTS too much?

Was only exactly that.

An idea.

A sensation.

And always,

a choice to opt in or out of.

Something you could continue to come up to the edge of, KNOWING you need to release it, but then veering away from again after a half-assed attempt because it HURT too much,

only to then have to repeatedly try and inch your way back into releasing the damn thing!

Like a trigger point in a muscle which really just needs to be moved THROUGH,

but yet which, because you refuse to do THAT, continues to give you grief all day every day endlessly, when you COULD.HAVE.JUST.GONE.IN,

and be done with it.

When you realise it’s just an idea, a sensation, one you can allow to rule you or no,

all of a sudden you will find you can let go,

and breathe.

And through the breath.

Through the exhale.


you will find the glory.

And in it,

the sweet sweet realisation that this whole entire time,

the WHOLE entire time,

it was always ALREADY possible for you to be fully free,

and fly.

Which really does bring us then to this:

why would you CHOOSE a life of continued going up to your edge and yet refusing to go into and through it, when you KNOW that the everything you long for is on the other side of

INTO the fire.

INTO the fear.

INTO the I can’t I can’t I can’t and then I DID.



The only answer is this:

You would not.