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Probably the greatest mistake people make, when seeking to manifest to the next level of income, or indeed to the next level of ANYTHING, is that they get all caught up in what they need to do in order to GET there.

It’s not like it doesn’t make sense, to naturally want to figure out what needs to be added, changed, worked on, and so on, in order to move forward. Of course it makes sense! Especially for a driven ‘do the work-er’ like you and I!

Or at least it makes sense until you remind yourself that logic ain’t logic, and that where next level transformation comes from, ALWAYS, is from simply aligning to already BEING at that next level.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the SINGLE most ‘omg’ piece of business advice I have EVER received, in well over 30 years of entrepreneur-ing (I started when I was 3, and never stopped since, the shift online 12 years ago was just a natural progression!), is to act FROM the place where you desire to be, rather than towards it.

Can you take a moment right now and just sit with that with me?

If you want to –

* 10x your bottom line (revenue AND profit)
* get those Summer abs (or Winter, if you’re on the opposite side of the world to me!)
* be in the kind of relationship you dream of and long for and KNOW is available!
* have automated and largely passive income be an everyday thing for you, and ever-increasing, always from flow
* have soulmate clients continually selling themselves to YOU, not the other way around, payment already in hand, too!
* live in your dream house …
* travel to the most amazing places in the world, and all in the finest style too
* have it damn ALL, your every fantasy and vision brought to life almost as though you CREATED YOUR OWN WORLD … almost?? ha!

– then you need to STOP STOP STOP trying to figure out how to GET there, and you need to START START START showing up FROM there.

Let’s take income, as an example.

You want to have consistent 100k months? 200? 500? More? Less? Whatever the number is, let’s ensure firstly that the GOAL ITSELF, the intention to get there, came FROM alignment. No making up cool goals, okay?! Meaning, you’ve randomly chosen a next level you think you ‘have’ to hit because surely then you’d be safe … free … accepted … loved … happy … etc!

All of that shit comes from inside of you, you have to CHOOSE it; you don’t GET it. You can’t get what you already have!

So. Acting ‘From’ Rule #1. Whatever you decide you’re calling in, needs to simply be a reflection of what your soul says is right for you.

You can tune in on this right now … take a moment, I’ll wait!

Go quiet.
Hand on your heart.
Close your eyes.
Soften, and drift away a little. A little morning trance state delight, why not?!

From that place, ask –

“What is the income goal for me to be aligning to right now?”

The first response is invariably the correct one. If you find that your mind is shrieking all manner of fear based nonsense to you about why you need more, or what about this, or that, or omg how will I how will I how will I EVEN, and besides, I just need money NOW, or else the entire roof of the WORLD is gonna come crashing down, then I want you to STOP –

Imagine me bitch-slapping you (with love!),

Then imagine me pouring a bucket of icy-cold water on your head (with glee!),

Then imagine me shaking you passionately and shouting, ‘for the love of God, woman! Get yourself together! Money doesn’t show up from FEAR!’

Or, y’know – just calm the fuck down without even imagining all of that! Up to you.

But either way, CHOOSE to put that emotion aside. It’s not helpful. And we don’t access soul alignment from a place of needy freak-out or desperation! It is what it is, just because you feel you NEED MONEY NOW, doesn’t mean that harping on about it and becoming a frenzied mess is gonna help you get it.

Quite the opposite.


Now you have your soul aligned goal. You’ll know it’s right because you feel a quiet certainty about it. It’s not hyped up. And it’s also not a desperate or contractive feel. When you mull over the amount (for example), you’ll feel expanded. A slight liftedness. Hope. Probably still nervousness, and ‘fuck, can I make this?!’, but beneath that is calm.


This is right.

The more you make this sort of tuning in a matter of habit, the more automatic it will become. You won’t have to think about it. It will just pop into your mind, a quick Whatsapp from your soul to let you know that hey –

This is what’s next! Let’s go team!

By the way –

If you haven’t previously done this, if you don’t tune in regularly to ascertain your aligned next level, then are you actually freakin’ surprised you’ve not been getting there?! I think not!

Once you have your next level specifics set in, you’re now ready to manifest FROM.

You know what I think, though? I don’t think manifestation has jack SHIT to do with it! I think this is ALL logic! Well, manifestation itself is logic! But, what I mean is – you’re simply already BEING THE PERSON who is there. That’s what manifestation IS.

How do you act FROM, then?

Well, it’s obvious if you think about it!

You practice!

You decide you will have a DAILY (all day, err day, ideally!) PRACTICE around acting from.

For me, I look at, and I frame the wording or thinking about it in this way:

– Now that I (consistently make XXXXX per, month, from flow and ease) my behaviours are ___________
– My day to day actions are __________
– My beliefs are ___________
– I feel ____________
– Things I have shifted which I previously hadn’t addressed are:
– I am ______________ with my money (I like to list out a ton of aligned things I know would be in place as far as investing, as well as spending, biz expenses, lifestyle shifts, whatever is ALIGNED)
– I have also ___________
– I let go of __________

And so on, and so forth.

The purpose of these questions, which I’d suggest you journal on not just once, not twice, but every damn day in some way shape or form, until such time as it is evident you no longer need to, because HELLLOOOOO – you’re living breathing and BEING it –

Is simply to let your soul, hear, mind deliver up to you who you WOULD be if already there. Who you ARE, now that you’re there! A LOT of what comes up, if you sit with this fully, will have nothing to do with business or money! You’ll notice random stuff, to do with your home life, or support, or your self-care, or who knows what else!

It’s about looking at what needs to shift for you to be in integrity and FULL vibrational alignment with being that next level you.

The more you write out and get clear on this stuff, let it bubble up, the more you WILL automatically just become it.

You might like to make an ‘action plan’ sometimes … jot down things to do based on what came up … but honestly, I barely ever remember to do that, let alone then follow it! I find that the more time I spend going within and painting the picture, the more I automatically just step into it, or naturally shift my actions, habits, beliefs, expectations!

As I often say (paraphrasing from one of my favourite books, The Magician’s Way) –

There is nothing you need to DO, ever, to get there …

But there is ALWAYS (aligned) action to take.

The more I focus only on ‘what is the action for this moment right here’, not the action relevant TO anything, but literally what is this moment for, in and of itself, and with no TRYING to get ANYWHERE, because if I WAS there I sure as heck wouldn’t be trying to GET there, so best I do NOT try but instead just BE …

The faster it all just shows up.


Don’t be, your soul knows exactly what I’m on about!

And here is why all of this is SO true and also gets to be this easy, simple, ‘of course’ –

The next level you already exists in the quantum. ALL possibilities exist already! It’s just whether or not you’re allowing them to come to life in the current physical.

What I’ve just outlined is how to do that.

The way you’ve most like been doing it up until now, is how to NOT do it. It’s how to painfully and slowly gradually move forward inch by inch, wondering why you never break through when you work SO damn hard. Ignorant of the fact that you literally can’t GET there by trying to GO there because by definition it means you are HERE!

The answer is as it’s always been –

Go there now.

Act FROM there in all ways (practice!).

And soon enough?

You’ll wake up and there you are.

Just where you’ve always been waiting for you.



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