Money Mindset, Success Mindset


This is a photo of my new sub-penthouse. Sometimes (okay, often) it still amazes me just how quickly I feel I’ve built wealth, and then I remember… firstly, I was doing the work for decades actually, and secondly, of course if shifted fast in the end.

Because I just started to allow.

One of the most powerfully transformative parts of my own money story was when I woke up to the fact that receiving ABUNDANCE, specifically money flow, but really ANY form of abundance, was just a matter of LETTING it flow.

Up until that point I’d been a hustler since way back, I always put the WORK in, I’m nothing if not disciplined and determined and I WILL do what it takes.

Always have …

And you know what? I’m still all about that hustle life, I LIVE for the push and the grind and the sweat and the getting back up as many times as needed and for the continual CLIMB up. But the hustle to me is LOVE. I genuinely enjoy the pain, the adrenalin, the GROWTH.

Don’t you just love the feeling of GROWTH? It’s the best ever 🙂

The thing is though, and this took me OH so long to figure out, and meanwhile I managed to get my ass into over 100k of debt and a near bankruptcy; at times couldn’t even buy COFFEE, never mind food, the thing IS:

You don’t gotta do ANYTHING in order to let money flow.
You do the do because you love the do and because you learn (hopefully! please!) to tune in with alignment moment by moment to know which is the correct action to TAKE, but you don’t do the do for MONEY.

Your ability to receive money is just that: an ability to receive money. The work you do, the hustle you push at, the GRINNNNNDDDDDD is separate altogether and should be based on the fact that we were born to create, to overcome, to strive, to GROW.

For me, when I stopped looking at the PUSH and / or my need to WORK as the thing that would let me have MONEY, and I instead just started letting myself let money in, and started to truly do the work for its own sake, EVERYTHING changed.

And by everything I went, in a space of just a few months, from yelling at my small daughter for asking for a treat, because I didn’t have the $2.50 to buy it, to making tens.of thousands.of dollars. Per MONTH. On REPEAT. With EASE.

That was over half a decade ago now, and since then, I’ve ‘built my biz’ (by which I really mean ALLOWED it) to where I now receive hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, on repeat, with ease, and totally just by doing what I love and being me.

I’m considered a bit of an enigma in the online marketing world. I’ve had some of the biggest ‘names’ online, including Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, Billy Gene, and many others besides, shake their heads in wonder at how it is I make the money I do despite breaking ALL the freaking rules and basically just waking up each day, being me, making shit up, and throwing it at the internet.

WITH 14 emails a day sent to my list, lol 🙂

Wanna know a secret? I don’t get to receive the money I do in spite of the above. I get to receive it because –

1) I finally learned that how much money I get is just based on HOW MUCH I ASK FOR and choose to receive, and NOTHING else

2) And because as far as what I DO, I do what I am CALLED to do, which is to break all the freaking rules and basically just wake up each day, be me, make shit up, and throw it at the internet.

Be honest now … dont’cha just wanna be able to wake up and do whatever the fuck you WANT and are CALLED to each day? And ALSO receive millions?! Well … THIS IS NOT A PIPE DREAM! You can!! You just gotta CHOOSE.

And here is what else:


I want you to understand this, FULLY, and for real now, because I know you might ‘know’ this, but knowing it and TRULY living by it are two different things entirely.

And that is this:

Everything you desire is inside of you and the ONLY thing you need to do is to choose.

This is true for everything you desire and need and just, well, WANT. It’s all on offer, right now, in abundance, and all you gotta do?

Breathe it IN baby.

Breathe it in … and let the good times ROLL.

The best way to think about this is to liken money to air. There is as much available to you as you CHOOSE, but due to faulty patterns you may well be in a habit of contracted breathing or allowing, just opening up to the smallest amount possible so that you stay alive.

With your breath, if you notice you’re breathing shallow or you become educated on it and realize you are, there’s an understanding that you CAN then choose to allow in more.

Sure, it might take a little practice at first … and you’ll probably have to consciously remind yourself to build that habit until it IS a habit … but you’re hardly going to QUESTION whether more air is available to you, are you?!

So why do you do so with money?

Who was it who told you there’s a limited amount available … or that you have to somehow ‘earn’ it … and who gets to decide what the appropriate effort or getting of shit done is required in order for you to have earned it?

Where is this mysterious King of Abundance?!

And when would you like to wake up to the fact that you simply grew up in the WRONG SCHOOL OF LIFE, and start living by the ACTUAL rules of money, abundance, success, FLOW?

You may well have been taught, or observed, in others who were also raised in the wrong school of life, a WHOLE bunch fo BS about money, and so you accepted that as truth and now you live by it, but here is what those who know the ACTUAL truth know, those of us who were either raised in the CORRECT school of life, or who have since self-educated ourselves on it:

Money flows with ease
As much as you desire is available to you
You will receive exactly what you actually decide to
The only thing you gotta do is allow, and see it as your normal

Of course there’s more to it than that in terms of understanding AND applying, but truly – the statements I just wrote are the foundation of all of that.

The only QUESTION is –

Are you ready to believe now?

Are you ready to at least even start believing that you COULD believe?

Are you ready to stop holding on SO fucking tightly, to the old beliefs, the comfort zone you’re so addicted to, and to just let GO?

Trust is the ONLY way.
Faith is a CHOICE.
And every single DAY you’re given tests to see just how strong your faith is.

You feel a calling, to invest in something, or purchase something, or uplevel something, or perhaps to turn away from something.

You feel an urge, that what you REALLY should be spending your time on is the stuff that’s inside of you.

You feel a pull, to create, unleash, message, sell, the stuff you KNOW it’s mean to be about and to stop trying to MAKE money from FEAR.



And when you feel that call, that urge, that pull, you get to choose:

Do I believe? Am I willing to trust? Am I ready to RECEIVE?

Or is it that, even though I SAY I believe, that day by day and moment by moment when push comes to shove I find myself DEMONSTRATING that actually, no.

And no.

And no.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand gorgeous. You can’t have one foot in the abundance camp and one out. You either BELIEVE, and act it – fully – or NOT.

And you get the OUTCOMES, accordingly.

So please.

Walk to the edge.

Take a deep breath.


Aren’t you tired of trying SO damn hard when at any time you could just allow?