Money Mindset


I was over 147k in debt during the grittiest point of my whole ‘figure out the money thang’ journey.

Worse than the debt was the fact that it snuck up on me and I genuinely didn’t even notice how high it had gotten (until I did!), and so as well as the debt itself I also had the bonus shame around ‘how did I let this happen?’. Like … literally how. One minute I had no credit card or tax debt at all, next minute – 147k!

I wasn’t out there buying fancy shit, either. I did buy a piano. Haha. Apart from that it was really just … life. A few seminars and courses. But no, no overt spending on travel or handbags. That came later, when the money was there for it.

You know what it really was though?

It was the fact that I didn’t pay attention. I was not observing my money flow. I was not consciously choosing the direction it got to go. And on a deeper level than what my surface mind allowed me to engage in … of course I mofo knew what was happening. Somewhere within. I just had no idea how to deal with it, and so – I didn’t.

When I look back, I see all of this for the gift it was and is. Heck, even at the time, once I started opening my eyes to reality, I saw it as a gift. I screenshot my bank accounts at 0.11c … 0.89c .. $2 something respectively, because I knew I’d one day get to share the story, tell it on stage! I lost that screenshot since, but I’ll bet one day it turns up and you’ll see me post it here. It’s cliche, but it still means something to me.

And what it means is this –

I HAD to go to some pretty gnarly lows with money. I HAD to get back against the wall. I HAD to fall fall fall to where not only was I terrified constantly about making rent … I couldn’t even buy COFFEE at times. #seriousshit

Most of all – I had to let the worst of it come up, so I could detox it TF outta me, and allow the best of me to come through.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying: the best of you can come through even while life is throwing you some pretty hefty curveballs. You certainly don’t need to clear your money shit in order to receive, serve, impact! But for me personally … I was holding on to some intense ‘stuff’ around my worth. Around what it really takes to make money, what pieces of my energy or soul I had to give in return. Around my addiction to ‘never being there’, or ‘never being QUITE that girl’. Around being good enough to have nice things. And on. And on.

Funny thing is … throughout the time period I really started to deal with all this … I was successful. I was in fantastic shape. I was making ‘real’ money. I was known and respected as a leader in my field at the time. I was a person people looked up to, wanted to learn from, aspired to have the discipline, consistency and connectedness to purpose of. So it was like I had two lives. The me who was CERTAIN, confident, took action, and got results.

And the me who was continually almost drowning, ashamed, scared, and just ANNOYED.

Who felt like – ‘this is total BS! I should have been past this by now!’.

The #realtalk I needed of course, was this – you don’t get past something until you choose to get past it. Until you fully acknowledge what ‘it’ is, get that pretty head outta the sand and see the situation for what it is. And until you consciously, clearly, with certainty you may or may not yet feel – draw a NEW line in the sand, and choose it.

People often want to understand the strategy of where my consistent multi-6-figure received per month business came from. I’ve done those numbers EVERY month since late 2015, and they’ve only gotten easier, faster, and more ‘normal’. Receiving at that level in my coaching business is now so part of ‘who I am’, that I’ve been able to successfully build multiple other businesses and brands alongside. And STILL take more time and space than just about anyone I know for my self, for being a Mum, a partner, for fitness. For God. For life. Just like I started to write and claim all those years back –

The easier it gets, the easier it gets and keeps on getting! The more money I make, the more money I make and keep on making!

Here is what you really need to understand though. (And it’s not my strategy … unless you get that – the strategy is mindset!)

I just flicked the money switch to ‘on’.

It’s as simple as that. I realised it had been off the whole entire time, and that I’d been pushing AGAINST what I’d chosen in order to try and eek some blood from the TURNED OFF money stone.

Do you get it?

Maybe, like that me of the past, you’ve made some really impressive moves in business. In life. In who you are. And even with making money.

But you’re either ‘ON’ to receiving mode … floods of abundance … the more you make, the more you make and keep on making, and it’s just who you ARE. Or –

you’re not.

I turned the money switch on by realising it was this simple. I turned it on by pulling my head out of the sand, and assessing the entire situation for what it was. Really seeing exactly where I was at, not hiding from it. I turned it on by deciding what would now be. I turned it on by choosing where money would now go, by making a home for it. I turned it on by incrementally upgrading the way I saw myself, and the way I saw my life.

But most of all? I turned it on by realising that it’s only money, honey. You can keep it up on that outta reach / hard to come by platform you’ve got it on, yes even you who is already ‘so crushing’ in so many ways, yet somehow still fighting so much harder than what you know you should be.

IT’S ONLY MONEY, HONEY. You can just breathe it in!! There’s as much or as little as you choose, and it’s as much of NOT a big deal as it is to just breathe in more AIR as what it is to breathe in more money.

A year or so after I first realised this, and that realisation I tell you was SHOCKING, it was a game-changing moment in time which I will never forget, I created a 6 week course called ‘It’s Only Money Honey’.

I was so transformed to my CORE (and the results I created from shifting my perception AND my approach to receiving money) were so HUGE … that I knew I had to teach this to others.

A few weeks back I suggested to my current private clients on our zoom, that they check this 2015 program out. “It’s one of my favourites I’ve ever created”, I said. “And for some reason I have never run it live since!”.

Nearly daily since I made that suggestion I’ve been receiving messages of shock from my clients. Telling me this is the most powerful work they’ve ever heard around money. And amongst the most powerfully they’ve ever heard ME teach. One of my clients mentioned that you can feel EXACTLY the shifts I’d created at that time just from listening, and you just … receive it into you. Activation.

I’ve taught on money many times since creating Money Honey, and created several incredible courses on it; each with a different focus. But NOTHING transforms your soul and your results like the teaching I have for you in Money Honey. You are receiving soul transmissions from the EXACT POINT IN TIME I exploded my business to a million dollar cash RICH business, and then to multi-million dollars and beyond.

Today I am inviting you to join me in the FIRST EVER LIVE RE-LAUNCH of Money Honey. And, to celebrate this moment … I am KEEPING 2015 pricing. It gets better. Money Honey was originally run as a home-study only course! For about a year during that time, I felt to run all my new courses NOT live. For this intake, I am running it live. You will receive the original content, week by week, during our 6 weeks together. I will be improving on it with additional worksheets + journal prompts, reflecting where I am at today around money. Which is at a place that all started FROM … Money Honey.

It gets better still! I’ve been wanting to teach on belief, faith, and holding tension to receive an outcome. I thought perhaps this might be a new course. But it’s come through over the past few days that this will be an ADDITION to ‘It’s Only Money Honey’. I will be teaching the FAITH, BELIEF, AND STAYING THE COURSE module as a brand new LIVE during our time together in Money Honey!

And, I’ll be including a live ‘ask me anything’ hotseat / Q&A. As well as being live with you in the Facebook group.

I am so excited for this work. I am SO excited to go through my original money course content with you. I am SO excited to add to it, live! And I am so excited to watch what happens in your life when you realise –

it’s only money honey. I can just breathe it in. AS MUCH AS I CHOOSE.

We start Monday September 20. Get your place today, and receive early access to the Facebook group. I will be dropping a short ‘money honey truth’ video into the group each day before we begin!