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Do you ever feel as though the reason you’re not where you want to be yet is that you’ve got shit to clear, figure out, heal, or understand, before you can finally start kicking ass and taking names the way you know you should be?

If you only knew what that ONE missing link was, that thing that’s stopping you from feeling motivated, switched on, ready, worthy!

If only you could tap into what is really going to EXCITE you right now, right? If you could just feel that spark of being lit up … driven from within … creative flow pouring forth from every bit of you … then, well, then you’d do the damn thing! And make the monies! And help the people! And bring every damn thing you see inside of you to life!

Problem is –

and it’s just a wee one, mind you

– meh, how do I put it??

You kindasortamaybedontfeellikeitandalittlebitcantbefucked

Or something like that, and here’s what else –

The kinda sorta don’t feel like it and a little bit can’t be fucked bit of you is just one part of the story! There’s a whole ‘nother layer, too, which goes something like this –

I should be aiming SO.MUCH.BIGGER!
All of this shiz is BELOW me!
The reason why I can’t seem to motivate myself or really even WANT to go to the next level is that I need to go to the NEXT NEXT level! Yes! That’s it! Then I will REALLY be excited, switched on, driven from within, and

Wanna know what I think?

I see your excuses.
I see your reasons why you can’t.
I see how you don’t FEEL like it.
I see that you just don’t have the whole natural charge and drive thang goin’ on, and so it makes sense (kinda) to go looking for what would GIVE it to you, to find that goal or focus or intent which would REALLY light your fire,
And I also see and agree with you that there is probably shit to clear,
and probably that you SHOULD be setting even bigger and more exciting intentions, goals, claim that awesomeness, now!

All ‘real’.
All ‘valid’.

When I say ‘real’, ‘valid’, hmm, well, actually??


Real and valid in a SENSE. In a kind of surface way. ‘Understandable’.

But if you were to actually dig in, deeper below that, to the core of the whole thing and of YOU, here is what you might find –

1) You can draw the line in the sand and go next level even when you still have shit to clear, figure out, know

2) You can draw the line in the sand and decide bigger even when you don’t actually feel dropped in, connected, excited

3) You can draw the line in the sand and rev shit up even when you’re sure that you ‘just have to find the actual thing that would really light your fire’

4) You can draw the line in the sand and decide to claim what’s in front of you, just BECAUSE it’s in front of you, and available, even though for SURE there’s probably a ton of other stuff beyond that which you get to have, focus on, become, create.

5) You can draw the line in the sand and make it happen even when you don’t know if hitting that next level would actually really change much in your circumstances, or internal reality.

Do you get my point?

“But but but I just need to feel … shouldn’t I first … I can’t feel clear until …”


It’s very simple. Right now, already, YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO DRAW THE DAMN LINE IN THE SAND,



Is it going to be the ONE thing that makes you finally feel what you need to feel, and have been telling yourself you’re waiting for?

Is it going to clear your deep shit that you’ve let stand in your way?

Is it going to mean you now have clarity on a plan for the next whatever?

Well, that’s the thing –


Often, the work is the cure.

Often, feeling like ‘I can’t commit to this or do this now because X’ is an avoidance or resistance around what IS. A refusal to just be in the now, and live this moment as it comes upon you. An idea in your head that your real life exists in some other timeline.

“When I am there … “

“When I feel X … “

“When I am healed … “

And so on.

But darling, don’t you see? Life is this. This moment right here. IT’S UPON YOU ALREADY, AND IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING.

So whatever it is you think you need. Whatever you’re looking for from outside of you. Whatever you’re chasing down like a mad woman instead of being with what IS. Whatever you’re making a reason to not simply progress forward,

every damn day,


is all just made up bullshit.

Here is what I’d suggest:

1) Take the stuff you think you will feel, or have, or know, or clear, or be, once you are ‘there’,

2) Add the other stuff you think you NEED to have, feel, be, clear, etc, in order to be able to move forward

3) Decide that you’re just gonna decide to be in the muck of your CURRENT reality, and that you’re going to start to expect daily / weekly progress as of today, in all areas, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT AVAILABLE

4) Know that at any time you can of COURSE raise the damn bar. But that meanwhile you’re gonna jump over the bar that’s in front of you.

5) Decide you will find a way to find / have / create the things you think you need or that you think you will have when you’re ‘there’, NOW. Aka: CHOOSE excitement. CHOOSE certainty. CHOOSE to be clear, free, ready.

6) Get to fucking work

In the end, it’s very simple –

You’ll get where you’re meant to go because yeah, you kept aligning that vision ever bigger, but also?

Because you actually remembered that life is now NOW. Press play on the NOW.

So, to recap –

Quit avoiding.

Do the work of today today.

Don’t make your energetic or emotional state dependant upon your outcomes, and also don’t make a certain energetic or emotional state required to GET to an outcome.

That’s it!



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