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Purpose, Success Mindset


Only once you fully realise and also FEEL, feel within your bones, right through every cell of your being, down to the very smallest strand of your DNA, that there is NO lack to what you truly desire and that everything you want is just ‘whatever’, will you see your dream life realised.

It is one thing to ‘logically know’, by which I mean to know in your THINKING mind –

(although really –
if we’re to speak of logic –
please, let’s speak of the soul
but anyhow – )

that a thing is abundantly available, that if you can see it in your dreams, your visions, your hopes, your fantasies, that of course it must exist, SOMEWHERE in time and space, and also for you, and so yes, ‘you believe’ –

but it is another thing entirely to feel it with SUCH damn certainty that you can’t even imagine a time in which this thing weren’t part of you.

It’s just THERE, it’s done, it’s of course, it’s literally coursing through your veins, and yet –

how funny!

It seems to not be there in the natural world yet. Huh, weird.

When you get to this place, the place where you can fully feel it and you are RELAXED, relaxed as a lizard on a rock about it, this is when you also know that it’s gonna be showing up any moment now IN the natural.


Abundance is real y’all, and it has your name on it.

And here is what that really means:

There is NO lack of what you truly desire.
Whether what you’re seeking to allow through is something that many people would want, or whether it’s one very specific and unique thing which is ‘only for you’, either way there is no lack, there is PRECISELY THE RIGHT AMOUNT AVAILABLE.

Exactly what you dream of,
is exactly what is available,
for you!

And once you GET this, once it actually clicks the fuck in, no longer will you look around worriedly, bothering yourself with who you have to be or what you have to do to get lucky enough to grasp onto it, catch it like a wriggly worm, and then somehow stop it escaping away from you.

Soulmate clients.
Your dream body.
Your dream home.
The romantic relationship you dream of.
The friendships you dream of.





What is meant for you is there for you, period, The End.

But here is where you push it away, keep it at arms length, make it that you just gotta keep WAITING because there are clearly lessons for you to learn about energy, about alignment, about being a vibrational match not so much for these things, but more so for YOU. For you to be in the ultimate being-ness of you!

You push it away when you scale back on your actual ideals.

When you tell yourself you will settle or sacrifice or compromise, even a little, that you’d ‘better’, because shooting for EVERYTHING you dream of would just be too much!

Yes! One of the fastest ways to NOT RECEIVE WHAT IS YOURS, or really, even anything close to it, is to refuse to just decide that you WILL receive what is yours, the whole damn picture, too! I mean really –


Also –

You push it away when you continue to play life as though your dream life is something you have to ‘make happen’, go and ‘get’, ‘chase down’, or say or do ‘just the right things, or else it will slip away’.

Don’t get me wrong –
There is ALWAYS work to do –
The work of being YOU, and whatever outcomes that leads to.

But no –

Manufacturing actions that don’t reflect you simply being in your ultimate state OF beingness,

because you think dat’s how you gonna GIT something,


That shit don’t work.


Here is how else you push it away –

You are trapped in the bullshit story of not being worthy, or ready, or what the fuck ever.

You’re trying to figure out the HOW!

And looking for proof you are good enough.

And here is what you will find, when the switch flicks, and you finally GET it, which means you now GET it –

The rest of the world saw you as worthy the whole entire fucking time.

God knew.
Your higher self knew.
EVERY fucker knew!

So when YOU finally give in and decide you’re now allowed to have the things that were always yours, it’s not going to surprise anyone. They’re going to wonder how it took you so long!

And YOU will also laugh and smile at how, for SO many years, you didn’t get that it was all just choice,


shifting into expecting,

having ZERO attachment or clinginess about any of it,

and realising that no matter what it is that seems cool, or fun, or soul aligned, or fuck yes, it’s ALL JUST WHATEVER.

There is not a single thing in the natural, no matter how much you want it or are excited by it or think you need it, that is anything other than ‘whatever’, because you know what?

It’s never about the thing.

It’s always about who you see yourself being in receiving that thing.

And who you see yourself as being?

That’s an inner game thing baby, I don’t have to tell you.

YOU decide to be the leader, the revolutionary, the VIFP badass, the Queen.

Adjust your inner self and from inside-out view of you and the world accordingly,

and watch the world adjust to match you.

But for the love of God, quit trying to do it the other way round, because all you do is reinforce the fact that you’re not that, and that you’re trying to ‘get’ something which is not in you, of you, and for you.

If you already knew you were the damn thing,

you’d hardly be chasing a damn thing.

You’d follow the flow.
DO the work of today to today.
Strive and push and overcome and hunt and ROAR because THAT IS WHAT A DAMN LIONESS DOES.

Not because you’re thinking about how to do it so the world believes you are one.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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