And perhaps this is just the week you simply decide, and then just fully become the person.

Perhaps this is just THAT week, the week you look back on and remember as the one where it all changed. The switch flicked. And all of a sudden, you, yes YOU, with all your reasons and excuses and habits of apparent procrastination or sabotage, just began to consistently bring what is inside of you to life.

And why would it not be? (You can reply, as that raggedy bitch part of your mind which is already trying to tear you down or perhaps, more cleverly, sombrely point out all the reasons why it’s not that simple, pipes up uninvited once more).


Why would it not get to be as simple as – and then she just mofo decided. And then she just mofo followed THROUGH on that decision. And then just just, doggedly at first, and bit by bit with ever greater flow and certainty, TOOK THE DAMN STEPS.

It’s NOT that hard. Literally EVERYTHING you want, long for, and say you live and breathe for each day yet in actual fact live and breathe for an IDEA of, all the while beating yourself up with the reality which is that YOU STILL DIDN’T CHOOSE, literally ALL of it –

Is not that hard.

We’re talking about you. A human capable of doing things. Simply … doing things. Choosing things. Saying yes to things. Taking one moment, and then another, to put yourself in a place of making the choices that … the person making the choices would make.

What is hard about that?! Either way:

You will do things. Choose things. Say yes to things. Take one moment, and then another, to put yourself in a place of making SOME sort of choice. And either way:

The choices you make, the things you do, the yes you offer towards whatever you offer it to, will be and already IS –

creating your future.

So if you want something different … you want something impossible … you want something bigger and bolder than whatever is is a previous version of you normalised, and then DID –


And make it that this was the week you did.

It’s REALLY this mofo simple.