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Success Mindset


The way that you were born to do it, the you way, the flow way, the soul way, the RIP SHIT UP AND THROW IT ALL AROUND WAY, was always that you were gonna make a lot of money,


doing what you love and were born for.

What the money is for is neither here nor there. Spend it all, give it all away, tithe 100%, pour it back into your business, your community, others, yourself, the dog next door, it doesn’t matter.

You’ll do it all anyway.
100k what even YOU can imagine.
It’s just a natural byproduct of you being you.

But it’s not that it’s actually about any of those things ANYWAY.

Because it’s not that you were ever motivated by MONEY anyway.

It’s more that you just always knew it is there, available, a lot of it, and that you are absolutely gonna let it in.

The way that you were BORN to do it, the you way, the flow way, the soul way, the RIP SHIT UP AND THROW IT ALL AROUND AND THEN DANCE ON TOP OF IT WAY, was that you were always gonna be the one who broke the mold,

in fact broke it so damn good it really could be wondered if there ever WAS a mold,

and then shoved it in the blender for good measure and juzzed that shit up before slamming it all the way back like the smoothest double shot of 1942 ever.

What the point of breaking the mold was, is really neither here nor there. Polarise TF outta people, stir shit up, poke poke poke ’em with your wit and sass and JUST on the edge slam dunk-ery til they learn or grow or try and rip you a new one, burn the system to the ground, lead a revolution, it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER.

You’ll do it all anyway.
More gloriously and terrifyingly and shock the world than what even YOU can imagine, or have thus far begun.
It’s just a natural byproduct of you being you.

But it’s not as though it’s actually about you doing any of that shit anyway, because the truth is you couldn’t care less about being polarising, about being a rebel, about stirring shit up, about doing ANY of it for the sake of it, it’s just –

What happens when you do you.

And the burning down of norms as you furiously create new ones, you ones, flow ones, pave the damn WAY ones, was just what was always gonna happen, what was always available, and what you knew you’d get to at some point.

There was never really a question, was there?

Certainly not a CONSIDERATION, or a conversation.

The way that you were BORN to do it, the you way, the flow way, the soul way, the RIP SHIT UP AND THROW IT ALL AROUND AND THEN DANCE ON TOP OF IT LIKE A MADWOMAN IN 6-INCH STILETTOS WAY, was that you were always gonna live a life that few would even dare to dream of,

and then some.

The best of the best of the BEST of the best, that was always gonna be you.

5 star and fine dining and luxe travel and designer everything? That’s not what I’m talking about, but sure, if you like.


A cabin in the woods perhaps,
weekends in nature,
space to dream and be,
and yes,
all in whatever YOUR most ideal fantasy environment is.

The thing is, it was never about having the best or being the best or being rich or luxy or getting your hands on exclusive shit or being surrounded by the most incredible people and environment and things.

Those are never the things that motivated you.

It’s just that they were always gonna be part of the story of you being you. A natural byproduct of you staying the course of living the life you came here for.

Of waking up,
with God and life.

The thing that those not like you, not like me, not like WE, will never understand, is that, unlike many out there who really do desire to push and strive in order to win or have or get or buy or be the VIP for the sake of those things, is that we actually don’t care about ANY of it.

We just ASSUME it.

We just know it is PART of it.

We just EXPECT it like we expect the eventual sinking of the sun at night.

But need to focus on, or pursue it?

No. That’s not the life for women like us, men like us, those who called to WAKE like us.

Because deep down, in the only place where it matters, what we CARE about, is this:

That we wake up every damn day and do the job of being who we were born to be, and that we then go to bed at night knowing we did.


This means –

Art and mess and madness and throwing ourselves into the DANCE of it, the fray.
It means unleashing and chaos and being all over the damn place!
It means CRAZY, full.blown.CRAZY, however it comes out.
It means doing what we can’t not,
in order to BE who we dare not,
because the worst thing in the WORLD would be to die anything less than completely empty,
completely exhaled,

Get real about what this looks like! To paraphrase what a great man who mentors said to me not too long ago, when you know you’re here to destroy the mainstream, why are you still trying to fit into it?

There’s always a deeper level of you to say yes to.

So here is the thing, about normalising a greater level of receiving.

About getting paid like the bad boss babe or King amongst men you were always supposed to be.

About dialin’ up that money-making girl, from soul, and ‘having it all’, the dream.


You’ll get it when you decide it’s normal, and practice seeing it that way, which you do by looking within you to the place where you are already who you say you will be.


If you’re not doing those two things already, but fully, then quit wasting your time worrying about ANY possible way to ‘get ahead’.

And if you are doing ’em, then go all in, harder, faster, deeper, to continue. How to know when you did enough, went all in enough on being you?

The final bell tolled.

That’s all.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


It’s time to say yes to the fun and shenaniganery and unbelievable freaking FLOW yes power of accessing all of you.

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When needed –

And back to their own world.

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As with anything, your decision should be based around your commitment to NOW become who you know you’re meant to be … to ‘fuck the how’ … to trust and have faith that when you let go, choose to surrender and trust, and let me hold that space for you and also of course lead and guide you … rather than on idea that everything has to be mapped out or considered in advance.

Your soul knows the way.
And always has.
And I am literally the best person in the world at helping you to connect in to that, with certainty.

I know you’ve always known that you have a calling –

And that you were born for more –

You have FELT things, deep inside of you, maybe since before time even began, and over time the whispers just get stronger, telling you –

It’s time

it’s time

it’s motherfucking TIME

to step up, to be all that you came here to be, to break COMPLETELY free from normal, to do something EXTRAORDINARY, to FULLY shine your light, and yes, also, of course –

to make a FUCKLOAD of money doing so, impacting ultimately MILLIONS of people with your work, and truly unleashing something powerful, beyond what even YOU can imagine …

and to go to bed every damn night KNOWING you were all of you.

Decide What You Know You Must. It’s Time. And the NEXT LEVEL IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU.

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