I just had a great little conversation with my house cleaner, Lisa, about how she is building her soulmate team to create her million dollar cleaning business.

She’s been taking some of my courses and seeing things shift and unfold and grow in pretty awesome ways in her biz since I’ve known her. This is of course because she is a badass who, within the first week I met her I think, told me all about how she’s building her million dollar cleaning biz (plus a few other businesses on the side!), and since then has continued to BE what a badass is, which is somebody who moves forward relentlessly in the direction of their vision.

Whether or not it’s comfortable.
Whether or not it’s logical (what IS logic, really, anyway, hmm? Hmm!)
Whether or not it’s easy.
Whether or not she’s ready.
And so on!

Do you know how many people talk about wanting a million dollar or beyond business?? I’d say … most of ’em!

Do you know how many people create it? Duh, hardly any of ’em!

How many of them COULD have, or still could?


Here is what it comes down to, and what I said to Lisa just now as I made my coffee to come upstairs and write.

She was telling me about how, despite the squirmy discomfort of letting of of even more control (I’ve been there!) in order to further grow her soul team, and step IN to the vision, she is doing exactly that.

^^ It is flaming ridiculous that the reality is that most people wait for the vision to come and tap them on the shoulder and tell them exactly how to carry it out. This is not how life works! You MUST step in to it in order to create it. You don’t wait til you think you GOT to it. You GO to it, and into it, and beyond it, now!

But I digress. Ish 🙂

This is what I said, or something like this:

“Life will step up to exactly where YOU set the standard. To what you EXPECT. So, if you expect to have to do that thing of working towards where you want to one day be … and that that’s just how it is … that’s what you’ll get.

But if you set the standard as it already being normal to HAVE a higher standard, then that’s what you’ll get”.

Life will step up to where you SET the standard, and where you choose to SEE it as ‘just being’.

I see it as normal, and really just the most basic standard to ask for or expect, that my company makes hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, consistently, no deviation.

I see it as normal, and really a very basic standard, that all I do is exactly what I am led and guided to do day by day, that the entire thing revolves around me just being me, all of me, that there is no part of me which it is not appropriate to be, in fact that the more only me I am the more everything grows, and flows, and goes, and also that all systems or structures we require are born from me la-di-dah-ing around all over the place just being me!

I see it as normal, and SO ‘of course, duh, why would I even think anything else’, that I have a soulmate team who read my mind, do what I want often before I even know I want it, and operate sans management like well-oiled machine to get my message out even more, in an even better and bolder way, with ever greater returns for the greater good of all of us and the world!

I see it as normal that I remain in exceptional shape and youthful vibrance regardless of my age.

My BASIC standard is that I obviously get to buy anything I decide or choose,

(while also obviously tithing AND giving AND saving and GROWING a range of investments, etc etc etc),

that there is nothing I have to ‘work towards’ for any of us,

that it all just ‘happens’ as an outcome of me doing the only job which it is my job to do, which is to listen to God and soul, and show up accordingly, screw every possible ‘should’ and just submit REPEATEDLY to the message and the art.

No bother about HOW outcomes come about,

except for the fact that I know I get EVERYTHING, in alignment, thank you God, Amen, when I just decide it and then stay the path of being me!

The STANDARD, the bare minimum standard, is, to put it simply, a soulmate life in all areas,

zero things done for the sake of outcomes,

zero adjustments to true self made in order to be or do or have or get enough,


And so it is.

Bit by bit over the years I have allowed myself to say yes to, to expect as normal, to see as the STANDARD, that I have a business, an income, a day to day lifestyle, a way of being a Mum, a body, relationships with family, friends, clients, and (I held this one away for a while haha) eventually a God-sent relationship with the soulmate man who is beyond even what my WILDEST dreams could have been, too!

And so much more I don’t think to mention right now.

Do I / did I work my ASS off to become this person, and live this life, in this way? You can bet YOUR sweet ass I did.

And do.

But my definition of ‘work’ changed along the way.

I let go of ever doing shit because that is how you have to do shit to get to A, or B, or C.

And I BECAME the person who does the work, from the huge to the tiniest of things, of simply WHAT SHE KNOWS SHE CAN’T NOT.

And what she is guided to.

I would say I work harder, and ‘do’ more, than nearly any person I know.

But I would also say I do jack shit except mosy on around the world each day following the flow OF the day (and God), and only ever doing what I want.

Here is how it gets to be easy, and flow, and soul yes, for you.

How you get to go to bed each day knowing you are in integrity, and showing up for your life.

How you get to know you are impacting and serving and helping others, to the level you MUST.

And also how you get to live your own ‘have it all’ life –

Raise your damn standards of what is normal.
What is ‘of course’.
What is natural and easy and flow and yes for you to do,
and be.

How to know where to raise ’em to?

You already see that inside.