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If you’re going to get to where you really want to go, and know you must be, you’ll need to get in the habit of coaching yourself into self belief, and FAST.

Let’s get real here –

You’ve already fucked around for far longer that you would have thought possible, you’re horrified at how much time has actually passed and you’re STILL talking about going all in. Showing up every day with this constant lurking feeling hanging all over you and reminding you that THIS AIN’T WHAT SHOWING UP IS MEANT TO LOOK LIKE.

And while you can and perhaps should get those soul aligned mentor peeps in your corner, a partner or friends who believe in you and all that shiz, you DEFINITELY deserve to be surrounded by badasses who lift and celebrate you, at the same time?

It’s kind of really on YOU.

It’s on YOU that you don’t feel ready, and so you use this as a reason to delay.

It’s on YOU that you’re scared you don’t really have what it takes, that you’re not actually good enough, and so you’re not putting your foot to the pedal and just moving forward.

It’s on YOU that when fear has you by the short and curlies and you feel overwhelmed and confused you once again get flustered, flounder, lose the way you’ve barely even found.

It’s on YOU that when you connect in to how much money you need to live your dream life –

Or how far you are right now from having the systems you want in your biz in place –

That you let it then sadden and contract you, push you down and make you feel small, and zap all of your energy so that you still don’t DO the damn thing.

It is ALL –
100% of it –
Yes ALL of it –

Fully and squarely on YOU. And at some point you’re going to need to stop asking the internet how to get over your fears and doubts and you’re going to have to GET THE FUCK OVER IT YOURSELF.

What, you think that every person who did something amazing somehow first got to a point of superhuman confidence and certainty and iron-clad willpower, they literally had nothing holding them back anymore and so they just woke up one morning and knew they were unstoppable?

Well, they may well have known they were unstoppable!! But that went ALONGSIDE still having ALL the human doubts and fears and resistances and ‘who am I to’ bullshit that oh, oh, guess what?


So maybe they wanted it more, maybe they did have some sort of blessed spiritual support system or next level guidance fall into their lap, maybe a vestal virgin came down from heaven above and took them on a journey to meet God himself, who then handed them a gold-embossed scroll and a single perfect rose, told them it’s time and then kicked them swiftly up the bootay as well just to get ’em started.

Yeah, and? Even if somebody else DID have some sort of special circumstances going on which you wish would show up for you, SO WHAT? In the end it’s not going to matter what was supposedly available to you, it’s going to matter what you did or didn’t choose.

Show up for your damn life yeah or nah? That’s all it comes down to girl.

Insist on being who you’re meant to be and refuse to accept anything else, yeah or nah? There’s no in between.

Run like the wind towards purpose, and leave no stone unturned in the quest to be fully you, YEAH OR NAH BITCH?

Your excuses are not valid.

And here’s what else, talking about what’s AVAILABLE to you –

Uhhhhhh, how do I put this clearly?


You want more support, to be shown the way, to receive certain guidance, guess what? You only have the entire cosmos and God himself at your disposal! Not to mention your own higher self.

Plain and simple, everything you can conceive of IS possible, it’s possible for you, and it’s possible NOW.

You don’t have it, NO girl, it’s not because of blah and blah and blah-di-blah other made up sad sack nonsense which you’re trying to make it about. It’s NOT because you’re overwhelmed or confused or don’t know how. It’s NOT because it’s so far away that you can’t even start. That is not a thing! Stop making it a thing!

It is ONLY you didn’t choose it.

But but but I I I help help help, NO.

Just stop it.

Remove emotion.
Do the fucking work.

Remove emotion.
Take the first step.

Remove emotion.
Decide what first step you’re gonna take anyway if you can’t first figure out what the first step is!

Remove emotion.
Keep going.

Remove emotion.
Trust in the process.

Remove emotion.

What else do you actually need here? The ONLY valid answer is nothing. No matter how real your shit is, it is still simply a choice one way or the other to let it block you.


While I get how FUCKING full on it can feel to pull yourself up out of the pits of despair and woe-is-me-ness,

and I know how real it feels to be SO far from where you want to be or find it all just so complex,

how is it possibly going to serve you to keep spinning that same sad old tune?


It will feel messy as fuck when you just start showing up for your truth ANYWAY.

You will definitely fail! Blah blah there is no fail, whatever! Yes, you will have shit not work out. You will fall on your face. You will feel embarrassed, self conscious, exposed. You will get frustrated. You may end up with your back against the wall more times or for longer than you thought a person could bear, or should have to.


What other choice do you actually have here, and why, for the love of God, are you trying to GIVE yourself one?

In the end, it’s very black and white –

You did the damn thing of being the damn thing, or you did not.

So yeah or nah babe, which is it gonna be?



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