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Your habit of always looking for the next thing, and assuming you have somehow missed the thing, or that you are gonna miss the thing, or that there IS a thing you need to concern yourself with, is precisely why you are perpetually not where you want to be, and at this rate?

Never will be.

The habit you need to REPLACE it with is, simply:

Be the person who decides to day, and then acts.

Yes yes, there are obviously exceptions, things in life which should be contemplated over time, simmered away in our deeper layers, brought repeatedly before God, and so on.

But I’m not talking about that.

,.,I’m talking about the stuff which one million percent to infinity and beyond should not be getting ANYTHING like the due it is getting from you, because you should just decide NOW, and get on with it.

It’s simply not valid, true, reasonable, or responsible, for example, to think that you need to anguish over the perfect way to get people to join your email list …

Or the vibe YOUR social media should be …

Or how YOU should mostly do your content, or show up …

Or even what to sell! Never mind the day to day of how to sell it.

It’s also not remotely intelligent for you to spend ANY amount of time tearing your hair out, or looking here there and everywhere, to figure out why you’re not making more consistently increasing rivers of money doing what you love.

I promise you:

The more you think about that, try to understand that, turn yourself in so many circles you’re dizzy as you try to figure out what you REALLY should be doing to accomplish that, is it a mindset thing, is it how I’m selling, should I change my visuals, maybe I’m too much, maybe I need to be MORE too much, maybe I should BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH –

the LESS likely it is that anything will change, and the more CERTAIN it is you will continue to swill around in the exact same muck that you are in.

Wanna know how to deal with ALL of the above examples? Plus most anything you might like to add to the list, which YOU are endlessly hawing and hemming on, from how you should approach being in fabulous shape finally, to how to get your house where you want it to be, even to how to parent better / so that it is good in your SOUL?


Decide firstly that you CAN decide in each of these areas.
Decide that you can do so TODAY.
Decide that when you say decide you mean in such a way that the CASE IS NOW CLOSED AND YOU HAVE AN ACTION PLAN.
Decide that you can do so in a way where the action plan is SIMPLE, and does not have 77-gajillionty moving parts to it. It can be executed TODAY. And then repeated on / built on with another SIMPLE move tomorrow.
Decide that you are no longer available for your own BS!

And that last bit is the main one, isn’t it?

Because the truth is that pretty much ANY part of your business, finances, OR life where you are turning circles in quicksand, slowly but surely sinking into eventual certain oblivion and despair …

is just an area where YOU are not backing yourself to choose right, or (and this is the kicker for most people) to HAVE to choose now.

– If you HAD to, you could decide today what your ideal optin is or way to grow your list
– If you HAD to, you could commit to your next offer or product
– If you HAD to, you could commit to a content strategy and a way in which you will message and market each day
– If you HAD to, you could dedicate a short period of time each day in which you HAD to make improvements or adjustments at home, as a parent, in your money tracking, anywhere!
– If you HAD to, you could even start an entire new business or creative venture today, and then if you HAD to build on it daily with systematic simple and short time inputs – you could!

Sure, maybe there is no ‘if you HAD to, you could choose someone to marry today’ (I guess if your life depended on it you might), but you get my point.

And the above things, plus most ANYTHING you are draining your life-force over not choosing on, are not ‘choosing a life partner’. Honestly, even most MAJOR life decisions can be made in a heartbeat. This is true because in nearly all things we ALREADY KNOW THE TRUE ANSWER.

We just aren’t BACKING it.
We perhaps aren’t in a habit of backing our OWN inner knowing.
And we have bought into ideas that it is PROPER to first turn in those 77-gajillion circles before deciding, and acting. That this somehow makes the eventual-yet-often-never-even-happens action better.

When in actual fact it tends to ROB it of its power.

And in the end, it is as simple as this:

If you are not moving forward with decisive action, you are a) not being a leader, b) not being the leader YOU came here to be, and c) EXTREMELY unlikely to see the areas of your life which you know should improve, do so.

Enough is enough.

Make today the day you DECIDE:

I am now that person.

And then act accordingly.

Now don’t forget – !

Life is Now. Press Play.



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