Success/Success Mindset


When you understand that you do intrinsically know what to sell and how to sell it, that literally who you rolled outta the womb already BEING is a person who naturally has the ability to impact, influence, empower and move others to action and to do so in a way which is of the HIGHEST creative flow, integrity, fuck yes for all, you must also understand that every time your mind starts jumpin’ up and down and telling you you DON’T know –

or that you are STUCK –

or that there is some sort of valid reason for you to not take action NOW (even though the truth is you would be if you felt more sure of yourself) –

then really all you EVER need to concern yourself with in those human AF moments where you question not only your current business flow but really just about everything in your LIFE –

is connect yourself back in.

Just stop. Go quiet. Still the noise ad the chatter. Delete the ideas of what it ‘has’ to be, what it ‘should’ look like, and even of what worked before or what you surely THOUGHT it would be, and instead?

Be in the pause. For a MOMENT. Choose to connect yourself back to that innate certainty, that sense of recognising your own aligned path. You know – the one you were BORN with. It’s never been something you had to earn, or get to.

Connect to it even if you don’t FEEL it. Remind yourself that certainty, soul certainty, any certainty, is a choice. It’s a choice that can be made without the accompanying emotion you may have led yourself to believe you should feel.

It’s a choice that can be made because it is AVAILABLE. PERIOD.

It’s a choice that NEEDS to be made, often times over and over again, if we as entrepreneurs creators and leaders are really going to do what we came here to do. And especially if you wanna make the bank you know is there for you, and should be coming in.

It’s a choice that looks like this:

And then I decided to get over myself.

And then I decided that even though my mind is in all sort of knots and tangles and I don’t know what to sell or do right now, that I still DO know.

And then I admitted where I was in all sorts of attachment around something, and so I cut it loose, knowing there is a way for it to come back that is clean, expansive, aligned.

And then I admitted where the easy energy flow is AT right now, even though I was furiously resisting and telling myself it SHOULD be this other thing.

And then I systematically methodically just DID THE FUCKING WORK. Even – ESPECIALLY – the bits I felt disconnected from, not sure about. Knowing and trusting that the vibe of the thing often follows the action to just DO the thing.


And I followed through like I actually meant it. And that FLOW wave took over. As it always does in the end, when I HAND myself over, and just go be | do | say yes to moving forward as though I had the certainty I think I need to chase or find.


The truth is, the dance is a continual one. The truth is, it will never ALWAYS be ‘go with what you feel like doing, make it up as you go, if you’re not feeling that flow then no! You shouldn’t have to hustle or do!’

Just as it will never ALWAYS be – ‘go DO DO DO whether or not you feel like it. Be systematic. Be methodical. Commit to the outcome and let the energy show up when it does!’

The truth is, it’s never ANYTHING finitely.

It’s a little of this. A little of that. It’s kick your own butt. It’s do the fucking work. And then it’s do nothing, nothing at all, until you get the drop. It’s operate FROM a place of assuredness and assume the energy will catch up (it will!) … and it’s also take your sweet ass time letting the energy SHOW up, so that then you can take action.

It’s you only gotta BE,

and then it’s just get your freakin’ DO on girl.

And sometimes it really is – fuck having to BE anything at all, I just wanna check shit off today, and be in my get it done mode.

Business. Money. Life. YOU. You cannot master plan this stuff. You cannot say ‘it’s all about energy’, or ‘it’s all about action’, or ‘it’s morning routines’, or ‘it’s consistent selling’, or ‘it’s ANYTHING’.

It is you.

Being with what is.

Being OKAY with the fact that often you have no idea what IT is, let alone what being WITH it would remotely look like or feel like.

It’s the fact that every day you show up in some way,

look around,

and say “Oh. HERE I am”.

And then you respond to that.

And that you trust | choose | decide | innately have always KNOWN –

there’s nothing else it was actually ever meant to be.

Except for what IS,


So just be with that. And quit your mofo bitching that it should be something else other than this right here. You wanna live for every moment except for the one you’re in? Don’t be surprised if you never get ‘THERE’, because babe:

There is here.