There is a certainty and fire God has available for you which is always there, always on hand, like turning on a tap, you get to just choose it.

Right now if you’re feeling a little lost, the smallest bit devoid of purpose or connectedness to your core, you CRAVE that feeling of being magnetically IN it, both with what’s coming out of you AND with what you do with it or how you sell it, the message for you from God is this:

Ask me.

Do you think God wants you to feel so far away from Him? Or from your truth? Or from your message? Or from the work you’re here to do? Do you think He wants you to just have to fight it out … quicksand it out … FORCE it out? Do you think He wants you to be in bondage to your money fears? Your not enoughness? Your continual background anxiety around whether or not you’re going to be okay?

Cast these things out like the demonic distractions they are. Understand that this is not ‘just you’. And it’s not even ‘just how it is right now’. It is Satan getting a foothold. And you don’t have to stand for that. You don’t have to accept it. And you also don’t have to figure your own way out of it!

When you are feeling anything other than FIRE AND GOLD CERTAIN around what you’re here to do AND how to do it, when anything other than burning passion and truth is flowing from you, when anything that is swaying or dissuading you from truth and how you know it GETS to be seems to just ‘be the vibe’, stand firm in a GREATER truth and proclaim:



And I KNOW you want so much more for me than having to fight SO hard to try and do my best, be my best, achieve success, get to speak and write and coach and heal and breathe the way I am meant to.

Tell me something: if you were TRULY free with money and TRULY filled with fire and certainty, would this more greatly impact the work you’re here to do? Would you reach more people? Impact the very vibration of the world, with what’s in you?

And if the answer is a resounding YES –

then tell me how you being disconnected from that version of you, or feeling in any way uncertain or unable, can be anything OTHER than against God’s wishes for you?

I think that sometimes we think it would be bad or wrong to ask God for wealth. Or for a larger audience. Or for RIVERS AND RIVERS OF MONEY FLOW. Or for certainty! Or for which moves to make!

I think sometimes that you get it under your skin that it’s only okay to ask God for things that are selfless in an obvious … or, I don’t know, directly ‘God-ish’. Whatever that means.

But you’ve got to realise that it IS in God’s will for you that you have the wealth, the freedom, the ability to impact that you see inside of you! And I feel like He is saying … when you finally do ASK … ‘about time you asked ME!’. Because He’s been watching you this whole time,

exhausting yourself in your ego-filled ideas that you should have to do it all, figure it all out, make it all work, yourself, that that’s just how it is, or that it’s in some way wrong to just ask for more money, more space, more creative freedom, more certainty, and also that PASSION FILLED FIRE you want to be streaming through you, and which you know your work needs.

So today, a prayer for you:

“Lord, please help me to make a helluva lot more money, more consistently, and so I have breathing room – a lot – ALWAYS – financially. So that in turn I can create the structures and systems to free me to do even MORE of the work you want me to do.

Lord I know that being financially bound is not what you want for me and my family and my business and NOT you have in store when you look at the vision of my life. Lord I ask for TORRENTS of abundance financially, and the wisdom to handle it and grow it and serve with it. I know you want me to be able to relax with money and not be bound by it.

I claim this release of money bondage in Jesus Name.

Please show me the moves to make to let your work come through me and to make SO much money. Please give me a FERVOUR and a certainty in my business! Please have rivers and rivers of money flood into my business and life, all for the greater good of you and your glory and your work. And also because I GET to live an abundant life and enjoy the things you’ve put here on earth for me! THANK YOU JESUS AMEN.”

Listen –

you can keep doing it your way if you like. Keep convincing yourself that feeling lost, anxious, disconnected or down is just something YOU have to work through.

Or ask for the help the fervour the gold and the fire that has always been there for you.