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A few weeks ago I experienced what was definitely the most confronting, upsetting, and flat out WORRYING situation which business has ever brought me.

It truly rocked and stopped me in a way I can’t even fully describe. So much so that for several days everybody who I ran into kind of paused in shock at how I looked and clearly felt. Which was, in a word – WHACKED.

As though I’d gone 10 rounds, then been stuck in the tumble dryer, and then had a fight with a Mack truck.

I couldn’t even WRITE for a few days, and that NEVER happens.

I was passing out every night at 8pm having barely managed to drag myself through the day, and then waking up not even a little refreshed.

The other people in the situation were also made physically sick by it, it was kind of impossible for that not to happen; so full on was the whole thing.

In the middle of those few days, fortunately, I already had a session booked with my kinesiologist, who I book in with regularly every few weeks regardless.

“I have no idea how this can POSSIBLY be resolved!”, I wailed.

“There is literally no solution! Like – it’s not even possible. Every possible outcome is NOT acceptable, I can’t allow it, but obviously one of those things is going to have to happen and it’s”

I’ve worked with Kerry for years now, and I don’t think she’s ever seen me so upset or lose my shit about something. I was shouting full blown at the phone at one point.

I was angry, I was hurt, I was in shock, but most of all –

I was SERIOUSLY concerned.

For personal reasons, the fallout of this situation threatened to be pretty much one of the worst things I could imagine happening in my life, and I just couldn’t believe it might actually come to that. I’m talking so bad that it would have resulted in me questioning EVERYTHING in terms of my business success and growth over the past 12+ years, as, had it have ended up costing THIS I don’t know if I would have been able to hand on my heart say ANY of it was worth it.

But no matter which way I looked at it, it seemed clear I was going to have to accept it … it’s just what it had come to, and as I said over and over, “there’s no way out; I have nowhere I can turn here”.

Sometimes you’re truly between a rock and a hard place and both of them are REALLY FUCKING REAL.

And in that moment, when you realise you simply do not HAVE the know-how, the human ability to do anything, is when you perhaps turn to the one place you typically try to be bigger than, or better than, or simply, for reasons of ego or who-knows-what, purport to not NEED.

I’m talking about God, of course, but also the power within. Highest power. Highest available SELF.

The mystical, the magical, the beyond, the you who knows what human you can just not see; won’t allow herself to.

Because sometimes –

You really have NO OTHER CHOICE, except to let go and let God.

After I’d finished wailing and shouting and waving my hands madly in the air while glaring at Kerry over Skype, she asked me what intentions I wanted to set for moving through this.

Here is what we came up with:

“My company is in alignment

I feel aligned and clear

I know the perfect action to take for my company while also preserving the relationship with _____

There is an ideal way forward with this”

At some point in this conversation, Kerry asked me if I believed it could be resolved and as already mentioned my immediate response was something along the lines of “it’s not POSSIBLE”, *cue more wailing*.

On the surface of it that was undeniably true. I didn’t speak about the situation with too many people, but those who I did were equally in shock and also agreed it was ‘impossible’ to move forward.

But yet,

When asked this straight up, I realised the truth of what I believed inside.

“Yes. It has to be. It WILL be. I am just not available for it not to be, I can’t have that, I won’t, I WON’T.

I have no idea how. I have no idea where the how could even COME from. But at my core, yes.

I believe it will.


We finished the session and I felt maybe 0.01% better. Still shaken. Still stunned. Still so worried. But somewhere deep within –

I felt peace, and absolute certainty.

I knew I could let go, and that it would happen.

Magic always does, when you truly believe …

Fast forward two weeks or so from that point and as you do, I’d completely forgotten the session details. I jumped on a call with Kerry a few days ago, and (standard) said “oh, I have no idea!” when she asked me what I wanted to focus on.

“I can’t even remember what we spoke about last time?”

“Well, it was about what happened in your company with _____, and how you felt it was impossible to resolve”

Holy shit! I laughed out loud in shock that I’d forgotten.

“That is COMPLETELY resolved!”

And I told the story of how that came about, so perfectly that where the VERY best possible outcome had seemed like it would have to be acceptance of a wound in one of my closest relationships, a scar ensuing which would then never go away, that everything was not only FULLY healed, the scar undone before it even set in, but things were even BETTER than before.

Win-win-win, for EVERYONE.

We laughed together as we recounted what I’d said and truly believed, even KNOWN, only a few weeks ago.

“I know, right?!”

“Another impossible thing sorted… OF COURSE”

We’ve had many such moments, actually, in our work together, although this was up there with the other equally most terrifying one, which was the time I was told I had an incurable pregnancy condition which would possibly kill me and definitely leave me without a womb and maybe without a bladder.

Remind me to tell you about THAT manifestation story another time, but needless to say –

I’m still kicking, the pregnancy ended in the healthy birth of my son and all my organs are intact.

It was SO impossible that the only solution was to hand it over, let go, and trust.

Just like this situation a few weeks ago.

An hour or so ago, when I felt this post pushing at me for me to write it, I read a little piece in ‘The Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ (Joseph Murphy edition) about effective prayer, and how it works.

I resonated fully with this, and I want to share it with you:

“The Three Steps to Success in Prayer –

1. Acknowledge or admit the problem

2. Turn the problem over to the subconscious mind, which alone knows the most effective solution or way out.

3. Rest with a deep sense of conviction that it is done.

A page or two before that is another useful passage, around FAILING to get results from prayer or manifestation, due to beliefs or statements such as:

– Things are getting worse
– I will never get an answer
– I see no way out
– It is hopeless
– I don’t know what to do
– I’m all mixed up

I love all of this so much. Because it is so freaking TRUE, and I understand it fully.

Everything I’ve created or called in to my life has been because I took ownership of it and decided I was unavailable for ANYTHING else.

When you truly decide this, it’s an absolute certainty which just IS.

And then, exactly as it says in the Three Steps, you do rest easy with a deep sense of conviction that it is done.

Even though I was freaking out and saying ALL of the ‘will-make-me-fail’ things relevant to my business situation the other week at first, I do really practice (and eventually remember, lol) what I preach, and so it was kind of a matter of let it all out and then STOP.

It is NOT going to serve me to keep wailing about how something can’t work.

I KNOW what that leads to (I see people carry on like this a LOT in business, and surprise surprise they are the eternally broke AF ones).

And, fundamentally I simply do believe –

That when we decide something is done, it is.

I also fundamentally believe that I get to have life work out on my terms.

So many people accept ‘that’s just how life is’ –

– When their body and health declines with age
– When once solid relationships break, or a rift occurs
– When money is hard to come by
– When love seems impossible to find

And so on

I think –

* The relationships which have ended in my life, I let them, because I knew higher self demanded it, no matter how hard it was

* The ‘declines’ which have occurred were because I decided that those things didn’t matter as much as other things.

* The shit that’s been SO freakin’ hard and seemed unavailable only stayed that way until I decided I was DONE.

Because anything –


Which truly matters to me? Which I on a soul level believe is meant to be? Which I refuse to accept LESS than?

Sure, I may rant and moan about it for a little.


I manifested a solution to an IMPOSSIBLE situation in my business which threatened not only the alignment and integrity OF said business, but also promised at BEST a wounded relationship between myself and one of the most important people in my life because I said NO.

NO, I will not accept that.

NO, I will NOT have even the smallest scar in that relationship. Just because everybody else thinks these sorts of things are part of life … no! Not in my life.

Not on my watch.

Not with THIS.


Just like how, for some time now I’ve been doing the work to get to where I finally felt ready to say FUCK MY EXCUSES around not finding true love, and calling in my King. I sang the same old tune that so many do, when they FAIL –

About not knowing how or feeling like it’s not working, or being so unsure where to even start, or wondering if it was even possible, etc etc etc.

And then I said NO.

I am not AVAILABLE for anything except for epic mind-blowing fuck yes love, romance, honouring and worship of THE man, etc.

Surprise NOT surprise, something shifted.


And I wonder,

Don’t you?

What would shift fast in your life, if you actually DECIDED? If you acknowledged or admitted you weren’t happy, got clear on what you want and INSIST upon, handed it over to God and higher self, and then RESTED EASY knowing it would be done.

Nothing to TRY at all … ever.

I wrote the below in my journal before, after I read the piece on prayer and it brought to mind that oh so worrying situation in my business, turned to a sense of deep self-satisfaction and ‘of course’ that I chose not to accept it –

“When you really believe something HAS to happen, you’re simply unavailable for it not to, is when you will ask and KNOW it is done, and then release it … not worry about it … ’cause it HAS to be, it can’t not.

It’s too important.

Like, I don’t live in a world where I could ever be available for a rift between _____ and I, so once I realised that I knew that if I simply decided, asked, released, that there was nothing I needed to worry about.

It WOULD be healed because I chose that it had to be, and I meant it so much I didn’t need to then MAKE it.

I literally wasn’t open to any other possibility.

Just like I am no longer open to the possibility of not being in an amazing relationship.

So, I know I don’t have to worry about it”

Here is the cold hard reality which most people will spend all their days avoiding:

Your life drains away through the cracks in between all of your TRYING.

Nobody ever said “try, and you shall receive”.

There’s not a single scripture, religious or otherwise, since the dawn of time, which talks about trying, forcing, ‘making’, in order for magic to happen.

It’s always acknowledge and admit what you want.

ASK IN FAITH, knowing that ALL things are possible when you believe.

And then?

Get the fuck on with living your damn life and just being you.

I may be paraphrasing mildly 😉

But that’s how I’ve done this whole thing.

And continue to.

Make no mistake –

EVERYTHING you desire is available. But you do have to be willing to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, until it takes, and then keep going.

Let’s just keep on remembering that what it TAKES, mainly, is refusing to back down internally from any other alternative.

This is how it’s simple.

This is how it can’t NOT work.

This is how to have it ALL.

It’s amazing that most will simply continue to live life with their heads up their asses as they search the black void for a magic fucking set of steps to follow, all because they simply refuse to trust, and lean into something greater than them.

Don’t be that person.

You were not made to be that person.

STOP being that person.

And remember who you damn well came here to be.

Starting by listening to the you who is already she.


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